10 Best Platforms To Sell Online Courses

Learning and teaching online have become increasingly popular in today’s digital world. Today, entrepreneurs can capitalize on their skills and knowledge by selling courses online, a growing industry thanks to digital technology. 

Platforms that enable users to create and distribute course materials are becoming more and more accessible. As such, choosing the right platform is essential for successful course sales.

10 Best Platforms To Sell Online Courses

The internet has revolutionized the way we learn and teach. It has enabled education to become more accessible and cost-effective for both students and educators alike. With the advent of online courses, individuals can now gain knowledge from any corner of the world with minimal effort. 

However, one must have a suitable platform to offer an online course. This article will explore various platforms that can be used to sell online courses. This article explores some popular platforms that allow entrepreneurs to sell their courses online.

Best Platforms To Sell Online Courses

Are you looking for ways to monetize your knowledge and skills? Are you trying to find the best way to create and share online courses? If so, this blog post is just what you need! We’ve rounded up the top 10 platforms for selling online courses. Read on to find out which one is right for you!

Are you looking to create and sell online courses? The internet has made finding platforms that will help you do that easier. In this blog post, we will cover the top 15 platforms to create and sell online courses. 

We’ll look at each platform’s features, pricing plans, and more. Whether you want to create a course for a hobby or to make a profit, this guide has you covered. Keep reading to learn more about how to create and sell courses online.

1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the most popular online course platforms, with over 16 million learners and 57 thousand of courses. It is a great option for those who are looking to create and sell courses on a wide variety of topics. 

With Udemy, you can create courses in any subject area and even become an instructor to start teaching your courses.

Udemy is an online platform that allows users to buy and sell online courses. Udemy was founded in 2010 and has become one of the world’s largest platforms for buying and selling these services. 

From beginner-level tutorials to expert-level classes, Udemy provides users an extensive array of options for self-paced education on various topics.

Udemy platform allows course creators to upload their content on Udemy’s website, setting prices as they see fit. In addition, course creators can use analytics tools provided by Udemy to track student performance and adjust accordingly. 

Udemy helps them maximize their earnings potential while providing students with the best possible learning experience. With its diverse courses, Udemy has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for purchasing digital courses worldwide.

Udemy also has a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to create and publish their courses. Plus, Udemy also offers a range of features such as course marketing tools, analytics and tracking, payment processing, and more. With Udemy’s wide selection of courses, you can be sure to find the perfect course for you.

2. Teachable

Teachable is a popular online course platform that makes it easy to create and sell courses. The Teachable system offers quizzes, surveys, and custom domains that allow you to create engaging, interactive courses.

Teachable is an online platform that enables instructors to create, manage, and market courses online. It is a perfect solution for monetizing their knowledge and experience by giving them the means to sell digital content online.

The platform allows course creators to easily build professional-looking pages without the required coding or technical experience. Instructors can customize their courses’ look and feel with custom domain names, logos, colors, and fonts. 

Teachable also provides marketing tools such as automated emails, coupons, analytics tracking, and more that make it easy to promote your course. In addition, the platform offers secure payment processing methods, so you don’t have to worry about collecting payments from customers.

You can access powerful analytics and marketing tools to track student progress and promote your courses. Teachable also offers free technical support and a library of helpful guides and resources to help you get started.

3. Thinkific

Thinkific is a comprehensive platform for creating, marketing, and selling online courses. It offers a powerful suite of features and integrations, making it one of the most popular options for course creators. 

Thinkific is an online platform that enables entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations to create and sell online courses. It is a digital educational tool that allows users to design content experiences for their customers and build course material from scratch. 

Thinkific can also be a powerful marketing tool for users who wish to expand their customer base through its various features. The platform supports multiple languages so users can create multi-lingual content to reach customers across different countries.

Thinkific offers a wide range of features, including drag-and-drop course builders, customizable themes, easy integrations with third-party tools like MailChimp or Stripe, detailed student engagement, progress tracking analytics, automated invoicing capabilities, and more. 

