15 Best Disboard Alternatives

If someone has been searching for a bot to help you start a server on Discord, you must have seen Disboard at one point or another.

You can run a server with a team to manage and moderate the messages sent from it and a community to support it. 

Disboard automatically assigns roles to every user who joins your server. Once a user joins, the system deletes their accounts when they leave the server.

If someone sends you a message, you cannot completely remove it as it will not allow you to remove all the messages it sent. You cannot send a message to someone whose username has been given to you. 

Here are some of the best alternatives to Disboard. You will find that you will not be able to invite or add any people to your server if you do not have their permission. 

Disboard has such drawbacks that you should have alternatives prepared to avoid missing out. Here are some Disboard alternatives we recommend.

What Is Disboard?

Disboard is a Discord Server that was created to enable people to search for new and interesting servers easily. It has more than 200,000 members who share over 50,000 Discord servers that are shared by people all over the world. 

You can search Discord servers and groups in one place. It is a feature that identifies new and fun communities people can join in your browser.

Disboard bot helps users easily start a new server on their favorite game console (like Discord). There are many useful commands that you can use to start your server in Discord. It lets users easily configure many features and helps them become the owners of a discord server.

It also has a role system that manages who is invited to join a server, what members can do while there, and how people are removed when they leave the server.

The members of Discord communities host and moderate their communities. Disboard does not have any influence over what people say or do. It cannot vet communities or their content and, as such, cannot verify that the information that people post is accurate. 

There are many options for people to post various types of content, from gaming to personal development, and it enables people to create an environment conducive to having a productive conversation.

Disboard lets you easily start up and manage servers in any Discord chat room. It is very useful if you want to create your server and host people on it. Unfortunately, there is one major drawback to using Disboard. You cannot add new channels or invite people without first having created a role for the server.

There is no way to remove all messages a user has sent, except those specifically asked to do so, like when someone mentions their name in a message or when a channel is added.

Disboard does not allow you to delete all the messages sent by other users, but there is an alternative you can use. Here are 15 good Disboard alternatives.

Best Disboard Alternatives

1. Discordservers.com

Discordservers.com helps you find free and paid servers and chat rooms. You can also create and list your server! A discord server is a nice alternative to IRC servers that allows you to discuss different topics. 

There are many reasons to join a discord server, such as to discuss programming or to play video games. These servers are often referred to as subreddits because they help people in various online communities and are particularly useful for video game servers. 

Best Disboard Alternatives

You will also see a list of your chosen field’s most popular servers or channels. It allows you to search for servers by their thumbnails easily, and it allows you to search for specific servers by their voting system quickly.

Discord servers.com lists all the Discord servers that are available online. Discord was developed for people to play games and talk online, but nowadays, it is one of the most important ways to network online for your and your business purposes.

Discordservers.com has more features like searching by tags and sorting servers by popularity and popularity.

Discordservers.com allows users to list their servers and offers an API for searching for other servers through simple HTTP requests. It is easy for IFTTT to update your web server regularly with updates to the server list and/or to give you some useful functionality.

Discordservers.com shows you which servers are active on a given server, what kinds of people are on that server, and what they are doing.

It has a database that includes all the servers registered on the site since the website was founded. The site includes a list of all registered servers since it was launched. 

Users can use many great tools if they sign up with them, like having a bot that will send you notifications whenever new servers are added.

Discordservers.com offers the search tool Disboard, but it also searches for servers that provide better results in your searches.

Many discord servers use fake bots and other tricks to rank highly in search results. Discordservers.com prevents these servers from being on the first page of search results. Discordservers.com helps you avoid being impacted by this by having a server-wide voting system.

Discordservers.com features a voting mechanism that allows users to rate each server based on its content and quality rather than how they look on the website.

Discordservers.com creates stubs for you when people register servers on their site, so people can easily find you. If people start a Discord server, there will be more players who can interact and talk about fun stuff.

2. Linkvertise.com

Linkvertise.com is a great way to earn money online by simply sharing links. Linkvertise is a site that allows you to earn money by simply sharing links. 

It will help you earn money by simply sharing links. The process is very simple; click on the link, and it will redirect you to a page with an ad. You can click the skip button to take them back to the desired page.

Best Disboard Alternatives

You can earn money by sharing a short link that allows people to see ad banners that will force them to wait for 15 seconds before they get to their destination site.

Users click on an ad you share, and they will have to wait 15 seconds to see the destination page of the ad. They can click the skip button to go back to the website where they are supposed to go.

Linkvertise allows you to earn money by simply promoting other people’s links. Links in your posts are redirected to an intermediary page where you can place an ad. The ad will appear for at least 15 seconds when people click on that page. 

