16 Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

Finding old relatives, friends, or even a long-losing colleague is easy today, thanks to free people search tools such as FastPeopleSearch.

There are several sites where you can find people for free, conveniently, and securely. You will find people’s phone numbers, addresses, and other details using the most extensive and trustworthy database of US public records.

Fastpeoplesearch enables you to perform free reverse phone lookups and search some of the most trusted and accurate public records directories. 

Those who want to find people quickly and easily will be found using its search capabilities. It always adds information that people have requested, so you do not have to waste your time searching for other similar websites that claim to be better than Fastpeoplesearch.

Fastpeoplesearch.com is based on a revolutionary piece of software that makes looking up people easy and secure. It enables you to check people’s names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information easily and quickly. 

Fastpeoplesearch lets you check people’s names, addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information using the most secure and trusted database of US historical records.

You can find people by name and a few other details with FastPeopleSearch; a free online people search engine.

A great feature of FastPeopleSearch is its ability to do phone number lookups or to find people based on their addresses. You will be able to find anyone with it.

Many people use FastPeopleSearch because it produces great results, but not everyone is satisfied with its service.

Customers may not find FastPeopleSearch’s customer service satisfactory, while others may not feel the company is reliable enough to provide sufficient information about a person.

FastPeopleSearch.com alternatives are listed below. You can use these tools to find almost anyone. It is easy to locate anyone you want to contact using these search engines, as good as FastPeopleSearch.

FastPeopleSearch allows you to find any phone number, first and last name, and even address. FastPeopleSearch provides information about real people and gives you access to the records of billions of individuals worldwide. 

FastPeopleSearch lets you quickly look up phone numbers and addresses by simply entering the number in a search box. It is one of the US’s most accurate public records directories and is free to use.

The search that you can make on the web using cutting-edge technology allows you to search through an immense amount of people’s data, and you will find what you need. You will know who is using a temporary phone number to call you and get the most accurate information. 

The search engine allows you to look up an address or a phone number, which is always up-to-date, so that you can access all the information about the addresses and phone numbers in the United States.

FastPeopleSearch offers a complete directory of addresses and phone numbers in the United States. It also provides information about people’s relatives. 

You can search the public records of the United States in real-time using a huge database. You can find out where people live, addresses, and phone numbers. 

FastPeopleSearch provides the most extensive indexes of US public records and the fastest way to search for phone numbers. It allows you to quickly find the names and addresses of everyone you need and quickly and easily find information on all the states in the United States.

You can use advanced technology to search through a large database of public records to find any address and get all the information you need. If you have a phone in your car that shows current search results, you can see which number is being called. 

It allows you to quickly look up any address in the United States that has the correct information while driving, and the continually updating data gives that ability.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

Below is the list of best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives which you can use to find out people and friends:

1. Spokeo

Spokeo provides people search tools that allow you to find people by using white pages, social media networks, and documents similar to FastPeopleSearch to find people quickly and easily. 

Spokeo is a powerful people search engine that can help you locate and learn about people. It provides several useful tools that you can use to locate people from all over the world.

Spokeo is great because it lets you try all the different features for free for seven days. You can try out all the free tools this search engine offers without committing to paying for them.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

Spokeo makes it extremely easy to find people easily. It lets us search by many identifiers, such as their names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other details.

Spokeo offers a web search engine to help people find and learn more about people. It organizes listings from white pages, social networks, and other public records into the necessary forms to help you find people fast. 

It helps people sort through information that they find on various websites and social media and organizes that information into the right format. This makes it easy to identify people from different backgrounds and countries.

Spokeo lets you quickly find individuals by searching white pages, social media, and other publicly available databases. The essential information is provided promptly, properly, and with credibility. 

Spokeo is a powerful internet search engine that allows users to locate people and learn more about them easily. It is designed to help people learn new things and enable them to communicate with others around the world.

Spokeo also has phone apps that help you block unwanted calls and detect people calling you. These phone apps help you monitor who is calling you and what types of calls are coming from people you do not know.

Spokeo is a powerful tool that helps individuals learn more about and meet new people. It provides various tools that help you locate people around the world. 

Spokeo is a great service that provides phone applications to help you receive calls from people you don’t know and also to help you manage your digital assistant better.

2. FindOutTheTruth

FindOutTheTruth is ranked as one of the top platforms that offer background checks with the use of discreet investigators, records checks, and other services for an extremely low cost. 

FindOutTheTruth is a great online platform that combines expert background investigators with researchers who have done a lot of research and are very knowledgeable. 

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

They have also done a lot of research as part of their undergraduate and graduate studies to create a one-stop shop for all your investigation needs.

