15 Best Free Beat Making Software

Finding the best beat making software can be difficult when producing music. You can have difficulty finding the best free music software, especially if you are new to content creation or desire a free program with good quality.

You would benefit from a head start in the music industry since it has become increasingly competitive. In this article, we will show you some of the best free beat making software programs. You can use the best free beat making software on our list. 

You will find options for both PC and Mac. There is plenty of beat making software available for Windows and Mac computers.

You should look for the best free beat making software available today, and maybe you want to become a beat producer or music producer like us.

Many software packages allow you to make beats professionally. These software options allow you to try out professional music-making tools for free.

You will need to create some fine music with free music-making software. Who knows? You may begin to get the recognition that your beats deserve. If this happens, you might become the first producer to own real equipment and get paid.

You should know some things before creating beats with this free beat-making software.

A beat making software program is useful to anyone interested in producing excellent tunes as a hobby or profession. Some people cannot afford high-end music production software because it is expensive.

The use of free beat making software can help you do what you love while not straining your pocket too much. There are many good free programs available that allow you to create beats easily. They do not cost much but provide essential functionality.

What Is a Beat Making Software?

Beat Making Software is a great tool for anybody who wants to create professional-sounding music or simply enjoys making beats. Most people can’t afford the best music creation software because it is expensive. You must use free beat making apps to compose and play your music.

Beat making software had existed since the late 1970s, when hip-hop was establishing its roots. Beat making has been difficult for many people for years, as there are many expensive instruments that musicians must have. People who are just beginning to make beats find this frustrating. Anyone can find creating a beat intimidating, even if they are fairly experienced.

Free beat making software has completely changed the game, allowing people of all backgrounds to make high-quality beats easily.

Using this free beat-making software, you can also make free beats on your computer. It just takes a little extra effort to learn how to use the different software functions to become your DJ.

When it comes to making beats, there are many great applications to choose from, but it can be difficult to know where to start. There are a few excellent free beat making programs listed below. 

We have put together this list to save you time and time from researching and doing the work before paying for any of the best free beat making software.

Best Free Beat Making Software

1. Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker is one of the most popular software programs that you can use to create beats for your music. It is great for beginners because it has been proven that you can make beats and music from any sound you make. 

Magix Music Maker is a great option for people just starting with digital music-making. It is widely used all over the world. 

Best Free Beat Making Software

The Magix Music Maker is a good choice for anyone starting in the music industry who needs to be able to create basic beats and music.

It is designed for Windows and Mac users and has several useful and advanced features. Using this program, you can create incredible beats. The software allows you to create amazing sounds and beats.

Magix Music Maker is one of the best programs that allow you to create amazing musical instruments. You do not have to be a professional to use this basic yet awesome piece of software to create music from scratch.

Magix Music Maker is a popular application that allows you to create beats for your music. I recommend it for all beginners. If you are passionate about making music and have basic knowledge of creating beats and sounds, this software will come in handy.

Magix Music Maker is compatible with Windows computers. It features advanced features that are perfect for beginners. Magix Music Maker has many useful features, including 200 drum patterns, 49 song templates, and 8 sound effects.

It is very convenient for beginners that Magix Music Maker has a free plan. You can learn how to make digital music with a free trial version with the basic functionality of Magix Music Maker.

It does not have some of the advanced features that paid versions offer, but it is aimed at beginners and works well for them.

You can play MIDI music with various MIDI keyboards. The Magix Music Maker allows you to create music using any MIDI file and arrange portions using a separate MIDI editor and arranger window. This allows it to integrate with other musical software programs easily.

Magix Music Maker is the company’s flagship product. The program’s name is the Music Maker 2022 Beatbox Edition. This package includes a Novation iMac 4 and the Music Maker+ edition. It is now possible to purchase Music Maker 2022 and Beatbox editions. Beatbox Pro, which includes 17 drum kits and 200 patterns.

You can create loops and effects using this software. There are a lot of loops and effects that you can create with the drag-and-drop feature.

Magix Music Maker is a wonderful program that makes creating music and beats easy. This beat making software is affordable compared to similar programs, benefiting musicians and beatmakers.

2. Waveform

Waveform (formerly called Tracktion) is another free beat making software that allows you to record and edit audio and MIDI files. Waveform is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Ubuntu.