They can skip the ad and go to the destination site. Clicking on the link to the website that you want people to visit will send them directly to your site. It will be as simple as sharing a link to a website. They must click a link and click on an ad to the desired site.

When someone shares your link with a friend, they will be directed to a page where they will have to wait 15 seconds to get to the destination website (the one you want them to go to). 

You are earning money by sharing shortened links with your friends or subscribers. Whenever someone clicks on a link, an ad pops up and asks you to wait for 15 seconds before he gets to the destination website.

The Disboard can be very annoying since it makes it very difficult for users to navigate to the website they want to visit. Your links will always direct visitors to the destination site you want them to see when they use Linkvertise.

Linkvertise provides high CPM rates and high conversion rates. Linkvertise is very easy-to-use and provides high conversion and CPM rates. It also allows users to skip ads.

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Linkvertise costs less than Disboard because it does not charge a fee per impression. If you share adult content, you can make more money per impression. Linkvertise ensures that your links get to your destination site when clicked. 

Linkvertise gives you high conversion and CPM rates and lets you skip ads. Linkvertise is cheaper than Disboard and allows people to skip annoying ads. This makes Linkvertise a good Disboard alternative.

3. Mee6.xyz

Mee6 lets you easily add commands to any server. Mee6 supports various channels and can notify you when something special happens on a certain channel.

You may also want to force people to use a filter regarding their messages or use particular chat rooms for events.

Mee6 has useful features, such as custom commands and a leveling system. Mee6 is a better alternative to Disboard since you don’t have to learn how to code it.

Best Disboard Alternatives

Mee6.xyz browser extensions are fun utility tools that you can use to ensure that your server is properly managed. Mee6.xyz is a great browser extension that lets you manage your Discord server better than Disboard.

Mee6 has some other great features, such as automatic roles. When a member joins your server, the bot automatically gives them the role corresponding to their key. You have to enter as many keys as you want by simply typing keys to add them to your server.

Mee6 allows you to manage your server using some cool features easily. You can automatically kick or ban people you want to ban. There is no need to type slash commands to make people stop talking on your server.

Mee6 lets us users earn XP and levels by playing active and getting ranked and unlocking cool special roles by reaching certain role levels. 

Some people can unlock their chosen special roles by achieving certain role levels in their character tree.

4. Steamcommunity.com

Steamcommunity.com is owned and operated by Valve Corporation. It allows Steam users to make profiles, browse other Steam communities, and create groups for games.

You may want to create a group for your friends to join. That way, you and your friends will stay in touch.

Best Disboard Alternatives

If you enjoy joining new groups and playing games with other gamers in your social circle, then the Steam community is for you. Valve Corporation owns the platform. It allows you to chat with other Steam users, play games, and even buy games.

Disboard has many more features than Steam because it allows you to chat with other users and buy games. Using all the social sites available can be tedious since so many exist. It is important to note that the Steam communities are more specialized and operate more efficiently.

Steamcommunity.com enables me to chat with friends who are also playing Steam games. It also allows me to buy games on the Steam platform. It allows you to chat with friends on Steam and buy games from the Steam store. 

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Steamcommunity.com is wonderful for people who want to play games with others with the same interests. You can easily communicate with people you have friends with and talk to others who share interests.

Steam and Disboard are forums where gamers share their experiences and discuss interesting topics. Disboard has a large user base and has been online for a long time, so new and exciting things are always added. You may find it difficult to navigate Disboards due to the sheer number of people on them.

5. Disforge

Disforge is a platform that allows you to easily search for and join new servers that you can play on your favorite game console.

There are thousands of servers that you can join, and the server database is constantly being enhanced with the newest server names. 

Best Disboard Alternatives

Disforge is easy to use and has all the features that an ordinary person would need. With the help of this website, you can find a server that fits your preferences and playstyle.

You will also be able to find servers that fit your needs by browsing through the various categories that are included on the site. 

It allows servers to make a community on a single platform. This means that administrators of any server can talk with other server administrators in the same channel. 

The owners of servers can post updates about the servers or even links to other sites, such as YouTube videos and product pages.

6. Dyno.gg

Dyno.gg lists thousands of discord servers and allows you to search for them easily. You can use Dyno.gg more easily than Disboard, which is more complicated for new users.

Dyno.gg has many advantages over Disboard, including being easier to use and using search engines. The top of Dyno.gg features a search bar that allows you to search millions of Discord servers rapidly.

Best Disboard Alternatives

Dyno.gg is a website that lists all the Discord servers that have been added. Dyno.gg allows you to add servers to their database, which they categorize according to certain topics. This feature allows users to search through hundreds of thousands of servers by topics that interest them.

You can find a lot of information on the website about Discord, including how to set up bots. This website has a great bot that will connect you to other servers using a specially designed connection.

