15 Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

The World of Solitaire website offers a variety of solitaire games online, including Klondike, Tri-Peaks, FreeCell, and Spider. Something is entertaining about this online version of Windows 3.0 Solitaire.

World of Solitaire features Solitaire game statistics, Card scoring tables, auto-save, resume functions, and help for every game.

You can play the game with one hand or two hands. You can play from the deck, the joker, or the discard piles. Select the color of the deck and background for each game. A user-friendly interface was designed for the game.

World of Solitaire is entirely free to play and packed with intriguing features. Every time you begin a solitaire game, you receive a new random hand, making each game a unique challenge. 

You can play any game in fullscreen mode in a window that occupies the entire screen. Undo allows you to undo your last move.

There is no limit to the number of times you may undo, so if you make a mistake, press repeatedly undoes until you get it right.

World of Solitaire still holds a special place for some of the game’s most passionate fans, even though many people playing it to pass the time have moved over to other game platforms.

There are over 200,000 people who visit the World of Solitaire free website daily for some reason.

It’s a good free game that delivers good value. You need to download anything, and you don’t need to click on ad-supported websites. It is extremely easy to play this game.

It’s not hard to find solitaire games like Knight, Spider, and FreeCell. You even have the option to change the theme of the game by adjusting the colors of the cards and the background. What do you like about playing solitaire online? What is there not to love?

You cannot satisfy everyone, and no game platform is a solution for everyone. Some players have different preferences and are looking for an alternative to the World of Solitaire. Some people may be disappointed by the game’s limitations or the outdated user interface.

We are lucky because the Solve fan base is large, and there are many great alternatives to this game. We have researched and got your 15 of the best World of Solitaire alternatives.

Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

1. NetSolitaire

NetSolitaire consists of several solitaire games that provide very basic gameplay. Players can play several variations, including Classic, FreeCell, Pyramid, Spider, and Eight Off. 

There are different rules and strategies for each game. NetSolitaire has many different game modes that allow players to play various games, all of which have their own rules. 

Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

NetSolitaire allows you to design custom games using various card backs, decks, and even game tablecloths. 

NetSolitaire allows the user to view a variety of different game variants and allows them to be instructed at any time in the game to help the player decide the best way to proceed. 

NetSolitaire is designed to show players how to play in a way that is easiest to understand and that they will find very useful rather than using a more conventional, straight-line method.

NetSolitaire has been designed to be as simple as it can be, without a lot of distractions. NetSolitaire keeps excellent track by recording every statistic it takes while it plays the game, and it also displays a gif-like animation that shows the game’s outcome. 

Users can save the game state at any time and later re-load it if they wish to, or use the saved state to continue playing a game. Some handy features allow NetSolitaire to play a game for you when it is unclear how to do what is best.

2. Simple Solitaire Collection

Simple Solitaire Collection features 14 of the most popular free, fun solitaire games that anyone who enjoys card games can enjoy. No matter what device you use – smartphone, tablet, or computer – you can play them. 

The games included in this release have been meticulously designed to look good regardless of the device they are to run. Simple Solitaire Collection is also designed to work well with any device, as they are small and do not require a lot of memory or processor power. 

Simple Solitaire Collection records statistics and allows you to easily create a score sheet by dragging and dropping the cards to indicate how many matches you played and how many points you earned.

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Simple Solitaire Collection keeps records of all the games you have won and lost, all the games you have won in a row, all the games you have accumulated, and much more. 

Solitaire: Klondike is the most popular of the 14 online solitaire games, followed by Pyramid, Canfield, and Forty Thieves, and one of them is Spiderette. It is performed by dealing only cards ranging from ace to king.

3. Solitaired

Solitaired offers you 500+ free games, such as Spider, Klondike, Farkel, and many more. You can even track your game statistics if you sign up for the free game. You choose a game you want to play and add it to your computer or phone. 

Solitaire lets you play your favorite games whenever and wherever you want! Solitaired gameplay is simple, rules are simple enough to be learned quickly, and you can win if you have more than three cards; it’s hard to win with only three cards, but you’ll be able to win many games if you have more than three cards. It features some of the best solitaire games for any mobile device.

Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

You can begin playing the game by visiting the Solitaired website and clicking the relevant button. If all you want to do is play a quick round of Solitaired to pass the time, you can jump into this game from your browser.

Solitaired is designed to be simple, and this is true for all the games on the Solitaire website. You start with Klondike Turn 1, but you can jump straight to the most fun game by tapping a button on the top of the game.

