10 Best Selling Shark Tank Products

Shark Tank is a popular television show designed to help budding entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. The show’s concept involves new businesses, inventors, and product creators pitching their ideas to seasoned investors and business professionals known as “sharks.” 

10 Best Selling Shark Tank Products

If a shark is interested in an idea or product, it will offer funding in exchange for equity. The products and companies featured on Shark Tank are just as varied as the sharks. Product ideas have ranged from healthy snack bars to high-tech phone accessories. 

Some of these products have become nationwide successes, while others failed to take off after securing funding from the sharks. Those that do find success often use the publicity gained from being on Shark Tank as a platform for further growth and development.

Are you a fan of Shark Tank? Do you love to know what products are selling the best? If so, then this blog post is for you! Check out our top 10 list of best selling Shark Tank products and see what everyone is buying.

1. Scrub Daddy: The Revolutionary Sponge

Scrub Daddy is a revolutionary sponge featured on Shark Tank in 2012. It has a unique design that allows it to be flexible when wet and firm when dry. It’s made from a material that is both durable and non-abrasive so that it won’t scratch surfaces.

Scrub Daddy is a revolutionary cleaning product featured on Shark Tank’s hit TV show. The unique and versatile design of Scrub Daddy makes it an indispensable tool for all types of household cleaning tasks. 

Scrub Daddy has quickly risen to become one of the most popular products ever featured on Shark Tank and is now known as one of the leading shark tank products. 

The innovative Scrub Daddy sponge is made from a special foam that hardens when exposed to cold water but softens again in warm or hot water – making it perfect for both light and heavy-duty cleaning jobs. 

This patented material also ensures that it doesn’t scratch surfaces, so it can be used to clean delicate items such as glassware without worry. Plus, its ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand for maximum control during use.

Scrub Daddy was a hit on Shark Tank and has become one of the top-selling products from the show. The sponge also has a built-in lemon-scented cleaning solution that helps deodorize surfaces.

Scrub Daddy is a favorite among home and professional chefs and has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and in many magazines. With its innovative design, Scrub Daddy has revolutionized how people clean and has become a top-selling Shark Tank product.

2. Tipsy Elves: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Tipsy Elves is one of the most successful Shark Tank products. Founded by Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton, Tipsy Elves was featured on Shark Tank in Season 5. The company offers various unique and outrageous ugly Christmas sweaters, and the sharks jumped to become part of the business.

Tipsy Elves is a company that produces fun and outrageous holiday-themed apparel and accessories. Founded in 2011, the company has gained recognition for its colorful designs and customer service. 

Tipsy Elves was even featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, where they received an investment from billionaire Robert Herjavec. Tipsy Elves products range from traditional sweaters to wild costumes like banana suits and inflatable dinosaurs. 

The company also has a collection of patriotic-themed products and swimwear for summer holidays, such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. All Tipsy Elves products are designed with quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring maximum comfort and durability year after year.

After a successful appearance on the show, Tipsy Elves has since become a household name, with their holiday sweaters being seen on celebrities, in movies, and even on the runway. 

With their success, Tipsy Elves has been able to give back to charities and continue to grow its business. So if you’re looking for a unique way to get into the holiday spirit, Tipsy Elves has you covered.

3. Bombas: Socks With a Purpose

Bombas is a company that makes comfortable, stylish, and functional socks with a purpose. Founded by David Heath and Randy Goldberg, Bombas was one of the first companies to appear on the show.

Bombas is a Shark Tank product that has revolutionized the sock industry. Founded in 2013, Bombas was created to provide those in need with comfort and dignity through their clothing. The company specializes in making socks that are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting. 

Using a unique blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex, Bombas creates it’s signature “honeycomb” design for better air circulation and full coverage for your feet. A wide selection of 28 styles makes it easy to find the kind of socks that will fit your needs, whether ankle length or extra tall.

Their sustainable production process helps reduce waste by using only recycled materials in the manufacturing process. Additionally, with every purchase made from Bombas comes a donation of one pair of socks to someone who needs them most.

In a September 2014 season 6 episode, the co-founders received a $200,000 offer from Daymond John for a 17% share in the company. Bombas socks are made with a patented honeycomb support system that provides an exceptional fit and extra cushioning. 

