15 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

There is an increasing level of competition on the internet every day. It is important to look back in time and find out what made some of the leading websites successful in your industry if you want to be the best website builder for your industry.

The Wayback Machine allows you to view the outdated websites of your competitors. You can also locate screenshots of when they started to exist. If you work with the Wayback Machine, you may not always get the desired results, so you may want to look for other ways to get the results you are looking for.

You can see how some of the most successful websites created their websites by checking out their websites. The images show how the websites looked many years ago when they started their journey. 

You could look at old websites to see how they looked, old design screenshots to see how things looked, and development plans to look like. The Wayback machine is very useful in developing a successful web development strategy.

There are some limitations to the Wayback Machine, but it is still useful. Some limitations are the slow processing time and the inability to provide a quick response to crawlable websites. It is more common today for people to search for alternatives to the Wayback Machine.

What is Wayback Machine?

Wayback Machine is one of the Internet Archive’s most famous and useful tools. It is a digital archive about the WWW for those interested in creating their websites. Wayback Machine was founded by the Internet Archive, a non-profit organization in San Francisco.

Wayback Machine helps people go back in time and look at web pages that are not available anymore. They can locate older web pages that people can access, even if they are not readily available. 

The Internet Archive includes a digital archive of all the web pages published before 1995. It is estimated that around 563 billion web pages have been archived, and many new websites are added yearly.

Wayback Machine is one of the best websites for archiving web pages. Many people use it every day to find out more about other websites. Many businesses rely on software such as the Wayback Machine to plan their business strategies and evaluate their competitors. You can view the entire history of an indexed website and how it was created.

Wayback Machine is a web service designed to work as an archive of web pages. Anytime something happens to the original website, it will cause it to be replaced by another website. It is available on the Internet Archive website, and millions worldwide use it daily. It is very useful, and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular. 

The Wayback Machine allows people to gain insight into competitors’ businesses and develop better strategies by looking at past versions of websites. It allows you access to content no longer available on the original website.

It could be used to discover rivals’ developments, find lost information, or locate content unavailable on the source website. It is important to have a reliable way to access the Wayback machine, as it is often used to help people solve critical problems. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that a website will never be down. 

However, people have their fingers crossed that the website will be available if something happens. People often search for other ways to access the website history and view older web pages if a website goes down. You have to be prepared for this.

You can visit Time Machine sites if you want to see a website. You may even want to download some new software with some of the same functions on the Wayback machine.

This article will compare some of the best Wayback Machine Alternatives you can find online. We’ll review the best Wayback Machine Alternatives, showing you how they work and how much they cost.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

In this digital age era, the Wayback Machine is an ancient technology. When archive.org no longer exists, what happens to it? There is no definitive web page archive other than Wayback Machine, even if archive.org ceases to exist.

Wayback Machine may not have all the pages you’re looking for because it can’t capture every page you want to see daily or even all the pages you want to see.

Many internet archives perform similar tasks to WayBack Machine, but WayBack Machine is one of the most reliable and trusted online archives. The Wayback Machine website may not have the pages you are looking for, but there are other ways to back them up.

1. Archive.today

Archive.today is a free online tool with a complex database and indexing system similar to WayBack Machine. It’s becoming increasingly popular because of its simple interface and easy-to-navigate features. The site has a bookmarking feature that allows users to easily navigate to different pages and take a snapshot of those pages. 

Archive.today allows users to take snapshots of popular web pages and access them one at a time as long as it is less than 50MB.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Archive.today is an online information provider that ensures that pages are accessible and can be used by anyone, regardless of whether the originals are removed. 

Archives.today also has a URL finder that functions similarly to the WayBack Machine. However, it has a feature that automatically switches to Yandex if Google fails to return a search result.

The Archive.today website is similar to a free service called WayBack Machine, which was created to allow users to store pictures of web pages safely. 

It is becoming increasingly popular because people find it easy to use and easy to search for information. 

Archive.today is another site that lets you store snapshots of any web page you want to retrieve, as long as that page is less than 50MB. It maintains copies of popular websites even if the originals are deleted and provides a short link to the new pages. 

Archive.today supports dynamic sites, ad and heavy sites, and even web applications such as Twitter. You will be able to access the information you would have could browse on every web page you visit. 

Archive.Today allows users to save snapshots of a page they have visited so that when you view a page, you can see a new one of the pages it shows. They include live links to the web pages used to create the snapshots, and the second one is a static image of the page. 

Archive.today lets you easily take a snapshot of any web page you want to archive and even send it to your friends. 