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You can customize your course pages with the drag-and-drop builder and add multimedia content such as videos, PDFs, images, and audio. Thinkific also includes options for setting up membership sites and digital products. 

You can also track your sales data in real time and use automated emails to stay in touch with your students. All these features combine to make Thinkific an excellent choice for anyone looking to create and sell their online course.

4. Kajabi

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform to help businesses and entrepreneurs create, sell, and deliver online courses. It is a powerful tool that allows users to manage their digital products without coding knowledge. 

Kajabi provides an intuitive user interface that allows anyone to create and launch successful course websites quickly and efficiently. 

The platform offers a suite of features that make it simple to build eCommerce stores from scratch with no technical assistance required. 

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Kajabi allows users to design custom landing pages, automate payments, track course progress, add multimedia elements such as images or audio files, promote courses on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and access comprehensive analytics data sets to measure performance metrics – in a secure and compliant environment.

5. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform that enables users to create, share and find courses. It provides access to over 25,000 classes in various fields ranging from business and tech to creative arts, design, and lifestyle topics. 

All the classes are taught by industry professionals and experts with experience in their respective fields on Skillshare. 

Skillshare is an online platform that has revolutionized how people learn, teach and develop skills. It offers a wide range of courses from some of the best professionals in their respective fields on topics ranging from photography to web development. 

Skillshare makes learning accessible to anyone with an internet connection and encourages collaboration between teachers and students through its unique teaching style. 

The platform provides both free and paid courses, as well as tutorials for those who are looking to hone their skills or expand upon them further. 

With over three million users worldwide, Skillshare has become one of the leading platforms for people to sell their online courses. 

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Through its easy-to-use interface, users can quickly create high-quality educational content they can share with others or monetize by selling directly on the site. 

Additionally, Skillshare offers a variety of tools and resources, such as project templates and class worksheets, to help students learn and develop their skills. 

Skillshare also has a community feature that allows users to connect and share their experiences. Skillshare enables anyone to sell their courses online and reach a wide audience with its easy-to-use platform.

6. Ruzuku

Ruzuku is an online course platform that makes it easy to create and deliver engaging online courses. The platform offers a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop design interface that allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful online courses. 

Ruzuku’s user-friendly interface allows course creators to easily add multimedia such as audio, video, images, and text to their course content. 

Ruzuku also provides powerful tools and analytics to track course performance and engagement, making it a great choice for those looking to track their online courses’ success.

Ruzuku is a popular online platform to help course providers create and sell online courses. It is an easy-to-use and comprehensive system that allows course creators to take full control of their sales process. 

With Ruzuku, businesses can quickly build attractive landing pages, customize payment options, track progress, manage customer service inquiries, and more.

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Ruzuku offers various features such as automated marketing tools, customizable webpages with tools for creating money-making landing pages, customizing payment options such as credit cards or PayPal integration, tracking progress with comprehensive analytics tools that provide data on student activity and course performance, managing customer service inquiries from the built-in support system powered by Zendesk. 

Additionally, it integrates with existing eCommerce systems like Shopify or WooCommerce to easily sync up payments for a seamless customer checkout experience. Furthermore, Ruzuku offers a range of pricing options to suit any budget, making it accessible to everyone.

7. Podia

Podia is a leading platform for creating and selling online courses, digital products, memberships, and content subscriptions. 

Podia provides users with tools for creating a website to host their digital content and offers various features such as an easy checkout process, payment processing in multiple currencies, analytics tracking, and automated email marketing.

The platform also offers custom domain hosting, built-in blog creation capabilities, custom branding options, and integrated marketing tools. 

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The drag-and-drop editor functionality of Podia allows users to design the look and feel of their site without any technical knowledge or coding experience.

Additionally, Podia supports integration with third-party apps such as Zapier or Slack to further automate processes.