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If you are a game developer or an admin of a website, these bots can help you by automatically managing servers, posting messages, or responding to people’s requests.

There are up to 90,000 servers on which it can communicate, and you can also send messages to a certain number of people.

7. Discord.me

Discord.me provides people with the best public Discord servers and bots. It is easy for users to find servers and join them by scanning QR codes. 

It shows you why a particular bot differs from others and highlights what it can do for you. 

Discord.me helps you find discord servers you want to list and allows you to share your server with thousands of other users.

Best Disboard Alternatives

It helps people connect with others through the communities connected, called servers. You can search for servers by any topic on the internet or by scanning a QR code on a mobile device. 

Discord.me is a site where users can communicate with other users and create their virtual communities. They can also easily share files with other users or post links to other websites.

Discord.me allows anyone to list their discord servers and allows users to find the right community to join quickly. It allows you to easily search through thousands of discord server lists and find popular ones for the people you want to connect with.

Discord.me allows server administrators to easily manage their servers and post rules and packages for their bots, and gives users a quick way to get started by scanning a QR code to join their bot.

Discord.me makes it easy for gamers to create and manage their servers. Discord.me allows you to create the most amazing experience in gaming by integrating with their site and allowing other users to join it easily. They are recruiting people who would like to help them accomplish that goal. 

With more than 25k active servers and 15 million unique users daily, it’d be wonderful to help them launch their new Catalyst program. They have greatly streamlined the process for posting jobs on their site. 

Discord.me helps people find the best servers and bots for their needs by allowing them to filter out inappropriate content. You will be able to find servers that are related to your interests, like art, memes, shipping, and a lot of other interesting subjects.

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Discord.me is an excellent way to find and promote your Discord server, and you can boost it with some powerful features. Discord.me aims to be as easy to use as possible so that users can easily get up and running in less than a minute.

You can easily search thousands of servers on Discord.me and find one that fits your requirements. Discord.me is not like other forums because it is free, and everyone can use it.

8. DiscordL

DiscordL will help you find the best servers from all the currently listed on Discord. It will also allow you to search for a cool server from the many others listed on the website. 

DiscordL is devoted to helping people find the perfect Discord server, and it does that by letting the servers themselves be promoted by the people whose servers they help.

Best Disboard Alternatives

DiscordL allows you to search for all the best Discord Servers available. It has more than 8000 servers, which allows you to play games on some cool servers. 

It gives users a chance to discover cool servers and offers plenty of cool information about servers in several cool categories. You can invite thousands of people to join your server just by sending them a direct invite to your server on DiscordL.

It is a great idea that allows anyone to start a decent server and get noticed without wasting money or time promoting it. This is why DiscordL is such an awesome alternative to Disboard!

DiscordL also does not have ads, is less crowded, and loads faster than Discordboard, making it a perfect Disboard alternative.

DiscordL boasts more than 30 000 users and is accessed by over 40 000 people every week. DiscordL is a great place to find servers that allow you to find and join a community of gamers you like, find new servers, and find cool Discord servers.

9. Discordhome.com

Discordhome.com is primarily a server list that has only Discord servers listed. Discordhome.com lets us find servers by rating them and giving them feedback, which gives those curious about joining Discord a good idea of what kind of community they might want to join.

It works like Disboard, but it allows you to sort results more easily based on your chosen tags and gives you more useful information about the servers.

Best Disboard Alternatives

Discordhome was created to take the place of the discord board, which became so big that it was difficult to use. It has some improvements, like a better rating system and more detailed descriptions for each server. Disboard.com is a good website but is not as fast or easy to use as Discordhome.

Discordhome.org is a Discord server list with a rating and review system that helps you find the best servers. There are better tags and more detailed descriptions on Disboard’s server list than on Disboard. It helps people find the best discord servers by allowing them to rate and review them. 

Users can rate and review servers, which helps people interested in joining Discord communities get a better idea of the communities they can join.

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Discordhome.com works just like Disboard but has some improvements, such as a system allowing users to sort results by the tags they choose and more granular descriptions of specific servers.

Discordhome provides statistics for each day and tracks the activity of all the servers that are connected to it. It shows you the most active servers and interesting stats about each server.

10. Discordbotlist.com

Discord Bot List is a Discord Server that allows you to easily find and view all kinds of bots. It allows you to post bots on their websites, see other users’ bots, and vote for them.

Discord Bot List is an auxiliary to Disboard that allows people to search for bots – it does not allow them to sort bots by categories or tags.

Discord Bot List provides many useful features that will help you find better bots things as a bot-moderation tool, bot-ranking systems, and a bot-related website.

