Best Free Cloud Storage Services

Remember when you were frequently on the verge of running out of space for your email?

Perhaps you were forced to decide which letters to preserve and which to discard. Indeed, it appears as though those times have passed us by much further.

When I created a google drive account a few years back, I discovered one of the many benefits of cloud storage – your files are accessible from any location.

It may not seem like a significant benefit at first, but you realize how much it helps after time. It is now feasible to store virtually anything online for free.

Is this a prudent course of action?

I decided to dig a little more and conduct some research on free cloud storage options.

I was startled to discover that there are far more of them than you may suppose.

Because uptime and reliability are critical, we monitor them regularly for you.

Check out the status of the 20+ finest cloud storage servers we monitor.

Now, you may store all of your belongings for free. However, we did attempt each one here.

Cloud storage has become a cherished possession for extremely tiny and major business groupings in the modern era. 

Businesses strive to avoid reliance on expensive hardware and migrate their data to the best free cloud storage accessible. 

However, few firms are aware of cloud storage and continue relyingon conventional storage systems.

Cloud storage services are excellent for sharing data with friends and family, synchronizing documents across many devices, and more. Even better, cloud storage is completely free!

Yes, there are truly free internet storage options available. Indeed, there are numerous them. 

Many of these apps are free, with premium options having additional storage. However, most people are more than happy with the free options.

Even better, many providers provide additional free space for recommending friends or doing other activities.

This blog aims to assist enterprises in learning more about cloud storage and the best alternatives that are right for their needs. Let’s get started!

Top Free Cloud Storage Providers

NameFree StorageWebsite URL
Icedrive10 GB
Blimp20 GB
Mega20 GB
pCloud10 GB
MediaFire10 GB
Google Drive15 GB
Degoo100 GB
Sync5 GB
Dropbox2 GB
Yandex Disk10 GB
WorkDrive1 GB
Koofr10 GB
IDrive5 GB
Amazon Drive5 GB
OneDrive15 GB

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage allows you to store your data online rather than on your computer. 

You will need an internet connection to upload, edit, and share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, photos, audio, and video. 

Your computer’s hard drive does not store any data stored by online storage companies. Cloud storage tools enable remote access to your data via any device.

The following is a list of the best free cloud storage apps and utilities, along with popular features and links to the most recent downloads. This list covers proprietary (paid) and open-source (free) software.

What are the benefits of cloud storage?

Cloud-based storage Comes with many distinct advantages over offline storage.

  1. You benefit from more security and control.
  2. The likelihood of losing your data in device failure or loss can be minimized.
  3. Collaboration and sharing are simple.
  4. Simple to scale as your storage requirements grow.
  5. Access from various devices at any time and from any location.

Best Free Cloud Storage Providers


Icedrive is a next-generation cloud service that enables seamless access to, management, and updating of your cloud storage. It provides a platform for sharing, displaying, and collaborating on your content.

Icedrive is a next-generation alternative to the greatest free cloud storage providers for seamless cloud storage access, management, and updating. Users can access a specific area for sharing, displaying, and collaborating on their files. 

Cloud Storage Services

The most notable feature of Icedrive’s cloud storage service is its support for Twofish encryption. Icedrive offers ten gigabytes of free cloud storage. Your files are available via a slick desktop application, a mobile app, and a website.

You can stream music and videos directly from your account without re-downloading them. This is also true for anyone with whom you share your files. They do not need to be Icedrive users to download and stream your shared files.

Additionally, you can favorite specific files to access them from the Favorites tab easily, limit bandwidth usage within the desktop program, share via email addresses or public URLs, and download previous versions of files you’ve modified.

A free version does not support encryption, password-protected web links, and WebDAV, but it does support these features. This application is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. 

Additionally, fully installable desktop software presents your account as a locally attached hard disk for convenience. Additionally, a portable version is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

By signing up, you can receive 10 gigabytes of free cloud storage. Additionally, it provides a cleaner, simpler user interface for file management. 

Additionally, you can benefit from highly responsive file syncing with a single click. Above all, Icedrive enables you to stream media from your cloud storage and share it with others.

Features of Icedrive

  • Twofish Encryption is the only cloud storage service that supports it. Everything is encrypted on the client side, and we have no access to your data.
  • It provides free storage of files up to 10 GB.
  • No time-consuming synchronization. As soon as possible, With a single click, you can mount IceDrive.
  • Icedrive offers a simple and intuitive interface for managing your files.
  • Stream media from your cloud storage and share it easily with your pals.
  • Has a convenient portable application for computers.
  • Allows for audio/video streaming and previewing of PDFs and other documents.
  • Preserves previous versions of your files.