Bombas also feature a seamless toe closure to reduce irritation. The company also donates one pair of socks for every pair purchased and has donated over 10 million socks to those in need.

Bombas has become a top-selling product from the show, selling their socks in over 30,000 stores worldwide. Bombas is the perfect example of a company that succeeded after appearing on Shark Tank and has continued to impact many people’s lives.

4. The Paint Brush Cover: A Mess-Free Solution

The Paint Brush Cover is a revolutionary product that keeps paintbrushes clean and mess-free. Created by entrepreneurs Mary and Dave Phillips, this product was featured in a Season 5 episode of Shark Tank.

The Paint Brush Cover is one of the many innovative products featured on Shark Tank’s hit show. This product protects paint brushes when not in use and provides an easy way to store them. 

The Paint Brush Cover was developed by a painter looking to keep his tools safe and organized after each job. The cover fits over most brush sizes, providing a unique way to store the bristles without risking damage from dust or debris.

The Paint Brush Cover quickly became a sensation after being featured on Shark Tank, gathering attention from novice painters and seasoned professionals. It’s now sold in stores nationwide, giving everyone access to this handy device.

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The Paint Brush Cover saves painters time and money by eliminating the need to clean messy brushes and trays. This product lets you keep your paintbrushes clean and ready to use. 

The Paint Brush Cover is perfect for contractors, homeowners, and DIY projects. The Paint Brush Cover is one of the most successful products out of Shark Tank.

5. Simply Fit Board: Get Fit in a Fun Way

Simply Fit Board is a fun and easy way to stay fit! It’s a balance board with a twist that helps you strengthen and tone your core, legs, and arms. It’s small enough to store anywhere, so you can take it wherever you go.

Simply Fit Board is a revolutionary balance board that has taken the world by storm. It was featured on Shark Tank and quickly became one of their most successful products. The Simply Fit Board is designed to be an easy-to-use exercise tool for people of all fitness levels that can help to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and overall strength. 

This unique product allows users to perform exercises ranging from simple squats and lunges to more complex workouts such as mountain climbers and side shuffles. The board’s ergonomic design is ideal for low-impact exercises like yoga poses or stretches. 

With its bright colors and lightweight construction, the Simply Fit Board is visually appealing and easy to transport – making it perfect for at-home workouts or outdoor activities.

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Simply Fit Board is a great way to add fun and variety to your workout regimen. Plus, it’s backed by the Sharks, so you know it’s a quality product! So if you’re looking for an enjoyable and effective way to stay fit, the Simply Fit Board is for you!

6. Wine Balloon: Enjoy Wine Without the Hangover

Wine Balloon was one of the most popular items featured on Shark Tank. It’s an inflatable, reusable device that allows you to enjoy a glass of wine without a hangover. Wine Balloon was created by two entrepreneurs, Dan and Janie, who were looking for a way to enjoy a glass of wine without getting a hangover.

Wine Balloon is an innovative shark tank product that enhances the wine-drinking experience. The product consists of a balloon filled with air, which is then placed inside a bottle of wine before drinking. 

The balloon expands as it absorbs the carbon dioxide from the wine, creating a unique aeration effect that increases flavor and aroma. Entrepreneur Eric Corti created the Wine Balloon after he was inspired by his own experience drinking wine on vacation in Italy. 

He observed how the locals would let their wines breathe and saw an opportunity to bring that experience right into your home or restaurant with Wine Balloon. With Wine Balloon, opulent aromas are created by allowing oxygen to absorb into the liquid faster. Plus, no more waiting for your red or white bottle to open!

Wine Balloon works by infusing a glass of wine with oxygen, which helps to reduce the amount of alcohol absorbed by the body. This allows you to enjoy a glass of wine without the dreaded hangover. 

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The Sharks were impressed with the product and gave the duo a deal of $200,000 for a 20% stake in the company. Since then, the Wine Balloon has become one of the best-selling products from Shark Tank.

7. The Neckerchew: A Teething Necessity

Neckerchew is a must-have for any parent with a teething baby. This innovative product was created by a mom of two who wanted to provide a safe and effective solution to her children’s teething troubles.

Neckerchew is a revolutionary product that debuted on the hit TV show Shark Tank. It was created to help babies and toddlers with their teething needs. The innovative product is designed for busy parents looking for a safe and hygienic way to help their little ones manage the discomfort associated with teething.