You can also control how you play Solitaired with the buttons, just like any other useful tool. The website allows you to create new games or click on a button to see the card you want to play.

Solitaired has a more modern interface that is great for people bored with World of Solitaire’s dated design. You will see ads, but they are not annoying and ad-blockers work.

You can customize Solitaired with various card designs and keep track of your game statistics if you sign up.

4. 123 Free Solitaire

123 Free Solitaire offers free online versions of the most common solitaire card games. Some of the games include Spider, Klondike, FreeCell, and Pyramid. 

You do not need to download any software or register to play the games; they are all free. You can start playing the game by clicking the Start icon. 

Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

123 Free Solitaire has appealing graphics and superb functionality, and all the classic card games you probably enjoyed most in college are here to keep you entertained. 

You only need a single deck of cards to play, and the rules of each game are simple to learn. Since all games use a single deck of cards, no complex software is needed to play them.

123 Free Solitaire offers players a great selection of unique and attractive variations of classic card games, along with various other features that will enhance the experience and keep things fresh. 

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You can play different decks with different themes daily and win coins by winning daily challenges with 123 Free Solitaire. You can use the coins to get free hints or purchase more expensive decks. 

A comprehensive ‘How To Play Guide’ is included with every game, as well as high-res graphics and high-quality sound effects.

5. Cardgames.io

The Cardgames website offers Klondike Solitaire with a slick interface. Using the interface, you can set options to play a specific game or even a specific card game. It is simple to use, and all of the buttons are visible.

You can track your performance over time by tracking how many moves you used, how many games you played and won, and how long you played.

Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

Cardgames even contain options for manually flipping cards or selecting several decks. You can also select to auto-finish your games after playing them.

The advertisements on these websites are not annoying, and you can block them with your usual ad blocker. Cardgames is a great world of solitaire alternatives because of its multi-platform platform, where you can play all kinds of card and board games.

CardGames has many cards and game variations, which you can play, such as backgammon, checkers, hearts, and even chess. If it gets old to play solitaire or if it is time to play old-school games, Cardgames is a great place to start.

When you have completed the games to your satisfaction, you can return to playing solitaire and go on to play more difficult games. This way, you will have all the results you need to stay on the right track. Your stats are saved automatically, so you don’t need to sign in to the website.

6. PySolFC

PySolFC contains more than 1000 card games. PySolFC includes popular games like FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, and many more that can be played offline and online. 

PySolFC allows you to play single-player games and games with other people on the same computer (including others who share a computer with you). 

PySolFC works using Python; you do not need special software to play it. All you need to do is to save, load, and run the file that contains the code.

Most of the card games in PySolFC are available in single-player and multiplayer modes. There is even the option of playing against a computer with good skills. 

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PySolFC includes several games, each of which is an instance of the Game class so that they can be saved and loaded easily. It also contains information related to the unique rules for each game and how the games are scored.

7. Solitaire Planet

Solitaire Planet offers multiple card games and is a World of Solitaire alternative you can play on your mobile device.

Solitaire Planet is available for iOS, Windows, Android, Mac, and even Linux boxes. It saves your progress automatically, so it’d be useful if you decided to play Solitaire without opening a web browser.

Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

The platform supports older operating systems like Windows laptops. Windows laptop users have the free solitaire app installed on their computers, but playing it on them is awkward.

Solitaire Planet is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows XP devices. In exchange, you can play over 200 versions of solitaire, from obscure ones like Australia’s game to more common ones like 2 Suits Spider.

If playing obscure versions of solitaire is more your style, you will find instructional videos that will help you understand how to build your piles. Solitaire Planet has a helpful hint feature that helps you find cards you can use to help you win a round; it tracks your progress and shows you your statistics.

Solitaire Planet saves your game whenever you finish playing, so if you close it accidentally, you can play it again whenever you want.

8. Big Solitaires 3D

Big Solitaire 3D provides a variety of 40 games that are very similar to the real ones, but they are fully simulated with real cards and are fully interactive. 

Big Solitaire 3D is a great platform for teaching you how to play various solitaire games. You can view how each game is played until the end. 

Some of the games you play on your computer are also available for you to play for relaxation or to make you ready to play in a tournament. You will get the game background, card back, and suit for each game.

Big Solitaire 3D includes 40 games categorized into four skill levels, so you can pick the one you prefer based on your skill level and preferences. 