Archive.today has a handy drag-and-drop feature that allows you to navigate any web page and take a snapshot easily. 

Once you have clicked on the button, you’ll get to a new, interactive page you can access by clicking the bookmarklet. This will start the saving process immediately. 

Archive.today also has a URL finder, but unlike Wayback Machine, it uses Google and Yandex to find specific text on pages. If Google returns no results for your search, it switches to Yandex automatically. 

Archive.today is not accepting old robot.txt files, which causes a lot of data to be lost in Wayback Machine.

Archive.today is a better option for websites that heavily rely on JavaScript, graphic content, and even social media applications like Twitter. It is extremely useful because it lets users have all the information they want on almost any web page. 

Archive.Today allows you to have two copies of any page, one a static image and the other that includes the actual links to the pages. WayBack Machine uses Robots.txt files to force people to unsubscribe from certain websites. This has caused a large amount of data to be lost in the past.

2. Time Travel

Time Travel was developed to allow you to travel back in time and look at how a website was in different eras. 

Time Travel is an easy-to-use web archive tool. It allows you to visit archives of websites built at a specific time and date. 

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

It is a good tool to travel back in time to find out how a website looked in history or at a specific time. Time Travel is extremely useful because it is simple to use and it is free. 

You may browse archives of any website you want to view. In this manner, you have the option to select the archives that you wish to view.

The main difference between Wayback Machine and Time Travel is that it provides complex visualizations of web pages. It enables you to browse website archives with more components than text and images. You may select the archive you wish to view, so you can select the archive that you prefer. 

Time Travel gives you access to web pages with more sophisticated visualizations. Unlike Wayback Machine, you can see more complex web pages. It is possible to access archives containing more than text, pictures, and stylesheets.

3. Stillio

Stillio captures screenshots from websites by taking regular snapshots of them. This means you will have access to all the important information that a website needs to show clearly. 

Stillio automatically captures screenshots from web pages whenever they happen to be visited. This allows you to check what your competitors are doing and how they are doing. 

With Stillio, users have more control over many different aspects of their websites than with Wayback Machine, such as SEO and rankings.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Stillio captures images and HTML on websites that are important to the user and understands how to interpret such data. It captures PNG files of the web pages to help you easily access the content on them. 

You can easily access images, graphs, and text you need to create a webpage using that software. This is a big difference between the two services because Wayback Machine only captures the CSS and images of a website, but Stillio can also capture the HTML and images. 

Stillio is known for being able to capture pictures of web pages frequently. Stillio captures webpage screenshots at regular intervals. Stillio offers users more control over website parameters such as SEO rankings, ads validation, and more. 

Some believe these tools are similar because they allow you to view older versions of a single web page. There is a lot of room between them. 

Stillio allows you to view high-quality PNG images of web pages so that you can view all portions of a page relevant to you. There will be no distortions in the text, images, graphs, or any other part of a web page. 

If you visit some websites with broken links or images that are not correct, you might find that the website has been corrupted or some graphics on the page are incomplete. 

Stillio supports remote storage, so you can take screenshots of web pages while they are still online and then sync them to your Google Drive or other cloud services. 

It gives you complete control over what you capture when you take screenshots of a web page. You can take pictures of any webpage. You can change the size and resize the image if you wish to. 

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Stillio’s interface is very good. You can even change the title of your screenshots to make them clearer. 

In Stillio, you can take pictures of web pages. It also extracts images from HTML pages. You can easily check your competitors’ websites with this Wayback Machine alternative. 

This free tool allows you to take screenshots of every website you are interested in, so you will not have to visit each one of your competitors every day. If you log in to another user’s website, all your competitor websites will automatically be indexed, and your competitors will be disregarded. 

Google Search Console can provide insight into the performance of your website if you integrate it into your dashboard.

It cannot read JavaScript or other web elements correctly. This can result in broken links and faulty graphics on website pages. Stillio allows storing PNG files on any cloud service, such as Google Drive or other cloud providers. 

Stillio does not require you to visit your competitors’ websites frequently, but you can always see all relevant information in your dashboard.

Stillio is a subscription-based service that costs you between $29 and $299 per month, depending on your chosen plan. If you haven’t yet created an account, you can create a free account to explore the platform for 14 days.

4. Yubnub

Yubnub is a free archive tool used primarily to find relevant business information. It is very easy to use and easy to find web pages relevant to a business. 

Yubnub is very popular for finding information about different business websites. It is very user-friendly and works similarly to a search engine. It helps users add and use commands linked to specific web pages and services.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Yubnub functions similarly to a search engine site. It allows users to create and use commands related to web pages and services. If you search Google for something, you can use this tool. 

