15 Best QuillBot Alternatives

You know how important it is to use high-quality writing tools, whether you’re a professional writer or want to improve your writing. QuillBot comes out on top when it comes to excellent writing tools.

QuillBot is one of the best writing tools to paraphrase your phrases. You will also receive advice on how to select more appropriate words and have grammatical errors corrected.

What Is QuillBot?

QuillBot is a well-known paraphrasing tool that uses artificial intelligence to rewrite the content you provide. 

You may want to change the text on your website for many different reasons. If you’d like to make your text more distinctive, you might utilize additional synonyms to change the material. QuillBot rewords your articles automatically while flipping some word order so that it doesn’t repeat the same words.

You can also incorporate additional recommendations for paraphrasing that are not automatically incorporated but can be incorporated with a single click.

You might also want to rephrase the material if it fails to pass a plagiarism checker like Copyscape. QuillBot will modify the content so that it appears to be unique, even if it’s similar to something you’ve written before.

QuillBot is considered one of the best paraphrasing tools for copywriters. The AI-enabled algorithm used by QuillBot helps increase the vocabulary and readability of the text by using synonyms and other permutations of the sentence. 

It prevents plagiarism by rephrasing any given content, thereby eliminating the possibility of plagiarism.

However, despite its widespread usage, QuillBot does not come without its drawbacks. You arrived at the proper place if you came here because you were unhappy with either the pricing plan offered by QuillBot or the quality of the content rephrased by it.

We have looked into all of the widely used paraphrase tools currently on the market and compiled a list of the top 10 alternatives to QuillBot based on our findings.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

1. SpinBot: Smart Text Re-writing Tool

SpinBot was created to replace the free tool QuillBot by creating the best-looking spinners for your text. SpinBot allows users to spin text and paraphrase it easily. 

Spinbot can help you write longer articles for free, which is notably cheaper than QuillBot. Spinbot lets you re-write articles up to 10,000 characters long on the free plan, which is much more than what QuillBot lets users do.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

SpinBot’s premium plans also have no character limit, just like QuillBot’s. You do not need to create a Spinbot account to start using it. When using QuillBot for free, you are restricted to 400 characters, a tiny fraction of what SpinBot allows you to write.

Spinbot also offers a paid version of its service that allows you to rewrite any website content you want to post, even if there are no ads on the website or if you want to skip filling out the Captcha form. You can use that feature to write articles faster if you have more time.

You can use SpinBot 5 times per day for free. SpinBot will soon support translating text to other languages. It will be the first paraphrase tool to do that.

SpinBot costs only $10 per month, and an annual plan costs only $75 a year.

2. WordAI

WordAI is one of the best and oldest tools that you can use to rewrite content. WordAI allows you to create an original article that rewrites itself quickly.

WordAI has constantly been trying to improve its capabilities, which is why it is the best. It is not as powerful as QuillBot, but it is useful.

WordAI is one of the first tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) to learn what you are saying and to provide an accurate translation. This software is very easy to use and hassle-free.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

WordAI can rewrite your text if you pay for it, but it is a useful alternative to QuillBot. Unlike QuillBot, WordAI can rewrite multiple articles simultaneously, which is impossible with QuillBot. That means that you can rewrite many articles at once.

You can easily rephrase multiple articles using Word AI to give different results, including several unique phrases. You will be able to do 1,000 different versions of a given article. Many people use Word AI to rephrase their content to have hundreds of different rewrites in their articles.

WordAI will let you control how much you can be as imaginative as you want, affecting how much you can rephrase the same content.

WordAI will also help you to avoid spelling and grammar errors by rewriting the content. WordAI will also help you break up long sentences to make them clearer and more interesting to read.

WordAI can use similar words and phrases in your own words and similar phrases in other websites to help you create new words and phrases that say the same thing but very interestingly.

3. SpinRewriter

SpinRewriter is a tool that allows you to generate up to 1,000 different versions of any of your content, unlike Quillbot, which allows only one copy to be generated.

The SpinRewriter tool can generate hundreds of articles based on the article you upload, similar to many other popular paraphrasing tools.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

You can upload large amounts of content to SpinRewriter and then export them to your server once it has been rewritten. 

You can upload lots of different articles for SpinRewriter to rewrite them automatically, and you can also quickly create up to 1,000 different versions of any article you upload. You can then easily export them all at once.

You can be sure that any variation of content that SpinRewriter generates for you will pass CopyScape since it’s integrated with the software.

SpinRewriter is equipped with a grammar and spelling checker that ensures the content is correct before writing it. 