Waveform is the first digital audio workstation to use a fully scalable, vector-based interface. It supports multiple audio formats and is compatible with various plug-ins and hardware.

Waveform has all essential plugins, such as a sampler and a mixing suite (EQ, delay, chorus, compressor/limiter, pitch-shifter, and a hi/lo filter). 

The Waveform interface allows you to view all of your controls and functions from a single window. It is extremely user-friendly for beginners because there is a handy popup for many functions, which you can access by hovering over the audio files.

Waveform offers high-quality automation and supports many different VST plug-ins. The Waveform Interface is simple and has a basic, easy-to-follow wizard. Waveform offers a very simple-to-use interface suitable for beginners and advanced producers.

On their website, Waveform’s creators acknowledge that it provides more capabilities than many music enthusiasts will ever require. You can create as many tracks as you like, add any plugin, and start recording.

Waveform is a multiplatform music production tool that can be used by musicians, podcasters, and producers of EDM music.

It offers several appealing features to music artists, such as unlimited tracks, a simplified interface, and common plugins suitable for both novice and professional musicians.

You can create multiple tracks from scratch with several audio and MIDI instruments. Some tools incorporate keyboard shortcuts and other shortcut keys that allow you to begin creating music right away.

Waveform supports many software devices and is very flexible in working with other devices and plugins.

Waveform does not have a track limit, so users can create as complex a musical track as they want.

3. FL Studio

FL Studio is a free beat making software that works seamlessly on Mac OS and Windows. Music producers can use the application to create outstanding beats for their songs. They can also produce incredible effects for their music. 

FL Studio enables users to exploit their passion for music and is widely used by people of various ages.

Best Free Beat Making Software

FL Studio is a wonderful studio that allows you to enjoy music more and is highly recommended by many people of all ages. 

FL Studio is one of the most impressive applications to help you create amazing music and sound effects. People who are still learning things can learn from the works of their heroes and idealists. 

FL Studio allows you to create amazing music tracks, beats, tones, and rhythms. FL Studio is a popular tool for producing music for trap music and hip hop producers. It has a free trial version, numerous features, a MIDI controller, and a user-friendly interface. 

FL Studio offers users the choice of several excellent audio editor plug-ins, such as Newtone, New Time, and Edison, and provides many other useful tools, such as Wave Candy and Autogun. 

FL Studio features more than 66 different sound effects that can be applied to any music tracks you create.

4. GarageBand

GarageBand is another powerful free beat making software that you can use to create beautiful music beats and sounds. It has amazing features, allowing users to add additional effects and functions to their music. It contains some fantastic features, as well as an excellent interface. 

GarageBand is a wonderful computerized DAW that’s available for Mac users only. The program allows users to create beats using professional instruments. You will receive a full guidebook on keyboard and guitar playing. This guide will teach you how to play the guitar and keyboard. It can be used to reduce or even remove unwanted noise.

Garageband is a free beat maker that works well on macOS and iOS. It supports many amazing features and allows users to add sounds, effects, and effects to their music. Music composers can use GarageBand to make truly incredible sounds and music beats.

GarageBand features incredible features, along with a stunning graphical user interface. Furthermore, it includes a comprehensive manual for instruction in playing the guitar and keyboard. 

You should adjust the volume of an audio track to make it sound better. Some things you can do are remove noisy elements and boost the volume of certain instruments. 

You can use the Garageband to create drum beats, write melodies, or just record some audio. It can also be used to use the included Apple Loops and other instruments.

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Garageband is one of the most popular Mac applications for creating beats. It supports the use of amazing hardware such as drum kits and samples. 

You can create and arrange music for different genres of music, such as rap, rock, electronic, and even a blank project with Garageband. The software enables users to create outstanding beats and sounds using its numerous plug-ins.

You can use many of the software features for free. It has a huge library of free Apple Loops. You can use it to make amazing beats and sound effects. This site has many free loops and sounds that are great for beginners.

GarageBand has amazing features, such as the ability to easily add new audio devices to your tracks, such as drum machines, acoustic guitars, saxophones, pianos, and even an entire new EQ.