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You can play games with up to four decks of cards, and some games allow you to have up to ten decks. Many other games allow you to have a large collection of cards.

You might want to shuffle your deck of cards or replace some cards that are already in a pile. When a new suit is formed in Big Solitaire 3D, the cards are shuffled, and a certain combination of cards is created.

9. Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire websites have evolved to match modern standards, upgrading their visual appearance, functionality, and excellent World of Solitaire alternatives.

Playing Classic Solitaire might be the game you’re looking for if you like old-fashioned solitaire games.

There are many different ways to look at Classic Solitaire, it looks more traditional and nostalgic than World of Solitaire, and it lets you go back to your childhood time with just one click.

Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

There are many new features beneath the classic design. You will see a classic version of Klondike when you open the site. You can also find 19 other game variations if you scroll down the page.

You can learn more about the game and get help from the site, such as how to start playing the game and what to do if you lose your game.

You do not need to open a new tab to start playing the game; you will get the rules by scrolling down the page.

World of Solitaire offers a unique scoring system and a timer. These features are also available in Classic Solitaire. If you are interested in adding some cool features to the game, check out Playing Solitaire.

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 Choose a different card style to change the game’s look. Some of the better players have built-in scores to help them keep track of the game and to help them reach the highest possible score.

If the looks of the traditional game are too boring for you, you can change the card style; you cannot create your own. There is no way to create your card design, but there is an array of other card designs that you can choose from.

10. Online Solitaire

Online Solitaire is loaded with all the essential features you would want in a World of Solitaire alternative: easy-to-use menus, no ads, and a clean design.

Online solitaire is free with no annoying ads, has easily accessible game buttons and robust settings, and can be fully customized.

Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

Online Solitaire does not have the many ways to play Solitaire as its sibling, World of Solitaire, but it has many of the same great features as WoS.

Online Solitaire is a free solitaire game that you can play as an app on all the major platforms—Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS. 

Online Solitaire is a great solution if you like to play solitaire games online, but you do not want to keep opening different browser tabs whenever you want to play solitaire.

And luckily, you do not have to play World of Solitaire every time you open a browser to play the game. The game plays very well on all screen sizes. 

You can play the game from any device with no problems. You may also enjoy playing on your smartphone or tablet and not having to do lots of manual work to make your cards fit properly.

You can even share Online Solitaire with your friends on Facebook or Twitter using a free widget that you can easily install on any site. This nitty-gritty feature allows people to have friends play Solitaire with your website. It is ad-free and compatible with many different web hosting platforms.

Online Solitaire is ad- and error-free and works well with many different kinds of WordPress and other CMS platforms. You can also easily change the color scheme to match your website.

11. Google Solitaire

Google Solitaire is a simple solitaire game you can try. You can play it like solitaire and use only simple gestures to control the game without needing to register or sign up.

Google Solitaire is a simple game that uses cards that look like a Google logo, and the game has a timer and a score counter.

You can use the game buttons to undo your moves and play a new game. It plays a basic version of solitaire with no ads, and there is no way to change its sound other than by tapping a button in the bottom right corner of the game window.

Google Solitaire is also very easy to set the difficulty level – you can play with any number of playing cards or choose to play on a more difficult version.

It is easy to play the game on days when you want to play through a big pile of cards or when you want to test how much you know.

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If you search for solitare on your phone, all that you need to do is type solitare in the search bar. Google Solitaire appears as a pop-up card when you search for the word ‘solitaire.’

Play the game as though you are playing on a smaller screen, or click on a card to play the full-size version of the game.

Google Search works directly on your smartphone’s Google Search app, so you don’t need to download any other apps.

12. BVS Solitaire Collection

BVS Solitaire Collection does not come with a free version, but do not skip it just yet. This is a good alternative to World of Solitaire for those who need a reliable, well-managed solitaire app.

You can play BVS Solitaire Collection on Apple, Microsoft Windows, and even Google Android devices. If you want to play solitaire games that do not involve opening your browser, check out BVS Solitaire. It is available on iOS, Mac OS, and Windows.

Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

BVS Solitaire Collection has a high-end library of 290 solitaire games. It has 290 top-quality solitaire games — the most popular, some of the most difficult to play — all included. 

You have the chance to play any number of solitaire games you want, up to the point that you are completely sick. You can even set up your own rules to play different game variants.

BVS Solitaire is easy to learn whether you are a beginner or an expert. You will not need to install any additional software to use it. There are many ways to undo your actions, and you can also drag and drop cards to move them between the two decks.