FindOutTheTruth.com is fast and accurate, and its database contains billions of public records. Searching for people online is easy and quick with a fast, user-generated search engine that allows you to search for people easily.

FindOutTheTruth.com lets you enter the name of a person you are trying to locate, and it searches its vast database to find people who match your criteria.

Search through a much more comprehensive database than FastPeopleSearch, including background checks done by hired investigators, employment checks, and many other services not offered by other background check websites.

FindOutTheTruth has a team of investigators who are experts in risk management and are well equipped to handle any background check you may need. Plus, their employees have taken many courses on the subject. 

FindOutTheTruth is a platform that offers customers all the tools they need to conduct full-scale background checks. These include criminal background checks, employment searches, and other thorough searches.

FindOutTheTruth.com is cheap, and you do not need to pay a monthly subscription to use it. FindOutTheTruth.com allows people to search the world for free by paying only for the data they retrieve.

FindOutTheTruth is more detailed than FastPeopleSearch and offers very quick search results.

FindOutTheTruth searches over one billion public records to get accurate results that are always accurate. This means that they always have the most accurate information available.

Pay per record with FindOutTheTruth.com, and you will not need to pay a monthly fee. It is amazingly fast and powerful when comparing FindOutTheTruth to FastPeopleSearch and other search engines. It can search for billions of public records from all over the world. 

FindOutTheTruth offers instructions on using their robust platform to quickly and easily arrange an investigatory background check. 

FindOutTheTruth has the most comprehensive database in the world and can search public records to find out more about people easily. FindOutTheTruth is one of the best FastPeopleSearch alternatives for finding people online.

3. CheckPeople

CheckPeople offers people useful information such as their email addresses, phone numbers, and other public data. 

The CheckPeoples interface is easy to understand, and after a short tutorial, you will know everything you need about the individual you are looking for. 

You can also search for people by including their names in the search result if you have ever been convicted of a sexual offense. You can also search for people from their past marriages or divorces.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

CheckPeople offers a free initial search, but you will have to pay for the full service to access all the data that the site has available. 

You can locate any person you want by using the search engine, and you will receive the information you need immediately, so there is no need to do further research. 

You can easily find people close to you with CheckPeople, one of the best FastPeopleSearch alternatives. CheckPeople has many useful features that will help you quickly find the person you are trying to find.

You can search by looking up names or by looking up people’s phone numbers. CheckPeople allows you to quickly find anyone online by using several different search options, including the ability to look up the person’s phone number.

It also has a helpful section where you can learn more about how to use its features.

CheckPeople also offers many helpful features, such as contacting them and receiving help when you have questions or issues. This is extremely rare among such sites as FastPeopleSearch.

It is possible to search for unlimited people and access a wealth of other publicly available information. You need to buy a subscription to use certain features, but the fees are very affordable.

The Search is free when you first log in, and when you are confident that you have found the right tool for the job, you can add more features to your account. With CheckPeople, it will be hard to miss someone you are searching for.

You can check the phone number of anyone you are interested in by entering their mobile or landline number into CheckPeople, and you may also do a reverse phone number lookup on that person. There may be traces that people have left behind, such as blogs, images, social media profiles, and more.

4. PeekYou

PeekYou is a search engine that lets you find important people in your life by enabling you to find their names, email addresses, and other personal information.

PeekYou is a great way to connect with friends, family, and co-workers anywhere you want. PeekYou is a people search engine that enables people to find people on the web easily. 

PeekYou allows users to find information that is highly pertinent to their lives. It also allows users to find people interested in what they are looking for.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

PeekYou effortlessly collects information from various social networks and news sources to present users with their complete online identities. 

PeekYou is an easy-to-use search engine that allows you to quickly find people by just typing in the person’s name, Twitter handle, or email address.

PeekYou does not claim its advanced search features are unavailable in other engines. It claims it merely pulls information from famous social networks and public databases.

PeekYou pulls information from many social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, making it one of the most comprehensive people search engines available.

It is one of the most complete people search engines. It provides information about over 230 million people in over 145 countries.

PeekYou gives searchers a way to easily find out who someone is by entering their name and email address. They provide a complete profile of the person they are looking for, including their work history, education, and social media accounts.

PeekYou allows users to look up people based on their basic contact information, as well as their work history, educational history, and any other details that they have shared on any of the many popular online platforms.

PeekYou searches the vast internet for people with similar interests, but it collects as much public information as possible and presents it in a way that people can easily find it.

You could find the people your target audience is targeting by searching Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, or other social media. PeekYou provides search results to people worldwide and hosts over 10 million searches every month.

