15 Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

It is impossible to deny that you have an email address. The majority of people have an email address as of 2022. People use email addresses to identify themselves when sending emails to others. 

We always need to provide certain information to send emails to others, like our Name, Mobile number, etc. A person creates an email account by entering their name, address, and other personal information. When it comes to exchanging information with others, email is the best and most secure method.

A free email account enables you to create social media accounts, sign up for online services, and even receive emails from others.

People are now more concerned about their privacy and security and do not want their email addresses to be revealed to third parties. Thus, they opt to use a disposable email address. For this reason, many users create temporary email addresses and use them in the future.

Creating a temporary email address using one of these websites takes a few minutes. Users can create temporary email addresses on disposable email address sites that automatically delete them after a specified period. 

10MinuteMail is a popular platform for creating valid emails for just a few minutes. It allows users to create completely free, temporary email addresses within a few clicks.

What Is 10MinuteMail?

10MinuteMail offers you a free email address to use for 10 minutes. You can use the email address you get for 10 minutes as your mailbox.

You get a random email sent to your inbox every time you log into your account. If the email address you choose expires after ten minutes, your inbox will disappear completely.

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

10MinuteMail is all you need to sign up for an app or an email list, but you do not want to show the world your email address. You will not have more than 10 minutes to sign up for an email list or get a confirmation email. You just need to click the link in the email to get your free ebook. From there, you can start sending emails.

10MinuteMail is free to use, and you can hide your real email address, but it is not the best option for everyone. You will not receive any emails from 10 Minute Mail if you refresh it more than 10 times daily.

You may be able to force 10 Minute Mail to give you more time, but no more than 10 minutes at a time. If someone checks your email every 8 minutes, it will count again.

You can use 10MinuteMail on several different sites, but some great options are available for your needs. It forces people to continually refresh their browsers when hoping for an email to come in.

10MinuteMail is only good for delivering emails. You need a random email address that will allow you to keep sending emails to other people for a short time but still be able to access your inbox on that site.

Last but not least, you cannot control the actual email address you receive. There are no custom temporary email addresses available with 10MinuteMail.

You can choose from many awesome disposable mailbox options. If you need a disposable mailbox for more than 10 minutes of mail or 10MinuteMail alternatives, you can check out our below list:

Why Use 10MinuteMail?

Many websites ask for your login details, and some transactions require your email address to verify your identity. You can easily verify yourself using a dummy email address using a 10MinuteMail email address.

10MinuteMail emails are great if you do not want to use your real email to sign up for a service or send money online. You can use it much more conveniently, and it protects your personal information.

10MinuteMail emails are useful if you do not want to receive constant emails from marketing companies and spammers when you sign up for online insurance quotes.

You can avoid being bombarded by spam e-mails using the 10MinuteMail e-mail addresses for different purposes.

Your 10-Minute Mail account will permanently delete any emails you receive from this address. The only person who can view your email is anyone with access to it.

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

Many people are disappointed when they receive emails that are only active for 10 minutes. We will look at the 10MinuteMail alternatives you can use now.

These mail ids are easy to recall, and you can easily give them to anyone. It is simple to use, so you will not get spam mail. We will look at some of the best 10MinuteMail alternatives available and decide which is best for you.

1. Guerrilla Mail

You can get your email in less than a minute with Guerrilla Mail, the most secure alternative to 10MinuteMail. You can create an email address that will remain active for as long as you like with GuerrillaMail. 

The user interface of Guerilla Mail is very clean and easy to use, unlike its competitor, 10MinuteMail, which is completely closed source. Users can also easily set up a new email address as a backup address if they want to.

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

Guerilla Mail is probably the very better alternative to 10MinuteMail. It allows you to create a completely disposable email address and store any mail that arrives at that address. 

GuerillaMail allows you to create a temporary email address that will stay active for an hour. If you change your email address, your inbox will remain unread for at least an hour. You won’t lose your email address when someone contacts you through Guerilla Mail; it will exist forever.