BVS Solitaire Collection has both right-handed and left-hand layouts, which means you can play with cards from any position, and even with two different types of hands. You can easily change the layout of any deck by clicking on a card or just clicking on a checkmark. 

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BVS Solitaire Collection allows you to play whenever you want, even when you do not have the best hand. It is a good value for $19.95, but it may cost you more in the long run. I think so, and you can try it for free for a week and see whether it is worth it.

13. 247 Solitaire

247 Solitaire is essentially a free online version of World of Solitaire, with a simple interface and many different solitaire games.

Unlike more common solitaire variations, 247 Solitaire looks very similar to 1 and 3 Card Klondike, Spider 2 and 4 Suit, and Spider Solitaire and Yukon Solitaire, which are niche games.

Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

247 Solitaire does not have any advertising, and the game looks like a poker deck, which is great. You will have an even better experience playing 247 Solitaire since there are no advertisements on the website.

You can play games by clicking on the buttons in the middle of the card deck. 247 Solitaire is mobile-friendly, so you can play the games you want, no matter your screen size.

247 Solite uses cookies to help it keep track of how many people are playing the games. It helps you understand which players are winning and who are losing money. 

247 Solitaire doesn’t require you to sign up with your email address, as World of Solitaire does. This is a great option if privacy is a major concern for you.

247 Solitaire offers free online solitaire games, but you can play other card and board games on this site. It also supports Sudoku, Backgammon, roulette, blackjack, and slot games.

14. Solitaire Pets Adventure

Solitaire Pets Adventure is a solitaire game you can download on Android and Apple devices. It will help you if you need to take a seriously challenging game to play. It is part of the popular SciPlay series of games. 

Solitaire Pets Adventure is a serious endeavor and part of the SciPlay online games. That means you will get great support if you need it.

Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

Solitaire Pets Adventure is a fun and different approach to playing solitaire for children, but adults will also enjoy playing it. It combines classic solitaire games and a bonus game with great rewards. 

You help your pet by finding the key to unlock a secret door that will allow you to enter a magical world where everything is magical.

Enjoy fun prizes, including a special card that allows you to draw funny pictures or a card that allows you to have a magical experience.

You will get new card packs, pets, and free tickets if you get enough points. If playing World of Solitaire is not your thing, there is a fun addition to the game.

You can play the game for free, with no ads, but it’d be nice to be able to expand your playing experience. Solitaire Pets Adventure is a good way to start teaching your kids about the world of solitaire.

15. Solitr

Solitr provides an excellent World of Solitaire alternative for people who want to do what they like – playing basic solitaire. Solitr is free, with only a few advertisements on the right sidebar. Using ad-blockers isn’t necessary, and you can play with no problem.

Solitr is a free, simple web game that allows you to play a few rounds of solitaire. Its default solitaire game is Klondike Solitaire, but you can also choose a different game to play. 

Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

It is possible to change your preferences by clicking on the menu bar at the top of the screen. Here, you can choose to play as you normally would and not display your score on the screen.

You can undo any action you take on a computer or tablet by pressing the top button. You might find the undo button too high on an iPad or other mobile device.

Solitaire is a basic card game that allows you to choose between 2 different suits of cards. It is one of the few World of Solitaire alternatives that you can play.

Solitr is merely a website that lets you play a few rounds of solitaire in one sitting. There is nothing that distracts you, no flashy gadgets or flashing screens. It is also easy to find cards that look like your typical playing cards.

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Solitr has Spider Solitaire, which features three suits instead of the traditional four. You can also try playing Mahjong or Sudoku if that is too much for you. 

Solitr is one of the more basic World of Solitaire alternatives. It has three game options that are easily accessed by clicking the different buttons on the top of the website.

Final Words on Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

If all you want to do is play an improved version of World of Solitaire that looks good and makes it easy to play, Solitaired is the best alternative.

It is easy to play with full-screen mode and looks nicer and more modern than its competitors. You can personalize everything from the background to the deck of cards to how you want them to look. It is even possible to make some of the cards yourself. You can even create your cards!

For those who want to play the solitaire game offline, I would suggest Solitaire Pets Adventure. It is available for Android and iOS devices, and the interface is easy for both beginners and experts.

In addition, you will love how it keeps you busy with its daily games and challenges. There is a solo mode and a multiplayer mode where you can play with players worldwide. It is hard to find a better online game for solitaire than World of Solitaire.