5. WhoEasy

WhoEasy provides a simple way to locate people easily if you just type the number in the search bar and hit the Enter key. You can view the complete profile of the people you are trying to find, including full names and details about where they live.

You can find people quickly and get detailed information about them using their phone numbers with WhoEasy. You can find out who has what you need, when you need it and where they live.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

You can get quick information about who owns a phone number with WhoEasy, a clever program. WhoEasy provides a quick way to get the phone number of anyone who calls you. You can also see their full name and address. 

You can obtain information quickly by simply dialing a phone number and speaking with the owner of the number. If you want to trace a phone number, you will need to put the phone number that you are looking for into the search box on WhoEasy.

You no longer have to spend time hunting through out-of-date phone books or searching for people through databases. You have access to all the data that people have stored on every phone number, even if it is a landline or a cell phone, with WhoEasy.

You no longer have to waste time searching through old phone books or calling people you do not know. You just need your phone number to search on the Internet by using the search tool on the WhoEasy website. 

6. Pipl

Pipl Search Engine is a platform that allows people to find and contact people worldwide. Pipl has many applications, but it is targeted to help businesses verify their employee’s identities and detect and stop fraud. 

Another excellent FastPeopleSearch alternative is Pipl, which can be used to locate virtually anyone.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

It is great for people looking for contacts for business reasons, doing research, or even having fun. Pipl helps organizations identify people who may be scammers and also helps people to prove their identity.

Pipl’s user-friendliness means you can easily search for people using various search options, such as by name, location, or email address.

Pipl started as a basic search engine for people to find each other, and now it has millions of users worldwide and more than 3 billion profiles in its database. 

You need to know how to find people by entering their details, such as their phone numbers, social accounts, and email addresses, to find out more about them.

Pipl allows you to search for people who work in different countries and to search for people who work in different countries to find the right people for your business. 

Pipl allows you to discover what people have been hiding since they were last seen. This allows you to develop and implement more effective marketing campaigns. 

Pipl is a very simple solution that is easy to use and does not require special IT skills to enjoy its service. Pipl also has detailed user manuals and instructional videos that help you understand the software’s features. 

Pipl lets you quickly look up people by their names and email addresses. It also enables you to quickly create targeted marketing campaigns based on the people you have contacted. 

Pipl helps people quickly become qualified for specific job roles by allowing you to create powerful advertising campaigns using all the information in their profiles. 

Pipl is popular with millions and millions, as it stores billions of profiles from people all over the world.

Pipl offers a version that allows you to do more complex searches and provides people with more information than FastPeopleSearch offers.

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Some of the features in Pipl are only accessible in the US, but the vast majority of features are accessible globally.

Pipl offers simple and easy-to-use features that enable you to find people easily. Pipl Search prevents people from being scammed by allowing you to verify that a person is actually in your business.

Pipl Search is a unique and powerful tool that can ensure that someone is authentic while conducting a transaction. Whether you are looking to meet people for business purposes or simply want to know more about someone, this is the right solution for you.

Pipl offers developers access to its database to use in developing apps. Pipl supports the programming language that most people use, so it is very easy to use for developers.

7. People Search Now

People Search Now lets you quickly search for people you know, your relatives, or anyone you want to meet. People Search Now is a more advanced version of Pipl that makes it easy to find people. However, it includes some useful new features that make it superior to many other search engines. 

You can look up people online by their name, e-mail address, phone number, and many other things with People Search Now. It works great for individuals who are trying to find people who may be friends or colleagues. It helps employers find staff eager to hire new employees and gain information from them. 

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

It is much easier than searching for friends or family members on other search engines. It also offers some unique tools that differentiate it from other search engines. 

People Search Now is a fantastic way to easily find people by their names, email addresses, phone numbers, and many more. People Search Now is a great way for companies to find employees and quickly get more information about prospective employees.

People Search Now includes all the key features you expect from a people-searching website. It allows you to easily search for people by name, address, and phone number. People Search Now is highly reliable and provides accurate results that are up to date.

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It offers great features, such as finding someone by their maiden name or alias. People Search Now lets you quickly find people by name, email address, phone number, and more. You may also refine your search using the site’s unique filters.

People Search Now lets us sort your search results based on their relationship with you. The tool is useful if you are looking for a friend or someone who lives nearby.

People Search Now is better than many popular people search engines because it offers a way for you to obtain a copy of anyone’s police records and even get their addresses. 

People Search Now allows you to search for people and get their contact information quickly. It is also simple to use and can access over 3 billion public records. It is easy to use and considered one of the best FastPeopleSearch alternatives to finding people online.

8. Intelius

Intelius is a FastPeopleSearch alternative that allows you to find people quickly and easily by searching their profiles.