Neckerchew is an absorbent bib with a built-in teether, providing instant relief from the pain of emerging teeth. The bib helps protect the baby’s clothing from stains, drool, and other messes. 

What makes Neckerchew unique is the patented design that allows it to attach easily to any baby carrier or stroller while allowing babies access to the teether at all times.

Neckerchew has been a hit on Shark Tank and is one of the best-selling products. It is a great solution for teething babies and will take the edge off the pain. Parents everywhere are sure to love this product!

8. Grace and Lace: Stylish Accessories

Grace and Lace is a lifestyle brand specializing in fashionable, high-quality clothing and accessories. Two friends founded it in 2013, and it quickly rose to fame after appearing on Shark Tank, where it successfully secured investment from Lori Greiner.

Since its inception, Grace and Lace have become known for their stylish products that range from cozy sweaters and comfy loungewear to trendy accessories like hats, scarves, socks, and jewelry. 

Grace and Lace’s mission is to provide women with “uniquely designed apparel that expresses her style” while being affordable for any budget. The company takes pride in sourcing quality fabrics from ethical factories in the U.S. and worldwide. As such, their products are not only beautiful but also of superior quality.

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Grace and Lace is a clothing and accessories line created by Melissa Hinnant and her husband. In 2014, they came to the Shark Tank seeking an investment of $175,000 for a 15% stake in their company. After a few rounds of negotiation, the couple secured an offer from Lori Greiner for $175,000 for a 25% stake. 

Grace and Lace specialize in stylish, comfortable, and affordable clothing and accessories for women. The company has grown exponentially since its appearance on the show and now offers a wide variety of items, including tops, bottoms, dresses, jewelry, and even home décor. Customers love the product for its quality, style, and affordability.

9. Squatty Potty: An Innovative Toilet Stool

Squatty Potty is an innovative toilet stool that helps you to achieve the optimal bathroom posture for more comfortable elimination. The product was featured in Season 5 of Shark Tank, and the investors were so impressed with the concept that they offered a deal of $350,000 for a 10% stake in the company.

Squatty Potty is a revolutionary toilet stool designed to improve one’s posture and the bathroom experience. The product has gained notoriety recently due to its successful appearance on the ABC show Shark Tank.

Developed by the Edwards family, Squatty Potty was created to introduce an ergonomic approach to toilet use. Placing their product around your toilet bowl can help achieve a more natural elimination process while improving comfort and hygiene levels. 

The design supports the feet when squatting, which helps align the colon for better waste management. Additionally, Squatty Potty has been proven to reduce straining and help people produce healthier bowel movements. 

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The product quickly succeeded after appearing on Shark Tank in 2014, receiving an investment from Lori Grenier, who saw potential in their unique invention.

Squatty Potty toilet stool has been a huge success since then, with millions of units sold and even featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Squatty Potty is a revolutionary product that has changed how people use the bathroom, and it’s no wonder it’s one of the top 10 best-selling shark tank products.

10. Q-Flex Acupressure Device: Pain Relief

The Q-Flex Acupressure Device was featured on the show in 2018. This device is designed to provide users with natural pain relief by applying gentle pressure to various pressure points on the body. 

Q-Flex is a revolutionary health and wellness product that was featured on the popular show Shark Tank. The product is designed to be an all-natural solution for pain relief and relaxation. 

Q-Flex utilizes acupressure and trigger point therapy, allowing users to apply gentle pressure to specific areas of their body that may be in pain or tense. The unique design of Q-Flex makes it easy for users to get the best out of the product. 

The handle is shaped like a “Q,” which provides leverage during the application, while the other end has flex points designed to target particular areas of the body and apply pressure where needed most. This allows users to customize their treatment according to their individual needs.

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Q-Flex has been clinically tested and proven to reduce pain, relax muscles and improve mobility. It is easy to use and provides instructional videos to help users get the most out of their devices. It is an ideal solution for those looking for a natural way to alleviate pain without using drugs.

Conclusion: Best Selling Shark Tank Products

In conclusion, Shark Tank has produced some of the most successful products and businesses we have ever seen. These products have impacted the business world and our everyday lives, from hand sanitizer to a revolutionary bed sheet. 

With this list, it is evident that the Sharks know how to spot a great product and understand how to make it profitable. Those looking for their next big idea should consider looking through the success stories of past Shark Tank products for inspiration.