Blomp is an excellent cloud storage choice if you want to organize and back up your files and photos securely and straightforwardly. Blomp provides unlimited cloud storage for photos, movies, and other stuff.

Blomp is a free file storage service that offers 20 GB of storage to new users. The website and program are extremely minimal in their functionality; you may create folders, add files, and download your backed-up data. 

However, this makes them extremely straightforward and clutter-free, which could be a plus.

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There is no restriction to the file size you can upload if it does not exceed 20 GB (the total storage capacity). Bulk uploads are also supported via the website and mobile app. The website, desktop application, and mobile application will not display any previews of the image files you’ve provided. 

You must first download them to your phone or computer to view them. Because most cloud backup systems allow you to preview films, music, and photographs, it’s sad that this service does not.

However, when it’s free, 20 GB isn’t awful at all. Additionally, you may earn up to 200 GB of free storage by referring friends.

Blomp is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Features of Blomp

  • You can use Blomp on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines through any internet browser.
  • Additionally, you can access Blomp via the mobile app on your Android or iPhone.
  • The biggest feature of Blomp is that it allows you to manage files stored in your cloud directly from your Android or iPhone smartphone.
  • Numerous storage spaces are available for free, with additional space available.
  • The programs are simple to use.
  • Compatible with all popular systems.
  • There is no size restriction on uploads.


Mega Limited provides online storage and file hosting services. Mega is a cross-platform application that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Mega provides 50GB of complimentary cloud storage. The storage unit is equipped with advanced security features. 

Mega cloud storage is comparable to Dropbox but with a larger storage capacity.

MEGA offers up to 20 GB of free cloud storage. It provides secure end-to-end encryption to assist in protecting against a privacy breach. 

Cloud Storage Services

You can acquire 20 GB of storage for free if you accomplish missions. One intriguing feature is the ability to send links, so the recipient must first decrypt the content using a second component of the URL, similar to a password.

The security feature of Mega is well-known: clients’ files are encrypted before being uploaded. However, they suffered several difficulties during the initial stages of their debut in 2013. To us, 50GB of storage appears to be a marketing trick.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that even though users lose the 50GB after 180 days if they don’t use the other achievements, the primary storage will remain 15GB – which is still quite a bit for a service that offers free cloud storage.

A free account will permanently provide 15GB of storage; the additional 35GB will expire after a month.

Features of Mega

  • It comes with 20 GB of free storage.
  • It encrypts files and communications using keys.
  • Mega enables the synchronization of files and folders.
  • Every six hours, upload or download 1 GB of data.
  • You will receive 50 GB of free storage.
  • You can download a zip file containing multiple files.
  • Additionally, you can upload files via the mobile app.


pCloud is a safe, easy-to-use cloud storage solution for your documents. This tool enables you to collaborate and exchange files with your employees, friends, and family.

pCloud is one of the greatest free cloud storage choices, offering 2TB of storage and a unique feature of unlimited remote upload traffic. It provides ten gigabytes of free storage space with its basic accounts. 

Resizing images has become much easier without the assistance of software. pCloud offers its users a variety of resizing options.

The archive options that pCloud provides are incredible since files may be archived using the create archive option. When users log off of pCloud, the crypto files are automatically locked, thanks to a feature in the drive.

A desktop client is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Additionally, there is a smartphone app that is quite simple to use.

Additionally, it supports adding files from a remote URL and a single file, and the entire folder uploads using a browser. The mobile apps allow you to easily upload photographs and videos to your account.

The non-user can access both files and directories. You can also download shared folders as ZIP archives. You can access your folders by creating upload links, which allow anyone to upload files to your account. 

A unique e-mail address will also allow you (or anyone else) to email files directly to a folder on your pCloud account. Additionally, you can back up images from your social network accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Features of pCloud

  • It assists you in maintaining the confidentiality of your private files by utilizing the greatest level of encryption.
  • Allows you to back up your priceless memories to pCloud at the push of a button.
  • It enables you to sort your files by their file format.
  • It maintains versions of your files for a certain amount of time, making it easier to search for archive files.
  • More free storage space than the majority of providers.
  • Acquire additional storage.
  • Streaming multimedia.
  • There are no speed or file size limitations.


MediaFire is a cloud storage, file hosting, and file synchronization service. It is one of the best free cloud storage services, offering an intuitive interface for managing digital content online and on the road. 

MediaFire’s free limitless cloud storage is compatible with iPhone, Windows, Mac OS X, the web, and Android.