You can play any recording with the Garageband’s function called an AUSampler. You can change the sound of music using the AUSampler’s many features. This allows users to automate functions like panning, drumming, etc.

Garageband is such an amazing tool that allows you to create awesome beats. The interface is extremely user-friendly and full of powerful tools that allow you to create astounding beats using many of the most popular beat production techniques.

5. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a very good beat making software that works with Windows and macOS. You can download a free version of Ableton Live from the company’s website. A paid version is on its way.

Best Free Beat Making Software

Ableton Live is a beat making application that lets you create professional sound effects using your home PC.

You can simultaneously edit different audio tracks using Link Tracks, which support MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE).

Ableton Live allows you to create sound effects inspired by nature and six different types of musical instruments.

6. MPC Beats

MPC Beats by Akai is a recently released digital audio workstation. A drum instrument consists of four distinct instruments, a step sequencer, and eight other instruments.

MPC Beats comes complete with various beat making tools, including a sequencer that creates quick rhythmic patterns, drum pads, and an astonishing array of airborne audio effects.

Akai Professional continues to provide innovative MPC2 software and legendary MPC hardware. It provides beatmakers with all the tools they need to create impressive beats. This tool makes it easier for beatmakers to make good-sounding beats for their music.

MPCs are famous for allowing them to chop audio files quickly. It is very enjoyable to use and surprisingly easy to program with.

With MPC Beats, you get 20 amazing drum and effect plugins, an SP1200 sound generation algorithm, and 12-bit audio quality.

MPC Beats is very powerful. It gives users all the tools they need to create great beats. MPC Beats features four drum kits, three MIDI instruments, and 80 effects plugins from the AIR Effects collection.

AKAI offers an online store where you can purchase additional effects. MPC Beats is available as a VST plug-in for hundreds of audio editors that support VST plugins. You can use MPC Beats as a virtual drum machine in other DAWs.

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You can use MPC Beats with various audio workstations (DAWs). Additionally, MIDI and audio files can be dragged and dropped directly into DAWs, as Native Instruments does.

MPC Beats is a must-have if you are also interested in creating original music. It is free, and you can use it to make any type of beat. 

You can use the MPC Beats drum instrument if you don’t like the drum programming workflow in Waveform Free by Tracktion.

You can use the MPC Beats drum function in other DAWs to change how drums are programmed in the DAW.

7. orDrumbox

orDrumbox is an open-source beat-making software compatible with macOS and Windows. It boasts many advanced features ideal for creating unique and enjoyable music. It features several advanced features that allow users to create unique musical compositions. 

Best Free Beat Making Software

orDrumbox has a simple, straightforward interface that is easy to learn and use. It comes with many advanced and optimized features.

They allow users to create unique music. The interface promises to be easy to use and user-friendly. 

orDrumbox assists you create your music, editing the music beats you create, and save them as audio files.

You can even share the music you created with others by simply uploading your music files on OrdrumBox for them to view and rate. 

OrDrumbox allows composers to compose, edit, and save music beat pieces. You can even share your beats with others on the website. You can upload your music to Ordrumbox to have other people see it and rate it. 

Various tools are available at the drumkit manufacturer OrdrumBox, including automated beat creation, LP and BP remaking, and drum kit purchases from other suppliers. OrdrumBOX is a good beat making software for beginners.

We have included this free beat making software on our list since it can match sounds to their natural sound patterns.

OrdrumBOX is an extensive beat-based beat-making program with many advanced features that make it into an all-in-one software.

OrdrumBOX has special features that are becoming popular among all music lovers. Moreover, it also has many other trends that are becoming prevalent.

8. Serato Studio

Serato Studio is an impressive DJ software program that helps you create amazing beats. It can create and edit songs of any size. Serato Studio also provides an amazing audio plugin called Serato Sample Plugin, a standard for producers and DJs.

The use of digital audio workstations like Serato Studio has evolved from some other MIDI tool to the preferred tool for artists, producers, and DJs, particularly for remixing and mashups.

They also have a library of MIDI instruments and drum kits, and sample music files that can be used in real-time to create music that you can customize. The Drum Randomizer allows you to experiment with different types of music and create unique sounds for your tracks.

It is possible to customize the sound, automate the workflow, and export the sound from a track with VST or other audio effect plug-ins.