You can also find out what number an unknown person might call you. It has all the public records needed to conduct people searches, background checks, phone lookups, and caller ID services. 

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

Intelius lets you quickly find the most accurate information on anyone by using their name, username, phone number, email address, or arrest records.

Intelius is like Pipl but has a few new features that help you learn more about people. If you use this software, you can easily look up the name of anyone or their phone number and find out what they have done for you. 

One more thing you will enjoy about Intelius is its very sophisticated security features. These include a completely anonymized search system that does not notify anyone of anyone you search.

Intelius has several amazing features that are very useful, including the ability to quickly check out what calls someone made, using Caller ID would find out who called you quickly, and the ability to access the largest database in the world. 

Intelius is a highly popular business software that offers different plans that give you different features and costs.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social network that can help you find people easily. Linkedin is a social networking site focusing on business that can be used for personal and professional networking.

If you’re looking for old colleagues, business contacts, or customers, LinkedIn is the place to go. It is extremely useful to use LinkedIn for personal networking because you are bound to find someone who can assist you with your search.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

LinkedIn allows you to see all of the jobs that a person may have held in the past, their educational background, and even what kind of skills they have.

LinkedIn gives you access to a great number of useful features, including helping you connect with other people you may already know. You can see who has viewed your profile and send messages to people not in your network.

The paid subscription to LinkedIn gives you access to a whole new world of people searching, but you can use the free version to find people.

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With over 3 billion individuals, LinkedIn’s huge network uses countless business info. You can discover even more about a possible employee by visiting their profile. 

LinkedIn allows you to connect with people who are like you and are interested in what you do.

You can discover everything you require to learn about somebody you are considering hiring on LinkedIn, including who worked for whom, when they last worked for someone, and if they have any recommendations for you, ask them to share some great recommendations.

10. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate offers a very simple but useful people search that will help you easily find anyone you want to hire. It also lets you find people who have been arrested, and it shows you details about them.

Instant Checkmate reports on almost any person that you enter their name by asking them for a few details, such as their age, family background, their phone number, their address, their phone number, their social network sites, and much more.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

Instant Checkmates allows you to check the background of nearly anyone you know by showing you real information about everything someone has done to them. It allows you to run reverse phone lookups or even look up names in criminal records databases. 

Instant Checkmate app is suitable for companies and employers who want to hire honest and reliable candidates. 

With this app, you can get the needed information, such as a past arrest record, a phone number lookup, a search for a phone number that someone has previously called, etc. 

Instant Checkmate records more than 3 billion people worldwide and continually adds new people and places to get a more detailed and accurate report on the individual you are looking for. 

You can also copy and share your search results directly with others which makes it better than others with Instant Checkmate. Instant Checkmate can be used by those who want to hire good people and anyone who just wants to learn more about someone.

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Instant Checkmate offers the same basic features as FastPeopleSearch, but the results that Instant Checkmate delivers to you may be more specific than those you will get with the basic plan of FastPeopleSearch.

Instant Checkmate allows you to find people in real-time from any mobile device and get information on them quickly. 

Instant Checkmate allows users to check their telephone records and birthdays and allows people to avoid scams and find out how expensive their plans are.

11. PeopleSmart

PeopleSmart bridges the gap that other search engines cannot bridge and gives a simple and reliable result.

PeopleSmart is very user-friendly and provides a few options that enable you to quickly find people you lost touch with or help companies trust the people they deal with.

PeopleSmart offers many different ways to search and find the people you need, and the results are easy to find.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

PeopleSmart has a great phone lookup tool that can help you easily look up someone’s phone number or email address to see who they are. 

You will also be able to use the PeopleSmart search engine to easily get someone’s email address if they have an active email account.

PeopleSmart was developed by combining the expertise of a team of experts with new features that help you to find people from all over the world quite easily. 

PeopleSmart is quite simple and offers you simple and user-friendly results that make it better than other search engines.

PeopleSmart helps you by showing you exactly what people are like and helping you find their contact information. This way, you will be able to contact them quickly and conveniently.

PeopleSmart offers a great user interface that is easy to use and is also free to use. If you are not sure who is the person you are searching for, PeopleSmart gives you lots of options.

PeopleSmart looks safe to use, which is something that is not something that can be said about a lot of other services.

PeopleSmart makes you feel more confident when trying to find someone, as you will know that your personal information is safe.

PeopleSmart costs less than other popular search engines, so it could work out cheaper if you are on a budget. PeopleSmart charges you per search and not monthly, but it is much cheaper than paying a monthly subscription to search for people.

PeopleSmart is a very affordable alternative to FastPeopleSearch, offering plenty of options for you to find people quickly.