Discord Bot List and Discordboard.com can both be used to look for bots. Some features make searching for bots on Discord Bot List much easier, such as the ability to sort bots by category and tag.

Some people prefer using Disboard to other bot-listing sites like Disboard because it allows people to easily find all the bots on their list. You can search for bots by tags instead of just by their names, which is great. This makes it easier to detect new bots.

Discordbotlist enables bot developers to post bots to other people’s websites. It allows them to rank bots and change the ranking algorithm based on how many servers they have. 

It will also allow you to post what your bots are about if they want people to review them – which is nice because this is what the main bot list is all about.

However, it would be great if people could have bots that would allow people to post their bots easily – but the authentication above process often takes a long time to process.

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It’s also extremely limited – you can only get information about the top 1000 bots (or less) using the API, and you can’t even get all the information unless you have an API key (which they only give out to verified bots).

You will have to work extra hard to figure out how many servers you are on if you are not a verification bot on the Discord Bot List.

11. Discordlist.io

Discordlist.io helps people find the best servers for their hobby by automatically recommending other people’s servers. 

Discordlist.io is designed for people who want to connect with people with similar interests to them by helping them find the best servers to join.

Best Disboard Alternatives

Discordlist.io creates a customized ranking algorithm that ranks servers in many different ways, like votes, members posting updates, or many other factors. Users can rank their favorite servers in other ways, such as by voting for them or adding their votes.

Cleverbot is a chatbot that can be used to help people with their questions or to help them with their orders.

Cleverbot uses Artificial Intelligence to learn what people are saying to create responses that are more interesting than what is already said. It tries to be as helpful as possible by responding to what people ask them in the chatbox to answer them.

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Using CleverBot, Discordlist.io’s chat box on the right can answer any questions or commands you may have.

Discordlist.io has better recommendations than Disboard regarding finding new Discord servers to join. 

Discordlist.io is faster than Disboard, which makes it faster to load on slower computers, laptops, or smartphones.

12. DiscordApp

DiscordApp has become the online platform that allows people to exchange voice, video, or text messages easily. It allows people from all over the world to get in touch easily. 

DiscordApp allows people to stay in touch with their friends or their communities of friends conveniently. Discord allows people to talk, chat, share pictures, video messages, or stay connected.

Discord is an application for gamers to communicate easily with other players on the same computer. DiscordApp is available for everyone, everywhere. It supports all major operating systems, as well as any web browser. DiscordApp aims to allow people to stay connected easily by enabling them to have their online community.

Discord App enables people to easily network with others by creating their servers. People can easily chat with other players about any interesting topic, like what is going on in their games or what is happening in their lives.

Discord App’s new feature, Nitro, lets users access more features like HD streaming for a small fee.

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DiscordApp enables people to stay in touch with their friends easily by sharing voice messages, videos, text messages, images, documents, etc. 

It also supports voice chats between groups and multi-channel chats between users on different servers. Discord helps people stay in touch with people who care about them.

13. Discordsl.com

Discordsl.com is essentially a free VoIP application that allows people to speak over the internet to talk with others in the real world. It’s the only cross-device chat app designed just for gamers. 

The Discord Android app allows members of all Discords to communicate even when their computers aren’t online.

Discordsl.com is the perfect place to communicate with colleagues, find out who else is playing a game, or just catch up on any conversations that may have been missed. It is easy to find cool new servers to join or create useful bots to help users talk to each other. 

You can find the most popular servers on Discordsl.com by looking at the server categories below or creating your server list. It will help people to become more connected with each other so that members will be more engaged.

14. Discord.st

Discord.st gives everyone an easy way to put their servers on the official Discord. Discord.st is way better than Disboard because it is very robust. It has a top-list system that is completely configurable, meaning that all of the things that people vote for can be customized to suit each server.

Server owners can choose what pages to see when voters vote for their servers on Discord.st, if they wish to list their servers on Discord.st.

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Discord.st allows anyone to add a list of servers to their friends’ list of servers. Other people make the servers that others make for themselves.

Discord.st acts like a server on another server’s network. By doing so, discord.st can instantly update its users’ list.

15. Cosmic List

Cosmic List allows users to sell ads on other servers. People will begin chatting with each other if there are enough people on the forum. Cosmic List is incredibly useful for advertising servers, getting more members, etc.

Many categories allow people to promote their servers on the site. If a server has more than 40 members, that is a lot of members. There is a channel for each server category where members can have people join their servers.

The Cosmic List displays channels based on how many members on the server have been boosted. When scrolling down to see other servers in the category, people will see the top servers first.

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Cosmic List has a great economy system that lets users earn credits simply by posting ads on their servers or helping other members post messages on their channels. When people earn credits, it is possible to upgrade other servers.