You can trust SpinRewriter to ensure that whatever product you get is the same as what you originally wrote because it checks all content you input for spelling and grammar errors.

You can easily paraphrase much of your content with SpinRewriter, an online paraphraser. You can also create completely different versions of your text using it. 

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SpinRewriter is also fast enough to rewrite longer texts than QuillBot. It also paraphrases content that has a higher word limit than QuillBot. 

SpinRewriter automatically rewrites your content based on the context of your original text, just like a human would write it.

SpinRewriter was developed in 2011, and the developers have continuously updated it to give you more features and help you produce better content.

SpinRewriter does not provide a free trial period, but if you sign up for their yearly plan, the cost will be less than $77 per year. 

SpinRewriter uses technology that seeks to understand what you meant by the words that you originally wrote before it paraphrases them. Additionally, SpinRewriter ensures that the content it writes will sound like a real person who wrote it.

4. ChimpRewriter

Chimp Rewriter uses advanced algorithms and AI to rewrite texts in a very short time. Chimp Rewriter was created to help people quickly rewrite their posts and to help them do their jobs more effectively. 

Chimp Rewriter is free, but it is highly efficient to do the job you need. Also, it can write articles and translate texts as well.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

Chimp Rewriter also allows users to import videos, images, and articles from other websites and create rewritten texts in different languages. Users can even use Chimp Rewriter on Windows.

Chimp Writer is the only paraphrasing software you can download online. This is because it can translate a large number of web pages instantly. Chimp Rewriter is a simple software that you can use offline, but it works very well. 

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Chimp Rewriter uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create sentences and text that you can reuse quickly. If you choose ChimpRewriter, you become one of the millions of bloggers, marketers, authors, and students who have tried it out. 

Chimp Rewriter is highly efficient because it is free to use and has an easy-to-understand interface. You can rewrite entire content in a batch at lightning speed.

5. Jasper AI

Jasper is a great alternative to QuillBot that allows you to compose various types of content for your websites. Jasper is a great way to write good content for your business. 

Jasper AI helps you write descriptions for Amazon products and ads for Facebook products. It helps you to think of creative ideas for writing content and SEO. 

Best QuillBot Alternatives

Jasper is a wonderful tool that helps you find interesting ways to write articles for your blog or to help you describe a product on Amazon. It will even help you write engaging videos!

Jasper was formerly known as Conversion AI or even Jarvis. It allows you to create unique content that sounds more natural. You just have to enter the words you want to write and click on the button. If the tool understands what you want to write, it will do the work for you! It generates awesome results!

Jasper AI generates rewritten content that sounds natural and looks natural. It helps you paraphrase your content so that it sounds natural, and the content you write will be accurate and valuable for your business. 

Jasper AI helps you write content that sounds amazing, even if you just used keywords to search for it. You can re-write an entire article in less than 10 minutes.

You can use Jasper to write unique content, even if you enter keywords in your article. You can write a short prompt for the software to create content that sounds like you or is similar to what you are trying to create with Jasper AI.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly helps you check the grammar of your text and improve it greatly, along with letting you rephrase complicated sentences into simple and readable sentences. 

Grammarly is a grammar checking and rephrasing tool that allows you to rewrite complex sentences into simple, readable sentences. 

Grammarly is an online tool developed by Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider in 2009.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

Grammarly allows writers to rephrase and check their sentences to improve grammar. It helps them to write better content. 

Grammarly provides you with several useful features that will help you improve the quality of your writing. These features include spell-checking, grammar suggestions, and many more. 

Grammarly also helps people with the tone and vocabulary of emails, texts, and other content. Grammarly does not allow you to paraphrase, but it is useful in rewriting sentences to improve their grammar quality. 

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Grammarly is a great tool to find out if your sentences are correct. It helps you rephrase complex sentences to make them readable. However, it provides greater precision than Grammarly’s grammar checkers included with Quillbot’s premium subscription.

You can use Grammarly’s free version to identify mistakes you made while writing your articles. Also, we can rephrase difficult sentences to make our writing better. 

In its free version, Grammarly shows you some simple mistakes that are easy to fix. But, its premium version gives more detailed recommendations on how to correct them. 

Grammarly helps you rephrase more complex sentences to become easier to understand. In other words, it helps you write more concise sentences that are easy to understand.

7. Project Topics

Project Topics can help you develop research ideas, thesis topics, and research projects. This tool’s artificial intelligence algorithms will receive the highest quality rephrasings.

Project Topics is equipped with a paraphrasing tool and a spin bot tool. Project Topics Paraphrase is not only free to use, but it also does not appear to impose the same character limits as QuillBot.