SyncShow allows users to start from scratch and create multiple audio files. It allows users to import, edit and create new beats with ease. You can export your mix to WAV, MP3, or other audio formats after you have mastered it.

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There are three bands of EQ and filter on each deck and an upfader suitable for DJ-style setups. The four types of decks that you can use for mixing tracks are drum decks, instrument decks, and fx decks. Serato DJ Studio gives users access to four different decks for free, sufficient to create a basic DJ mix.

Serato Studio provides a wide variety of pricing plans for DJ setups. There are plans for Lite Controllers, Pro Hardware, and Laptops. Serato DJ Pro has more features than its competition. Serato DJ Essentials offers features you will not find in other DJ software.


LMMS is one of the best beat-making applications available for Linux, macOS, and Windows. LMMS is a simple and user-friendly program that includes 16 different synthesizer effects. Music producers can easily create beats and perform complex musical arrangements.

It has an average-looking interface, but all its tools and functions are high quality. Music producers can create beats and record music using LMMS’s extensive database of MIDI sound files.

Best Free Beat Making Software

LMMS features a keyboard for creating notes and chords. Free and open source, LMMS has many features that can be helpful for musicians.

LMMS has various useful tools, including a piano roll and a built-in sequencer and synthesizer. LMMS is easy to install and uses a direct link from the internet. It does not require a complicated registration process.

Some of the windows offered by LMMS are intimidating initially, but eventually, everything is normal. Additionally, you can record music straight onto the trackpad. Therefore you do not require a midi controller or any other controller to record music.

The audio samples, effects, and plugins are on the left sidebar of LMMS. LMMS also has presets for dozens of different instrument plugins you can install on your computer. LMMS has separate mixer and piano roll windows for each window.

It includes a unique sequencer that lets you play the midi notes in the piano roll and have them appear in a separate window. It is easier to control how different windows operate by using drag and drop options and interacting with each other.

You can automatically automate LMMS by dragging and dropping a knob in the automation window. You must drag and drop a knob in the automation window after adding a lane or a block of automation to your track.

LMMS supports a broad range of file formats, including WAV, AIF, and FLA lossless files, and it can export multiple tracks simultaneously.

It allows you to play MIDI music and create music with various musical notes, melodies, and chords. LMMs have some incredible effects that you can use to create your music.

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This software doesn’t let you record audio tracks, but you can record using Audacity or other software that has impressive compatibility.

LMMS also has a comprehensive Forums – Index page that lists all the threads users have posted to the program. You can also find some interesting news, projects, and themes.

You can chat with other users in the General Chat area and ask any support questions that you might have about the software. LMMS is a great choice for those who are starting their electronics projects.

10. HammerHead Rhythm Station

HammerHead Rhythm Station is the ideal music editing software that enables you to create great music and has excellent features. Its help in creating good tracks and beats can be helpful to anyone starting in the music industry.

HammerHead Rhythm Station is a world-class software that allows music enthusiasts to create music easily. It has superb features. It also features many great features. 

HammerHead Rhythm Station is a powerful rhythm management software compatible with any PC. It includes many essential features, like inbuilt percussion, WAV import and MIDI support, polymers, and polyrhythm support. HammerHead Rhythm Station is available as an AUv3 plug-in.

11. Predator

Predator is an excellent free beat-making software option for people who want to produce beats quickly.

Predator combines impressive presets and world-class sound effects to provide the perfect sound for your beats. All its controls are shown on the screen, making it very easy to use.

Predator gives you access to a wide range of free sounds that you can use to create awesome beats. If you are unsure where to start, you can listen to some sounds to see if they inspire you to create a beat.

Predator allows you to save and export your beats in various formats that are compatible with your devices.

You can save and export your beats in various formats, allowing you to share with others or use them in your music productions. These formats will work well with all the different types of devices that you use.

You should be aware, however, that what you get as an output greatly depends upon what you get as an input.

It is very easy to use and customize for beginners, but you will be surprised at the software’s advanced features. You may need to repeatedly practice using this beat-making software to become accustomed to all its features.

Predator is a good free beat making software. You can create truly magical sounds that sound amazing without spending any money.

12. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is an excellent free beat making program for people that want to create music for their purposes. It is compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Caustic 3 includes a multi-effects mixer, a sequencer, and a virtual rack full of sounds and effects.