8. LearnWorlds 

LearnWorlds is a comprehensive platform for creating and selling online courses. It provides various tools and features to help users create and deliver engaging, interactive, and impactful online learning experiences.

LearnWorlds is an online platform that provides users with the tools and resources to create, market, and sell their online courses. 

LearnWorlds allows users to set up a course website easily, customize the look and feel of their page, create custom quizzes, manage user accounts, track progress, accept payments for courses or subscriptions, and much more. 

LearnWorlds platform is specifically designed with digital entrepreneurs in mind who wish to develop their courses without having to go through the time-consuming process of building a course website from scratch. 

LearnWorlds offers users a range of features tailored to each person’s needs. These include unique design templates for creating stunning course pages; marketing tools such as automated email campaigns; integration with payment systems; analytics for tracking sales performance; and more.

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LearnWorlds makes it easy to create custom course designs, add videos, quizzes, and assessments, and manage student interaction. It also has powerful marketing tools for promoting courses and driving sales. 

LearnWorlds is an ideal platform for those who want to create, sell, and manage professional online courses easily.

9. WizIQ  

WizIQ is an online platform where you can easily create and sell online courses. It allows you to create courses in various formats, including video, audio, and text-based. It also has powerful analytics tools that can help you track student progress and generate reports.

WizIQ is an online platform that enables educators, trainers, and professionals to sell online courses and host virtual classes. This platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools that can be used to design, deliver and manage learning activities. 

WizIQ allows educators to provide educational materials using traditional methods such as lectures, recordings, and tutorials. The platform also hosts assessments and tests for students to measure their performance.

The WizIQ platform offers various features, such as live classes with video conferencing capabilities, discussion boards for feedback, and Q&A sessions between teachers and students. 

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WizIQ allows instructors to create interactive digital classrooms to engage with students via whiteboard sharing, chat functions, or file-sharing capabilities.

You can also create assessments and quizzes for your students. WizIQ also offers easy integration with social media platforms, allowing you to promote your courses easily.

10. OpenEduCat    

OpenEduCat is a powerful online course delivery platform that helps you create, sell, and promote your online courses. With OpenEduCat, you can create engaging content for your learners, build beautiful course sites, and customize the look and feel of your site to match your branding. 

OpenEduCat also offers a range of features to help you effectively market and promote your courses, including automated emails, social media integration, and more. OpenEduCat also makes it easy to accept payments with various payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe. 

You can easily track learner progress and measure course success with detailed analytics. With OpenEduCat, you can create beautiful and engaging online courses that will help you reach a wider audience.

OpenEduCat is an online platform to help educational organizations create, promote, and sell their courses. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools that enable institutions to launch their e-learning websites quickly.

OpenEduCat facilitates the entire process of creating, delivering, and selling educational content on the web. The platform supports an intuitive drag-and-drop course-building system with built-in features for payment processing, media management, user accounts, and analytics. 

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OpenEduCat includes detailed course tracking, automated email notifications, and integrated marketing solutions. This makes it an ideal solution for universities, colleges, MOOCs providers, or any other organization looking to offer digital learning experiences on their website. 

Overall, OpenEduCat is a powerful online platform that simplifies the process of creating engaging online courses and selling them to students worldwide.

Conclusion: Best Platforms To Sell Online Courses

In conclusion, selling online courses has been made easier through the platforms mentioned in this article. Platforms like Teachable and Thinkific offer user-friendly features and a wide range of customization options to help create a successful business. Udemy is a great option for reaching a larger audience, while SkillShare provides the opportunity to teach and learn from others. Lastly, Kajabi allows for robust course design with built-in marketing and automation tools.

The best platform to sell online courses will depend on various factors, such as the size and scope of the course you’re offering, the budget for setting up an e-commerce platform, and your marketing strategy. Each platform’s features, strengths, and weaknesses are unique, so it’s critical to research each carefully before choosing. Ultimately, selecting the right platform is essential for success in selling online courses.