Guerilla Mail changes something important about the way emails are stored. You can keep using the email for as long as you like, unlike 10MinuteMail, which deletes your email every hour.

You will get a randomly chosen email address, but you can also create your email address using one of the domains listed in the drop-down menu. It is open source – that means that any email you receive is free to use – and you can keep using that email address as long as you want.

Guerilla Mail uses a free, open-source mail client, completely different from 10 Minute Mail. You can use these domains without paying a dime. These domains include @guerillamail.com, @guerillamail.net, @sharklasers.com, and @spam4.me.

Guerilla Mail does not require you to enter a password to receive emails; any email you receive will be delivered to your inbox.

You can also give your contacts a scramble or an alternative email address, so they do not need to know your real address to receive any of your messages.

You can create new email addresses easily by clicking the Forgot Me button and then putting a new email address in place. It differs from 10MinuteMail because you can send emails with GuerillaMail.

If you want to send emails to someone, just use the Send button. You can even add a file to your email if you want to send a long message to that person.

Guerilla Mail uses data collected by sending spam emails to improve its anti-phish and anti-spambot features. A password does not protect email addresses, so only give the odd version of your email address to your friends.

Furthermore, you can send emails with attachments up to 150 MB. Guerilla Mail is one of the best 10MinuteMail alternatives you can use if you want to email someone quickly.

2. Mailinator

Mailinator is an established email address provider that has existed for a long time. It is very easy to use and provides a very high-quality service. 

Mailinator website is simple to use and allows you to easily set up an email address in just a few minutes. Mailinator enables users to create their free email addresses based on their wants. 

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

Mailinator allows users to create their free email addresses and offers users a temporary email address valid for only 10 minutes.

You can sign up for different online services if you’d like a different email address for different purposes.

You can create several accounts with different email addresses for personal use using Mailnator’s free email address.

You can access these features if you want to test your email servers or store many addresses on your computer, but the cost is higher.

3. Dispostable

Dispostable is another popular temporary email service and 10MinuteMail alternative you can try. Dispostable is not that well known like other disposable email platforms, but it does the job.

Dispostable is merely a website that allows you to create a temporary email address. It does not offer many features, but it does the job. Dispostable offers a limited domain name (@disposable.com) for temporary email addresses. 

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

Dispostable is not that attractive, but it is effective. You can also generate your email address with the help of Disposable. It is pretty easy to use. It does not even give you a suggestion for a name, as the name suggestion generator is broken.

Dispostable lets users create an email address of their choice, as long as it ends with a @dispostable.com. You can create three-day email addresses with Dispostable, which is an awesome feature.

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It is easy to create email addresses quickly and easily with Dispostable. Just put your email address in the box at the top of the page and click Check your inbox. That is all you need to do.

4. Anonbox

Anonbox provides a way for people to keep their privacy by allowing them to freely send and receive emails and other information that is confidential but which is anonymous. 

Anonbox also allows you to set up a private server and read emails from it using Tor, which has an extremely high level of privacy.

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

The Anonbox will not keep any logs unless you use Tor, but it might keep a log for five-minute intervals. You can access your anonymous mailbox for that day, unlike 10 Minute Mail. As a result, it expires at midnight.

You can also use anonymous mailbox software to hide your email address from other people. If it is created at noon, it will last 12 hours. Your anonymous email account will be active for one hour after you create it at 11 PM.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

You should receive a random email with a link to go to your inbox. Your email inbox will be unprotected, but people with your email address will not be able to read your mail.

Try the JavaScript mail reader, which is currently in beta mode, if you still cannot access your email from your normal mail client.

5. AirMail

AirMail is a great disposable email solution if you need it for a short time. AirMail’s free temporary email service allows users to sign up for new sites and services using a random email address and inbox.