If you’re looking for information on the Yubnub website, you can just enter its address in the search bar on the homepage and wait for the results to appear.

It works the same way as any other search engine, so you may use this platform even if you cannot find anything on Google. It is easy for users to create and use commands that are linked to specific websites or services.

5. PageFreezer

PageFreezer is a web-based archiving and backup solution that allows you to archive websites and social media content easily. It uses cloud-based technology to allow users to effortlessly back up and restore specific content whenever they want to do so. 

It works automatically when you take pictures and videos and even automatically when people make comments on your website. Pagefreezer validates the authenticity and integrity of your data using a web app.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

It is very easy to set up and use. In addition, it uses digital signatures and timestamps to authenticate all stored content fully.

Pagefreezer is an ideal tool for small and large businesses. Many industries can benefit from it, including the financial sector, education, retail, the telecommunications industry, and the government. 

Pagefreezer protects web and social media content for a long time but maintains the content at a high level of quality. Pagefreezer is easy to use because you can easily access all your websites and social media archives from a single location. 

Moreover, it archives the contents of your websites, blog, and social media accounts in one place. Hence, it saves you the trouble of signing up for multiple accounts in the future. It doesn’t get much easier than that. 

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Pagefreezer is simple to set up and navigate, but it authenticates the contents of your documents using digital signatures and timestamps. This is to ensure that your content complies with FRE and FRCP. 

Pagefreezer is similar to the Wayback Machine in that it crawls the internet as Google crawls. It uses crawling technology like Google Cache to automate your archiving process completely. It does not require you to install any software or even pay a fee to use it. 

The content that you save is secure and accessible to anyone with confidence. Pagefreezer is one of the best Wayback Machine alternatives because it records the information on the website and provides all the links you may have used on social media.

PageFreezer is a subscription-based service that you can subscribe to PageFreezer at $99 per month.

6. Domain Tools

Domain Tools allows you to search for the domain names that people have registered for their websites and obtain the IP address of an Internet website to check a list of the information available. 

Domain Tools finds all the internet data that is no longer accessible. It is an excellent Wayback Machine alternative.

You can use Domain Tools to find out who owned a website previously. It gives you historical information about a website’s owners. Many people use it to search for information that is no longer available on the web. 

Jay Westerday, a renowned domain expert and entrepreneur, founded Domain Tools. It gives you simple access to some of the best information about websites. 

Domain Tools offers two of the best tools for getting information about website screenshots and Whois. It offers the simplest method to get historical data from the internet. 

Domain Tools is a great tool because it allows you to access all the website history of any website. You can view the changes made on a website by looking up screenshots. 

Check out how many times a website has been upgraded. You can check how many times a website has been updated over time. 

Domain tools also allow you to access the Whois information of any website you may be interested in. You will have the ability to know who owns the website by entering the Internet Protocol address. 

Domain Tools allows you to get valuable information about the owner of a website. You will discover the year the domain was registered, the hosting details, and the IP history. 

Domain Tools excels in other areas where Wayback Machine does not excel. Domain Tools allows you to take very accurate snapshots of web pages to see how they look before any updates are made. 

Domain Tools offers two different types of services, screenshots and Whois. It is one of the easiest ways to obtain web history information. Domain Tools also offers a useful feature that allows you to take screenshots of a website to get an idea of its development. 

You should enter the URL of the website in the Domain Tools you want to access. It will give you information about the previous website versions and other useful things.

Domain Tools retails for $99 per month or a flat rate of $995 for an annual subscription.

7. iTools

iTools is an amazing website that gives you all the information about a website. It is very different from all the other websites on the list. You can discover more about the popularity of any website and its traffic. 

iTools analyze websites using the help of data generated by the Alexa tool. If you want to know what website is popular, you can use this tool to analyze its popularity.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

iTools is a great alternative to Wayback Machine that will provide you with all the information you need about a website. It gives you much more than a simple list of all the websites you can visit and review. 

ITools is both a website repository and website analyzer in one. It also gives you access to other important tools. This provides insight into a website’s traffic volume, ratings, competitors, and more. 

iTools’ Analytics feature uses the Alexa tool to determine popular websites and their traffic. iTools records the popularity of a website.

You can now have a platform that does website repositories and analytics. You can get all the tools you need for your website analytics. 

iTools isn’t something that you will find very easy to use. It will take some time to become used to it. It may be difficult to understand if you are a new website user. Once you learn how to use it, you will start enjoying it. 