Caustic 3 is an easy-to-use software that makes creating beats fun. It supports many audio effects and instruments. Its limitations encourage users to become more creative with their music productions. 

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You can export audio files made with free software and then work on them using a digital audio workstation like Waveform Free or Cakewalk.

Caustic 3 is a virtual instrument/synthesizer rack that allows users to record sounds with only one tap. It features a built-in mixer and a library of hundreds of musical instruments and effects that can be connected to the app in a virtual modular rack.

13. Mixxx

Mixxx is a free beat making software that includes all the tools professional DJs need to produce beats and DJ mixes.

Mixxx allows you to perform live audio mixes using all three major operating systems: Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Best Free Beat Making Software

Mixxx has extensive features that allow users to create professional beats and turntable mixes. That beat is great for someone new to creating beats with their laptops.

Mixxx includes several additional effects that can be used to create unique beats. They include compressor and EQ effects, delay effects, and more. You can also apply filters, EQs, and reverbs to the sound you create.

Mixxx is very simple to use and has an extremely user-friendly interface. You can begin making beats immediately without spending much time configuring complicated settings.

Mixxx offers a wide selection of drum kits and sound samples for creating unique beats. You can also add and loop your samples to create more complex beats. Mixxx allows you to add your own sampled beats and loop them to create unusual beats.

Mixxx has a MIDI controller that you can use to map broadcast decks, control the volume of audio equipment, and more.

Mixxx offers powerful features for creating beats and DJing, such as syncing beats with up to four decks and looping them. You can use hot cues to mix and remix music quickly. It supports many file formats, including MP3, M4A, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, Controls for EQ, and Crossfader.

Mixxx can be used to create beats and DJ mixes, or you can use the extensive Mixxx library to help you host your next party or radio show. Mixxx provides all the DJ tools you’ll need in one convenient place.

14. Studio One 5 Prime

Studio One 5 Prime is the best application for producing music using recorded or sampled beats. This advanced software allows users to create and record music with ease. 

You can enhance your music’s sound with Studio One 5 Prime’s professional effects. You can use this application similar to other applications with drag-and-drop user interfaces. 

Users can manage and control the application’s 1GB of free software plug-ins and samples.

Studio One 5 Premier supports the automation and control of each track. Studio One 5 Prime is available for Mac and Windows.

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It lets you create unlimited music with all types of audio and instrument sounds, FX effects, and virtual instruments.

Also, you can use more expensive beat-making software such as Studio One Professional and Studio One Artist.

15. MuseScore

MuseScore is a free beat making app compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows platforms. This tool offers many amazing features and is very interesting for those who love music. It has an attractive, simple user interface and contains all the essential learning tools for novices.

Best Free Beat Making Software

MuseScore allows you to create beats for your songs easily. This application helps you to create sound by helping you to record and edit your sound files. The last segment of any music file is also available for download, such as.wav.

MuseScore is a free music program that supports MIDI keyboard input. MuseScore supports keyboard input and allows you to manage your music styles, lyric insertion, and even the transfer of time between programs using MusicXML and MIDI.

Final Words on Free Beat Making Software

The above list includes the best beat making software for Mac and Windows, which will help you improve your beat making skills. The above software provides a platform for passionate music enthusiasts to create beats and compositions. You may make beats, edit them, and save them.

The software listed in this review is some of the finest tools you can use to create beats and music compositions.

This is dependent on your degree of proficiency. The answer to the question on beat maker software is to get one that caters to your needs as a composer.

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We believe that there is no perfect software to create music. This is because there is no one size fits all solution. If you are just starting, you may want to start with a free program such as Pro-Tools. 

That way, you will know a lot about how the software works and what settings you need to use to get the best results. A free app for a while will give you a good idea of how it works. Then you will understand if it works well or not before you invest in it.

LMMS is the perfect program for connecting with other musicians to share ideas and gain insights. If you are willing to spend some money and see what works best for you, then FL Pro has enough editions you can try.

After you have mastered the software’s features and settings, you can start playing around with different features and settings. Start making your beats from scratch.

There are many beat making software programs available on the web that you can compare. Select the best suited for making different beats and music compositions.