AirMail works very fast, and it auto-refreshes the inbox folder. AirMail is also one of the best free email services you can use for a short time.

6. Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is the easiest way to create a temporary email. You can even choose from any number of amazing domains to choose from. It will automatically generate an email with several domains and a random email address.

Fake Mail Generator allows you to generate an email address randomly, and it will use any email address you wish to use. You can send unlimited emails to the people you want to address. 

Fake Mail Generator allows you to create an email address that looks exactly like it says with its name. 

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You are free to create your email address by entering any domain names that you like or if you do not like the one that is generated when you land on the page. It does exactly what it says it does, nothing more.

7. Maildrop

MailDrop is one of the best 10MinuteMail alternatives with some great features and is known for its interface. Maildrop does not force users to sign up to send temporary emails.

MailDrop looks like Mailinator, except that they have only one domain – maildrop.cc. You cannot change your hostname here. The MailDrop website has its domain name and doesn’t provide any additional domain name for temporary emails. 

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

MailDrop is that you will get your email faster than any other temporary email service. You will not have to worry about spam or malware since they will remove all unneeded emails from your inbox.

You will get all the emails you want to receive and will not have any issues opening or reading emails.

You can use this to keep in touch with people when you are busy and still have some emails coming in, but you can only see the last ten messages of all the emails you have sent because the messages you sent before will be removed from your inbox.

The MailDrop disposable email service also includes a protection feature to prevent spam and malware from reaching your inbox.

8. Temp Mail

Users concerned about their security should avoid using 10 Minute Mail to create disposable email addresses that expire after 10 minutes.

10MinuteMail privacy policies state that it does collect some very private information when you use 10MinuteMail.com to create a temporary email address that expires after 10 minutes.

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

You can even send messages to multiple people from one account. In this way, people who visit a certain website can view your IP address and the date and time of your visit.

You should read 10 Minute Mail’s privacy policy to understand what the company is doing to protect your privacy.

Temp Mail has a much more secure policy and gives you more options than 10 Minute Mail. Unlike similar services, your IP address will not be stored by Temp Mail. In other words, your IP address cannot be used to identify you.

Temp Mail, on the other hand, states that it doesn’t store personally identifiable information, but it does store weblogs.

Temp Mail also allows you to set up multiple email addresses, so you can keep changing your email address for as long as you want. Temp Mail provides a free email address that expires in just 10 minutes.

If you sign up for Temp Mail, you will get an email address that will last as long as you are on the web page or until you completely unsubscribe.

Temp Mail lets you send emails to others for as long as you want without having to click the refresh button constantly.

Temp Mail offers a cool little feature that allows you to create a QR code showing how to access your email address. That way, you can share the email address you created with your friends with Temp Mail.

Hence, if you are on a computer and want to access your email account from your mobile device, just scan the QR code on your smartphone.

You can also send a message to a friend by scanning a QR code on their phone. That way, they can quickly see your messages. It is a clever feature that simplifies transferring emails between computers and phones.

Temp Mail is available for Android and iOS, but 10 Minute Mail does not have any apps for iOS or Android.

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Temp Mail also has mobile apps, so you can easily create email accounts that you can use when you are away from your computer.

Temp Mail has a Premium feature that lets you add many different domain names to your account. Plus, you can have up to 10 email addresses that you can use for different purposes. 

9. EmailOnDeck

EmailOnDeck offers a good alternative to 10 Minute Mail. EmailOnDeck does not delete your email address when you have not received any mail from it. You can delete your chosen address using the red X button.

You can stop receiving emails from any email address registered on the site by closing your browser window with EmailOnDeck. The Premium version allows you to send emails to other email addresses registered on the site.

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

You could also send emails to another email address if you saved your email address in your browser or if you saved the email address as a user profile. Clicking on Show Email Token in an email program will show you a list of email addresses you can use. 

If you click this, you can send emails to any email address you want to use, even those that are not on your account.