Additionally, you can rephrase your content in virtually any language using Project Topics, which supports more than 100 languages.

One of the cool features of Project Topics is the ability to exclude words that QuillBot does not offer. The program will not replace certain terms with synonyms if you type them into the exclusion section, and sometimes you don’t want to rephrase them.

A grammar checker is also included in the paraphrasing tool on Project Topics, so you can correct grammatical errors as you go.

8. Clever Spinner

CleverSpinner allows you to create highly-quality articles using only a few clicks quickly. CleverSpinner is a useful tool that helps students and scholars work smarter by allowing them to read the entire text quickly. Bloggers, scholars, and students use this application frequently.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

CleverSpinner is a powerful tool that makes it easy to write articles. It has a simple-to-use interface and powerful features that will help you to save time and improve the quality of your content.

CleverSpinner is highly intelligent because it considers the topic before rephrasing it. In addition, it retains key details in the topic before rewriting it. 

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When you use this tool, you can quickly comprehend a given sentence before you attempt to paraphrase it. It allows you to create content in a way that is as natural as talking to a friend.

CleverSpinner was created more than 5 years ago and lets you easily understand what someone is saying and how to paraphrase it.

9. Paraphraser.io

The highly-rated paraphraser Paraphraser.io allows you to rephrase 1,000 words at a time, which is more than QuillBot.

You can access many awesome tools with Paraphraser.io, including plagiarism detectors, text summaries, grammar checkers, and Alak paraphrase tools.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

Paraphraser.io allows you to do many other paraphrase-like tasks for free. It also supports a variety of other paraphrasing tools. It features an extremely powerful learning algorithm that allows it to produce the best output.  

Paraphrase.io is another free alternative to QuillBot. It allows you to rephrase 1,000 words daily without registering for an account.  This free QuillBot alternative allows you to create your fluent, standard, and unique output.

You can rewrite up to 1,000 words with Paraphraser.io in a single go, which is more than QuillBot’s no-sign-in limit of 400 words.

10. Article Rewriter Tool

Article Rewriter Tool allows you to spin out your articles easily and spins around specific words like QuillBot. It is also useful if you do not want certain words to be rewritten.

Article Rewriter Tool lets you automatically rewrite articles that you write for free. You do not need to have a paid account to use it. 

Best QuillBot Alternatives

Article Rewriter Tool is not restricted by the number of characters people can put in an article like QuillBot does for people who use it for absolutely nothing.

Article Rewriter Tool is an extremely useful QuillBot alternative that allows you to exclude words that you do not want to be paraphrased. You can use the tool to spin words that you do not want to be paraphrased. 

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Article Rewriter Tool is a free online tool allowing you to spin up perfectly useful articles quickly. It does not even ask you to make a payment for using it. You can use this tool for free to make your online business as profitable as possible, with minimal effort on your part.

When you spin an online article with Article Rewriter Tool, be sure to check a box if you want the article to be paraphrased and if you want to capitalize certain words in it.

11. Copy Shark

Copy Shark is another excellent QuillBot alternative. It creates new content with AI-based algorithms in just a few minutes.

You can quickly generate new content for various purposes using Copy Shark instead of writing an entire article. 

Best QuillBot Alternatives

Copy Shark is like using a virtual assistant like Jasper to create content for your website automatically. It can be used to write product descriptions, sales pages, or even an ad!

Copy Shark is another extremely useful alternative to QuillBot. It can generate new content for you from scratch, and all the results will sound natural. 

Copy Shark creates new content for you using intelligent algorithms already in place, just like a human being can. You do not have to write an entire article to use it.

Copy Shark can help you write great content for product descriptions, ad copy, sales pages, and even create videos! 

Copy Shark creates content that will be useful since the output will be natural and sound like a normal person would speak it. 

You can also use Copy Shark to generate content in more than 20 languages, including German, French, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Danish, Polish, Lithuania, Portugal, Indonesia, Chinese, and more!

Copy Shark costs just $39 per month or $299 per year for one plan. Copy Shark is a fairly new tool, so those who sign up will get access to it immediately.

12. SpinnerChief

SpinnerChief offers a highly customizable rewriting tool that is more robust and offers more features than most other rewriting tools.

SpinnerChief also provides grammar and summary tools in its free edition and the ability to rewrite the content.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

SpinnerChief has more advanced rewriting features such as batch spinning, custom/ cloud rules, SK plugins, paragraph swapping, etc., which are useful for spinning many articles simultaneously.

SpinnerChief is a tool that enables you to create paragraphs for different websites easily, but unlike QuillBot, Spinner Chief is available for desktop and web versions. 