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It is not the most sophisticated web archiving tool in this lineup, but it is a good option if you want to learn more about websites in the future.

iTools is not like WayBack as it is not a simple website repository. It is more of a website analyzer that shows you all the different aspects of a website, such as its popularity and traffic. 

You can find out many things about a website, such as its popularity, traffic volume, competitors, etc. iTools is a one-stop solution for website repositories and website analytics.

8. MirrorWeb

MirrorWeb is considered the best alternative to Wayback Machine for the finance industry. The website tool stores all content on the internet so that it can be easily accessed in the event of a lawsuit. 

MirrorWeb monitors and records people’s web pages to help businesses with regulations and eDiscovery. 

MirrorWeb provides a web surveillance service that stores information from websites for eDiscovery purposes. This is a useful tool for businesses that require their financial services to be evaluated by the SEC. 

MirrorWeb is an excellent Wayback Machine alternative for the financial industry. They capture all the important web pages that a business has published and then store all of those web pages in their database. 

MirrorWeb is a great Wayback Machine alternative for the financial sector because they offer cloud-based archiving and monitoring services for the information-driven enterprise. 

MirrorWeb stores web pages that users have accessed to allow people to keep accurate records of their interactions with clients. The UK government uses MirrorWeb because it stores archived web pages to be available for future use.

MirrorWeb permits organizations to maintain accurate records of their online communications. Then, they would have a permanent record of all their communications. 

You may want to use MirrorWeb if you operate a financial institution and don’t want to be in trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory bodies.

MirrorWeb has the advantage of automatically archiving web pages, so they will look identical if you bring them up later. It allows you to locate relevant and comparable web pages easily and to conduct searches and comparisons during eDiscovery and in the case of a possible lawsuit. 

MirrorWeb stores data from social media channels and web pages. MirrorWeb can save web content the same way Wayback Machine does.

9. Perma.cc

Perma.cc is an excellent alternative to Wayback Machine. It is a free app that the Harvard Law School Library created. It allows you to create permanent records of all the referenced websites.

Perma.cc is different from other similar sites because it allows you to record the URLs of the websites and keep them forever. 

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Perma.cc is a good alternative to the Wayback Machine because you can easily enter the URLs of web pages in blogs or papers and delete the links embedded in those articles within 24 hours of their creation.

Perma.cc creates permanent records of a web page that contains the URL. You can link directly to the website by simply typing its URL into the search box provided on Perma.cc. This tool allows scholars, courts, and journals to find the URLs of the cited pages.

10. Resurrect Pages

Resurrect Pages is an online archiving tool that can bring old web content to life by connecting to archive.org and other websites. You can view deleted pages and broken links on the Resurrect Pages website as if they were still available.

Resurrect Pages uses archives.org and other web pages to bring old websites back to life. 

Resurrect Pages tool allows you to view deleted content or broken links, just like you would view content on the original page.

Also, you can search older versions of a competitor’s website and use content stored in other online archives such as Google Cache, WebCite, and the Internet Archive. 

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Resurrect Pages will allow you to view old versions of your competitors’ websites and content from other web archives.

You will need the latest version of Firefox for Resurrect Pages to work since it is an add-on for Firefox.

Resurrect Pages is also influenced by the archives it harnesses, which makes it difficult to judge it on its own merits.

11. CachedView

The Wayback Alternative CachedView allows users to search for web pages stored in Google Cache, Internet Archive, and the Coral Content Distribution Network, all from one platform. If you want to archive your site all at once, CachedView is the tool you need.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

CachedView is a handy method for accessing web archives from various sites, such as Google Cache, the Internet Archive, and Coral Content Distribution Network, all on one platform. 

CachedView is the perfect alternative if you want a tool that archives websites from multiple sources. 

CachedView’s three-dimensional index isn’t the only thing that makes it different from the Wayback Machine. It contains useful information such as URL, server, and/or name. 

It is useful to keep caches since they contain useful information, such as the name of the file, the URL of the page, the type of content stored, and the response the server gave. You can now locate the cache files you will analyze. Moreover, cache files contain useful information that you can use to copy the files that you want to analyze.

CachedView is free to use and has a free Chrome extension that allows users to view the files in the cache of their browsers.

12. WebCite

WebCite is a free-to-use archive website that is intended to preserve webpages permanently. Researchers use WebCite to ensure that educational materials and relevant references are preserved for future use. The WebCite plugin supports various formats, including HTML, images, and CSS-driven pages.

WebCite is an archive website designed to preserve web pages forever. It allows you to change the URL and add new information to it. 