If your email client sends you emails to an email address that is not yours, you will not be able to use it anymore, but you will be able to find and use the email address you signed up for.

EmailOnDeck has ads, too, but they are more subtle and less intrusive than 10 Minute Email. It also loads more quickly.

In addition, you can send mail to any email address that is available through your email account, including those from other email accounts. 

If you upgrade to EmailOnDeck Premium, you can send emails to any email address, even ones that aren’t affiliated with the site.

EmailOnDeck premium users can save their email addresses and get emails for domain names they want.

10. FakeMail

FakeMail is a cool alternative to 10 Minute Mail because it randomly generates a random email address for you.

FakeMail makes signing up for sites much easier. It does not require you to register; if you click on it, you will get an email that will last for one hour rather than just 10 minutes.

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

You can hold onto an email address for two weeks, but that’s much more secure than using 10MinuteMail. The best part about FakeMail is that you can extend its disposable email time from 10 minutes to 2 weeks.

Also, FakeMail emails are randomly created emails that are much easier to recall than the ones that 10 Minute Mail sends you.

You receive a random email address instead of a string of letters and numbers. You can use this email address anywhere you want it to be, even for free!

FakeMail will make your email address look much more credible, making you feel more confident giving it to others. You will receive an email that says that you have received a new email, and you will be able to get a new one at any time.

FakeMail gives you a random email address you can use when you sign up for websites that allow you to upload pictures or other things.

Click on the button that says Create a new avatar for yourself to get a new email address. When you click on this button, an animated avatar will appear for you. If you select this option, you can choose a different password for all the sites you want to sign up for.

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You can get a random version of an avatar by clicking the download button underneath the button.

FakeMail gives you a nice, unique email that you can use to sign up for sites. You can also choose a password that will be randomly generated, and that will be unique to each site. 

It is relatively safe to use random passwords with FakeMail since they contain just a random string of characters.

11. Mail.tm

10MinuteMail’s interface can be frustrating to use because it is not great. It does not work like an email account with a major email provider. You cannot log in to your account from a different computer and start using it from there.

Mail.tm is a great disposable email service and 10MinuteMail alternative. Mail.tm features a nice-looking interface that resembles the email inboxes at the big email providers.

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

Mail.tm will also provide you with a randomly generated password for each email address that it gives you. If you have an email account with Mail.tm, you can access your mail easily from any computer – even from a different computer.

Your Mail.tm account is still temporary since you can delete it at any time and generate a new one automatically. You won’t automatically lose your address after 10 minutes, however.

Mail.tm does not want any information about you, except to tell it what email address you gave. Will not be able to locate your email address.

Therefore, you should always remember your password. Your emails will remain in your inbox for seven days if you forget them, and no one will be able to access them again.

12. MinuteInbox

MinuteInbox is another excellent alternative to 10MinuteMail. You can set the duration of MinuteInbox disposable email to anything you like, from 10 minutes to a month. 

MinuteInbox allows you to store all your emails in one place for 10 minutes, but you can also keep them for up to one month.

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

10MinuteMail does not allow you to choose when to get a new email address. If it’d be nice to keep your email address all day, just click the +Day button next to the timer. It will give you another 10 minutes.

You may need to add more time to the timer by clicking the +10 button on the menu. The addresses you receive from MinuteInbox are much more meaningful than those from 10MinuteMail, making them easy to remember.

10 MinuteMail will randomize the email address you receive using a random string of letters and numbers. However, MinuteInbox uses a random email address generator.

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MinuteInbox gives you a random email address, but if you click on that, you will see a pop-up saying something like this: “Your email address has been sent to a friend.” MinuteInbox uses a random name, which you can choose at any time.

The red “Delete” button on the left side of the screen allows you to change your email address at any time.

13. E4ward

You can create temporary email accounts through E4ward that forward to your regular email address as an alternative to 10 Minute Mail. E4ward allows you to send emails from a temporary email address to your regular address. 