It is also fairly easy to use, so you could save a lot of money in the long run if you only use the platform to search for a few people each month.

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PeopleSmart pulls all the people it finds in its database so that you can be sure that you are contacting the right person. PeopleSmart has two versions, a free version and a paid version, including features like seeing a person’s background and finding their age and location. 

If you pay for the service, you can learn more about someone’s past and how they have been involved in crimes. PeopleSmart has several plans you can choose from that will allow you to gain various additional benefits.

12. USPhoneBook

USPhoneBook has listings for all 50 states. You can search for people in the United States by name or phone number.

It is possible to look up a person by name or place of birth. This is an amazing resource if you are trying to find someone in the United States.

You can find more information on over 215 million people from the USPhoneBook database. You will be able to locate people in a very easy way using this website.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

You will be able to look up people from phone numbers. You can also use it to find who owns a phone number if you know the owner of that number.

USPhoneBook is one of the better alternatives for people looking for people in the United States. It uses data from another website we have listed, PeopleFinder, so its data is pretty accurate.

You can learn everything that you want to know by using this website. You will find public records, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and more on this site.

Using USPhoneBook, just type the name of the person you try to find into the search bar. You can also change the search criteria to suit your needs. You also have the option to search by city and state if you want to find people in your area.

You may be able to locate the person if you know their name, address, or phone number with USPhoneBook. It is very easy to use, especially if you compare it to other websites like PeopleFinder. This means that you will easily find what you are trying to find.

13. TruthFinder

TruthFinder service allows you to find out information about almost anyone. The Truth Finder platform enables users to look up any kind of information on any person and find out if they have any criminal records or not. 

Truth Finder lets users search for people in various directories such as police records, criminal records, and many others. The free platform offers enticing options to look at the public records of any person anywhere in the world.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

TruthFinder gives you all the information you need about the person you are searching for. It gives you the person’s name, birth date, pictures, education, job, and other things you may need. 

TruthFinder enables its users to search for information on different dark websites and see if any user’s information has been stolen or not. 

TruthFinder also allows people to search for their social security number, passport number, and other similar records.

This platform allows you to access public information, such as arrest records, property and business records, education history, weapon permits, and many more. 

TruthFinder is available with subscriptions only for those who want to pay for its services; however, it offers 24-hour support via email and phone during business hours.

14. Sterling

Sterling is one of the more popular background checks. People are checked for various reasons, but one of the more popular ones is criminal records.

It offers search capabilities that focus on the fact that people have been arrested and charged with a crime.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

Sterling’s vast database includes billions of public records, making it one of the most thorough search engines on the web. You can easily find what you are looking for due to its user-friendliness.

You can find people using their name with FastPeopleSearch, but Sterling allows you to search by other factors, which lets you know what kind of record a person has.

Its investigators also look through physical records to get even more information. This helps you get the most accurate results.

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A court-run team will search courthouses in counties undergoing criminal investigations for information that cannot be found online. When you search for people with similar names, you can find more information about them.

Sterling searches for people based on their names, birth dates, and addresses. The information it collects about individuals is combined with information from government agencies, credit bureaus, and other sources.

15. eVerify

eVerify allows employers to quickly and easily test and validate the identity of their employees and identify non-compliance behavior. 

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

eVerify also ensures that the hired employees are true and have all the required documentation. You always know what is happening and what is happening soon.

eVerify helps you meet your compliance requirements by verifying employees’ identities and resolving compliance issues, and it also notifies employers of non-complying employees’ behavior. The compliance department assists employees via email, phone calls, desk reviews, and site visits.

You can also search for companies using eVerify, which provides more detailed information and performance and usage statistics.

16. Anywho

Anywho allows you to find people, businesses, and people worldwide easily. Anywho is specially created for companies who want to reach out to an audience, find customers, etc. 

Anywho helps you easily find anyone, their contact information, and their location if you know their name and location.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

It is possible to find information using area codes or ZIP codes of a place or a person to save time and effort.

Anywho is very easy to use; you just need to enter your First Name, Last Name, City, and State. Then simply enter the information that you want to know.

It will take only a few seconds to show you all the results. You can easily copy and paste any result from any source you want. 

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Anywho is a great tool that you can use to search and find information that you need about calling numbers or any type of information.

Final Words on FastPeopleSearch Alternatives

Many other FastPeopleSearch alternatives can help you find the people you are looking for just as quickly and effectively and with even greater success.

PeopleFinders is the best option as it offers the most trustworthy method for locating people based on public records and has one of the best customer service teams.

Check out some of these great FastPeopleSearch alternatives, such as Spokeo and Pipl, to find people easily.