Cloud Storage Services

Media Fire has 10 GB of free storage, which can be expanded to 50 GB. It includes a plethora of advanced file management options. MediaFire had been in operation for eleven years. The maximum file size for a single file is 4GB.

MediaFire is well-known for its online media streaming capabilities, including video and music streaming directly from its site. 

Features of Mediafire

  • The maximum file upload size is 20 GB.
  • It is one of the greatest free cloud storage services that provide employees with an ad-free experience.
  • Allows you to paste a URL into any file and upload it to your MediaFire account.
  • It is one of the greatest free unlimited cloud storage options because it enables access control customization.
  • Multiple files can be uploaded simultaneously from any browser.
  • It’s simpler to organize files in the file manager. I’m looking for something with ideal qualities for a personal document.
  • You obtain well-designed search capabilities. You can exchange documents via a one-time, customized link.
  • Your recipients may distribute it further if necessary.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a Google-provided online data storage service. The service automatically syncs stored data, images, and more across all users’ PCs, tablets, and smartphones. It comes with 15 GB of free storage.

Google is a name that is familiar to most of us. They collaborate across all their services, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and sync them to Google Drive.

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The comfort of working within their Eco-system and the ability to edit files in real-time make it a user favorite. Visit this page to read a review of Google Drive.

Whether we like it or not, I’m sure we all have at least one Google Drive account, making it one of the best cloud collaboration tools available.

Features of Google Drive

  • You can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • It synchronizes data in real time.
  • You can develop forms to assist you in conducting a survey.
  • The tool is compatible with macOS.
  • Integrates with thousands of third-party applications, including mind maps, Gantt charts, and diagramming tools.
  • It supports documents with a maximum of 1.02 million characters.
  • Google Drive’s offline services enable customers to access all their online files and photographs even when their network connection is poor.
  • Scanning papers has gotten much easier by simply snapping a photo of them, and the disk takes care of the rest, such as storing them in PDF format. Google offers free cloud storage that is connected with all of Google’s other services.


Degoo is another decent option that gives up to 100GB of storage. It’s a dependable cloud storage solution. Their desktop program allows you to install and back up data from a single desktop device. 

However, a paid version allows you to install and back up data from an infinite number of desktop devices. This release also removes the Photo Storage Maximizer function.

Cloud Storage Services

If you have many friends who want to use Degoo to store their data, you can earn an additional 500 GB by referring them to sign up. You will receive 5 GB for each individual that joins as a result of your referral. 

Additionally, you can watch advertisements to earn additional free online storage (1 GB for every advertisement watched), with no cap on the amount of free storage you can earn.

Your free cloud storage account may be accessed via the iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile app.

Features of Degoo

  • You can increase your storage capacity by referring friends.
  • You get free mobile app support in addition to free storage.
  • Degoo’s paid plans are reasonable. It begins with a monthly fee of $3 for 500GB of storage space.

Sync is a cloud-based file-sharing service that works with any computer or mobile device. Sync is an excellent solution for storing and transferring sensitive and secret data.

Additionally, this is one of the greatest free cloud storage options accessible. offers approximately 5GB of free storage. 

It has become rather simple to backup files using only when users have utilized something other than the sync folder, as studying the web panel’s fantastic features is quite productive. 

The most useful feature of is the ability to restore deleted files, which prevents customers from lamenting inexplicably lost critical papers. The Get free space function is the best that has to offer. 

If a user wishes to obtain additional space for files and photos, all they need to do is tell a friend about Sync, and the user who recommends it will receive a free gigabyte in addition to the number of friends who sign up for sync. 

The Sync Vault is a feature that enables users to save files and documents in a separate storage area called the Vault that is distinct from the Sync folder. 

All that is required is to choose a file and choose the Copy to Vault option, and your critical data is backed up. They began as a web hosting business in 2011 and expanded into cloud computing in 2013.

Cloud service provided by Sync – launched five years ago – is already encrypted end-to-end for enhanced privacy and security. 

Security measures such as two-factor authentication have been used to strengthen security further. They have accumulated over 750,000 individual and business users to date.

Features of Sync

  • Sync enables you to transmit files of any size to anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a registered account.
  • Uploading files larger than 40 GB degrades performance.
  • Synch is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.
  • For all plans, it provides unlimited data transfer.
  • Complete activities to increase your available space.
  • Uploads of folders through the web.
  • Collaborate through the use of team folders.
  • Shares can be password protected.


Dropbox was one of the pioneers of the cloud storage sector when it launched in 2007. Their creativity and enthusiasm have propelled them to prominence as a cloud storage provider.