Unlike 10MinuteMail, you can still read your email in your regular Gmail or Yahoo account while handing out temporary email addresses.

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

You can start by creating a temporary alias email address in your E4ward account. You can wipe out this address after 10 minutes have passed. It will not become invalid on its own after 10 minutes; however, you are free to do so.

You can set up several alias addresses. Every temporary email will deliver messages to your primary Gmail account.

You can receive every single one at your username at gmail.com, which is your primary address. You can link your custom domain rather than using an E4ward login (@username.e4ward.com) if you like.

You can provide unique alias addresses to various contacts, friends, acquaintances, and signup pages on websites, among other places.

You should then erase the alias address associated with a particular website from your E4ward account if you wish to no longer receive e-mail from it. You will no longer have mail sent to your primary address by websites that you have visited in the past.

E4ward rewrites the sender’s address when you reply to an email received via E4ward from your primary Gmail inbox while using your primary Gmail account. You can prevent the original recipient from discovering your actual email address this way.

14. TrashMail

You can also use TrashMail as an alternative to 10MinuteEmail. TrashMail offers a unique approach that makes it an interesting topic to explore, in contrast to 10MinuteEmail and most temporary email providers.

TrashMail allows you to construct a temporary email address and send any messages sent to that address to your actual address. You can modify this standard email address.

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

Additionally, you can select a duration for your temporary email address, ranging from one day to indefinitely.

You can choose one day, for example, and the temporary email account will stop accepting emails after one day when it will no longer forward your emails. You will have unlimited access to it for as long as you choose the unlimited plan.

You can also cap the amount of forwards your message can receive. This number could be anywhere between one and ten thousand. You can only forward 10 times monthly as a free member before your alias address becomes invalid.

As an example, the latter feature, which allows you to select up to five forwards, seems very unusual to me since it means that you can sign up for several email lists and receive only their welcome emails; after that, you will no longer receive any more emails from those lists.

You cannot be spammed even if someone gains access to your email address through a security breach or buying email lists.

The address manager lets you manage your alias email addresses. You can find it helpful that any removed alias addresses will continue to be reserved for your destination email for one year, after which time they will be made available to be used by other email addresses.

In addition, address masking is available for use when responding to mail forwarded to your alias address. You will be able to respond to people without worrying about them discovering your true email address.

TrashMail Plus is the commercial version of TrashMail, allowing users to maintain up to 5,000 active aliases simultaneously. Additionally, it permits an unlimited number of forwards.

TrashMail Plus costs $20.99 annually; however, you should check the pricing page for the most up-to-date information.

15. 10 Minute Emails

10 Minute Emails do not work the way 10MinuteMail. It uses a different protocol that allows you to send more than one email to one person and is much more convenient and simple.

10 Minute Emails is much more user-friendly and allows users to set their email addresses – something that 10MinuteMail does not. It would be nice if you could choose more domain names in the future, even though you can only choose one for your account.

Best Whitepages Alternatives

You always have the option to delete an email or even delete the old one. Simply click the delete button on any email you want to delete and resend it. 

When you delete an email part of a package, a link will appear in your email program to let us view the original email. You can quickly go back to the email you just deleted.

Final Words on Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

Guerrilla Mail is the best 10MinuteMail alternative, according to our research. It is not necessary to register to generate and remove email addresses at your discretion, and you are free to keep addresses for as long as you see fit.

You can also send outgoing mail and check your inbox from another computer for just 10 minutes, and emails will stay in your inbox for up to an hour instead of just 10 minutes.

The fact that we have discussed many other email services in addition to 10MinuteMail does not mean that it has become less useful. That has absolutely nothing to do with it! It is for this reason that 10MinuteMail is the main topic of discussion.

However, we’ll let you decide which platform is best for you, so let us know which platforms we discussed in this article you’d prefer! We would also be delighted to learn about and test any other helpful disposable email solutions you may know of.