WebCite aims to ensure that important and relevant information and references are accessible in the future for use by authors, editors, publishers, and academics.

The WebCite utility allows people to search for important documents by providing them with brief snapshots of web pages they reference.

WebCite accepts all types of content, such as HTML web pages, CSS-driven pages, PDF files, and images. WebCite does not support web crawling, but it supports saving HTML pages and importing images. 

WebCite references usually include the article title, author name, original URL, and WebCite URL.

There are two ways to use WebCite, either transparently or opaquely. You can add the Opaque format to a cited URL, and the latter will replace the cited URL. However, you can use opaque links only when the original URL is still valid. 

WebCite can help you archive citations on web pages, add citations to web pages, or upload content to the WebCite server and let it create new links permanently inserted into the archive.

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You can browse archived WebCite content by clicking on the link provided by the WebCite publisher.

WebCite differs from the Wayback Machine because it provides critical material, references, and detailed content snapshots. WebCite is far more advanced than Wayback Machine, which offers free information on the Internet.

13. MessageWatcher

MessageWatcher is similar to the Wayback Machine, and it keeps track of the old versions of your website. However, it also provides tools for other important services, such as email, text, and social media content. 

MessageWatcher records all the copies of your website and gives you tools for managing other peripheral services such as email and social media. It tracks all your emails and social media posts. You can easily manage all of your needs from one dashboard.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

MessageWatcher is a good alternative to Wayback Machine. It stores screenshots of your website and allows you to store other types of content, such as emails and other social media posts. 

MessageWatcher allows you to keep track of all the copies of your website and manage your email and other services.

MessageWatcher appeals to users because it allows them to manage all their services from a single dashboard. There is only one drawback of MessageWatcher: it takes screenshots of your website rather than the entire website, which is a disappointment. You may discover that some parts of your website are missing on some days.

Some people find that Messagewatcher only captures screenshots of the website, but that doesn’t mean that the site is completely archived. If you look at the archived web pages, you may find some pages missing. 

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MessageWatcher is an excellent alternative to Wayback Machine. It allows you to keep a record of the pages you created on your website and other services you use. It starts at around $300 a month and gets more expensive if you regularly export large amounts of data.

14. Actiance

Actiance platforms help you to search and view the pages that existed in the past. It uses several different software systems to locate and search for old versions of web pages. 

With Actiance, you can search and view previous versions of a web page by using web archives and version control systems.

Actiance is simple and supports more than 80 channels, just like the Wayback Machine. Actiance helps enterprises capture and archive the relevant messages people send.

Actiance is popular with users because of its ability to capture pertinent information using it and save and view it remotely. 

As a cloud-based platform, Actiance is easy to use, and its dashboard provides an easy way to understand the analytics you’ve collected by analyzing charts and graphs.

15. ChangeTower

Unlike Wayback Machine, ChangeTower monitors your website in real-time and captures snapshots of changed pages.

ChangeTower is similar to Wayback Machine, as it sends you a notification when there is a big change to your site and creates instant snapshots of the pages you have changed. 

ChangeTower captures only a snapshot of a particular page on your website. MessageWatcher allows you to view all the content on a page. This is not a good choice if you want to ensure that your website is compliant.

Final Words on Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

There are many Wayback Machine alternatives in this article. You can learn more about each individual in a subsequent section. It is important that you understand the pros and cons of each software to identify the right tool to solve your problems. 

There may be differences among them, but all are excellent alternatives to the WayBack Machine.

However, each of these Wayback Machine alternatives has its advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the best solution based on your specific needs.

Any of the Wayback Machine alternatives listed have their own set of pros and cons. What is the best Time Machine website for you?

What you are looking for will determine what you find. Stillio is a great way to view all the history on a website without spending too much time on it.

Suppose you want to create a new copy of a webpage, Archive.Today is a good option. Domain Tools is a good option if you’re looking for a free service that allows you to take screenshots of your websites and then store them securely.

Resurrect Pages is a great choice if you are looking for free information about a website within the next 60 days.

PageFreezer is a great option to quickly save important information from websites and keep track of security risks for financial services and corporations.

WebCite is a great way to get a more detailed picture of an author’s work by looking at his or her cited works. YubNub is a simple and user-friendly way to access all the important business information on any website quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wayback Machine Alternatives

How Can I Access Archived Websites?

You can do it through the Wayback Machine or the search engines on websites or apps you find on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Go to the website in your browser and search for archived versions of popular websites to see what is in the archive.

Wayback Machine and its alternative programs are legal means to save older websites and pages that have been archived for a long time.