Dropbox is a cloud storage, file syncing, and cloud computing service that offers cloud storage and personal clouds. Whether you work on a project alone or with colleagues, you can use it.

Uploading and downloading were a breeze. Not to add that they offer the fastest cloud storage according to our tests. Due to its superior backup features, this is one of the most powerful and current free cloud storage options. 

Dropbox can securely store tiny and large PowerPoint presentations, photographs, videos, and possibly even huge CAD files. Dropbox provides users with simple sync options to view their Dropbox files and documents from any device.

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Dropbox’s free storage space includes a slew of incredibly useful features. One of the useful aspects is that a user can safeguard all the contents and documents on a lost device by remotely wiping the device using the remote wipe tool. 

Dropbox free storage provides a reasonable amount of storage space (2GB) for free, but other plans are available if customers require additional capacity. They currently have over 500 million users scattered throughout 180 countries.

Features of Dropbox

  • It enables you to sync data securely across all devices.
  • Your file should be no larger than 50 GB.
  • The service is compatible with macOS, Linux, and Windows.
  • Amass a large amount of free storage.
  • Apps for both mobile and desktop.
  • Restore deleted files.
  • File and folder sharing is intuitive.

Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk is a reputable, free cloud storage service. You automatically receive 10 GB of free cloud storage when you join up for Yandex. Participating in their promotional activities can win up to 32GB of storage.

Yandex Disk is a cloud storage service that enables users to store and exchange files on cloud servers. 

Cloud Storage Services

The disk is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is one of the greatest free online storage services and is available in two subscription plans: annual and monthly.

Yandex is a Russian corporation best known for its renowned Yandex Search and Yandex Email services, but they also provide other products and services such as Yandex.Disk. It provides 10 GB of free cloud storage to anyone who registers.

There are numerous handy features, including public and private folder and file sharing, photo import via social media, bulk downloads, automated mobile uploads, and drag-and-drop support. You can upgrade to Yandex Disk Pro if you need more than 100 GB of storage.

Features of Yandex

  • This free cloud storage for images supports file uploads up to 50 GB in size. The user can synchronize data between multiple devices.
  • It is a free cloud storage service that offers unlimited access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • This online storage drive provides free cloud storage and allows you to download files from public web pages.
  • You can utilize the auto-upload feature on your phone to ensure that all images are stored in their original resolution on Yandex Disk.
  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.
  • All files can be transferred to Yandex Disk for access and editing, as they would on a hard disk.
  • Without installing Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you can use them through their browsers. The file-sharing capability is unique; you may transmit short links and files up to 50GB.
  • The recipients of the files can view, download, and store them on their Yandex Disk installations.


WorkDrive is a cloud-based storage system that makes file management simple. It enables you to create, collaborate, and collaborate with others easily. This platform adheres to SOC 2 Type II (Service Organization Control).

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The Zoho Corporation is a multinational corporation founded in 1996. They are concentrating their efforts on web- and cloud-based business products, of which “WorkDrive” is one.

This version limited uploads to a maximum of 1GB in size.

Features of WorkDrive

  • Allows for real-time brainstorming with your team.
  • Accessible through tablet and smartphone.
  • Reports are fully customizable.
  • You can easily store and manage files.


KOFFR is a service that uses your unused hard drive space to store your cloud content. It integrates Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive, and OneDrive accounts. 

This free online file storage service is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Koofr is a trustworthy cloud storage service offering 10 GB of free cloud storage connected to Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon, and Google Drive accounts. Koofr uses unused space on a hard drive to its advantage.

It is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, enabling unprecedented flexibility. One of the major advantages of Koofr is its ability to automate smartphone backups and the fact that there is no file size or type limitation. Koofr also enables customers to back up images and videos from their mobile phones automatically.

Features of Koofr

  • This free online storage solution provides automatic backup from mobile devices.
  • Data synchronization between computers.
  • There are no file type or size restrictions; upload whatever you want to keep secure.
  • It is one of the greatest free cloud storage services for automatically backing up images and movies on a mobile device.


IDrive offers a personal cloud storage solution with capacities ranging from 5GB to 5TB (paid). IDrive is a privately held firm founded in 2007 in Calabasas, California.

IDrive is a data backup service. This service is accessible to Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Mac operating systems.

Features of IDrive

  • IDrive offers a complimentary 5 GB storage space.
  • Users may arrange and monitor their PC’s backups from the web interface.
  • Users may upload and download files up to a maximum size of 2 GB.
  • It is the optimal method for consolidating protection for all desktops, Macs, iPhones, and Android devices under one account.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive, formerly Amazon Cloud Drive, is an Amazon cloud storage service. Secure cloud storage, file sharing, photo printing, and file backup are all included in the service.