SpinnerChief enables you to work from your computer and your laptop, which is useful for many writers who like to work from the cloud.

QuillBot does not offer a team plan for customers to work together on projects. However, SpinnerChief does offer a team plan for customers to work together on projects. 

Spinner Chief offers a team plan, which is best for teams that work on different projects. A team thesaurus is one of the features of this plan.

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SpinnerChief also allows you to upload multiple articles to the tool and then use them in series to create a more advanced spin.

SpinnerChief allows you to set specific rewriting rules to write the articles just how you want them to be.

SpinnerChief has a free version, so this tool can be used if you just want to do some quick text rewriting.

The premium plan of SpinnerChief allows you to have more complex rewriting needs, such as more detailed articles or complex sentences.

13. My Assignment Help

MyAssignmentHelp.com offers a free tool that helps you rephrase different types of texts.

The tool allows you to rewrite articles using quotes from Word or PDF files, or you can copy and paste text from other websites into the program.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

My Assignment Help is better than QuillBot if you intend to reword articles stored in Dropbox or Google Drive, as it works with both services and lets you easily locate and use articles stored there.

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MyAssignmentHelp.com is aimed at helping students find the right answers to their questions about homework and assignments. MyAssignmentHelp.com offers a variety of services, including paraphrasing tools.

14. Pre-Post SEO

Pre-Post SEO is a paraphrasing tool that allows users to rewrite their content to improve its SEO features. It also allows you to check for plagiarism and site authority. 

Pre-Post SEO is a simple paraphrasing tool that can be used online for free, so you do not need to be restricted in your writing; unlike QuillBot, it does not place character limits on you.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

PrePost SEO has many features that make it as useful as QuillBot. But unlike QuillBot, it does not restrict you in terms of how many words you can paraphrase. It allows you to easily paraphrase texts with just a few clicks, which is great for writers. 

PrePost SEO lets you easily paraphrase any text that you want to paraphrase. You can easily import and export any document from your Google Drive or Microsoft account. 

PrePost SEO is also a great QuillBot alternative because it allows you to exclude certain words from being paraphrased.

Pre-Post SEO allows users to search for articles quickly and to retrieve them by simply uploading them. You can even upload content to your Google Drive or your Microsoft account. 

Pre-Post SEO allows you to paraphrase words you wish to include, but it also allows you to select words you do not want to include and only paraphrase some words you wish to include. These are other great features that make Pre-Post SEO a great QuillBot alternative.

Pre-Post SEO is a paraphrasing tool that allows users to quote entire articles from other sites. The tools are free and allow users to use their selected quotes freely.

15. Wordtune

Wordtune allows you to rephrase sentences and paragraphs very easily. You can even change the sound of your sentences.

Wordtune lets you rephrase your content as you like it and allows users to choose the words they want to use in their writings.

Best QuillBot Alternatives

Wordtune gives you a great deal of freedom to change the tone and style of your writing; it is better than QuillBot.

Wordtune uses Google’s artificial intelligence to rephrase articles and restructure paragraphs and sentences easily.

The Wordtune algorithm uses artificial intelligence and human judgment to help users create more understandable and understandable content. Wordtune allows users to rewrite a page of text every day for free.

Wordtune also provides a great option to write creatively using AI, and its team always brings improvements to it. It offers a unique way to rewrite words and phrases, and you can alter the tone of your content. 

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You will find that Wordtune offers you grammar checker and spell-check tools that allow you to check your sentences for grammar errors and fix them.

Final Words on Best QuillBot Alternatives

It is not a secret that QuillBot has become a very useful tool for content writers. It is almost as though people have invented their version of Wikipedia. You can write articles faster with AI and other powerful tools like QuillBot, but sometimes you want to try something else. 

The following article lists 15 QuillBot alternatives that will help you create high-quality content quickly and easily. You can choose from any of the 15 best QuillBot alternatives above. What kind of problem does a writing tool solve? 

According to its creators, QuillBot, based on machine learning, is a good tool for producing quality content.

Compared to QuillBot, Jasper is a better AI writing tool since it enables you to create articles that look like they would naturally appear in real life. It allows you to write articles that look more like real people. You don’t have to write an article first since it creates content from scratch. There is one downside to it: it isn’t entirely automatic. 

I would suggest using Spinbot or Spinner Chief, even if the quality of the articles you generate is not up to your standards; if you want to use a free article rewriter tool that is similar to QuillBot but allows you to change some of its settings and generate articles that are better than QuillBot’s.

Most AI article rewriting tools are not very good, and you should always manually read and edit the article before you publish it. You can fix artificial language that is often used by AI tools.