Amazon Drive, formerly known as Amazon Drive, has been rebranded as Amazon pictures storage. You can sign up for free and receive 5 GB of storage. You can also sign in using an Amazon account if you already have one.

Amazon strikes and outperforms competitors in terms of durability and stability. Amazon Drive is a cloud-based storage service that centralizes your images, videos, and data. 

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you get unlimited storage for all your photographs and images. offers an online storage service called Amazon Drive that includes unlimited photo storage and 5 GB of space for videos and files for Prime members.

Users can collaborate on files to generate a public link accessible to anyone, regardless of whether they have an Amazon account. Sharing folders is not supported.

The desktop client software or the web version can upload files, albeit only the former supports folder uploads. Android and iOS mobile apps are also available for uploading movies and photographs.

Features of Amazon Cloud Drive

  • It enables you to manage and edit your photographs online.
  • Amazon Drive automatically backs up your phone’s images and movies.
  • Allows for the synchronization of files and directories.
  • You can share high-resolution photographs and videos.
  • Ensure that your photographs and videos are automatically backed up.
  • Additionally, you may order picture tabletops, wall décor, and prints directly from the app.
  • With Amazon picture storage, sharing and organizing photos is a breeze.
  • Another reason to sign up is the 24×7 Amazon assistance.


Microsoft OneDrive is an online storage and syncing service offered by Microsoft. It is available to everyone with a Microsoft account for free. OneDrive apps may sync files between a Windows PC and a Mac.

The best free cloud storage alternatives, such as Microsoft OneDrive, have made keeping documents and files accessible. By registering with Microsoft, customers can keep track of everything in one location. It formerly offered users 15GB of free storage but has since cut it to 5GB. 

It is accessible from any device anytime but comes pre-installed with Windows. This cloud storage service is considered the second most desired by company owners, behind Dropbox.

The primary downside of Outlook was the user aggravation associated with storing attachments from emails due to the number of steps required. 

Still, organizations may now choose email attachments and save them directly to folders. Additionally, it has been easy to construct and save excel surveys to OneDrive.

Features of OneDrive

  • Scan and store business cards, receipts, and whiteboard notes in OneDrive using your phone.
  • To ensure the security of shared files, photographs, and links, you can choose an expiration date.
  • Allows for file uploads of up to 15 GB in size.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office Online
  • Numerous methods for file uploading.
  • Control how files are exchanged.
  • Increase your storage capacity for free.

FAQs About Free Cloud Storage

How Cloud Storage Works?

Data is physically stored in large data center storage systems and on computer servers and accessed via the internet. Users can remotely access this data through the Internet. This application allows you to upload, store, and retrieve data remotely online.

How secure is cloud computing storage?

Data theft and privacy are legitimate concerns since the data is held remotely instead of on-premise. Most cloud computing storage providers encrypt data during transit and when it is at rest. 

They are also able to access limited amounts of your data logically. Many businesses take extremely stringent steps to protect their data’s security, confidentiality, and privacy.

You may want to consider a hybrid cloud if your data has unusual security requirements, in which some data is stored on the cloud provider’s servers and some on your servers.

What’s the maximum file size I can store on Cloud Storage?

Most cloud storage companies enable you to store and transfer files up to 100MB in size. 

Some allow you to save files up to 2GB in size, which is advantageous when transferring high-definition videos.

How to Select a Cloud Storage Provider?

When selecting a cloud storage provider, you should consider the following factors:

  • Cost of Security and Encryption
  • Storage Capacity and Performance Support for a variety of systems
  • Backup capabilities
  • Support for a variety of devices
  • Collaboration characteristics
  • Supported file types

What is the Top Free Cloud Storage?

Here are a few free cloud storage solutions:

  1. Google Drive
  2. Mega
  3. Mediafire
  4. Icedrive
  5. iCloud

Final Words on Best Free Cloud Storage Providers

Knowing its characteristics is essential when it comes to obtaining the best free cloud storage. Numerous cloud storage services offer free internet storage and various other options. 

Several cloud storage providers offer an excellent user experience and incredible functionality and allow users to take advantage of free services after signing up. 

However, the other cloud storage services described above are worth joining up for, as they all provide unique features and unlimited storage.

Cloud storage’s importance is growing with increased cloud growth and the latest cloud computing technologies. 

The increased growth and use of cloud computing by corporations and enterprises have increased the demand for cloud experts.

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