15 Best Free Email Account Providers

Email service providers allow users to send and receive emails. You can use an ESP to create email templates, manage contact lists, block spam, and communicate with your subscribers.

Most email providers provide free services, but some may charge a small fee for certain features. 

If you do not have an email address, then you cannot sign up for any websites or send emails to your contacts. If you do not have an email address, you cannot use some of the popular email service providers.

The purpose of an email account is to provide users with an email address they can use for registering with websites, contacting other users, and authenticating themselves.

Many free email account providers don’t charge a fee for their services, but some professionals and businesses charge.

You can use your free email account to send and receive emails. You do not need to pay a penny for any of the best free email account providers.

It can be difficult to find a free email account provider that provides all the features you need and still be usable. 

Here is a list of free email account providers you can set up and the best email service providers that you may host your account for free today.

What is an Email Service Provider (ESP)?

Email services providers are companies that allow you to create and send emails easily and provide administrations to help you create and send emails effectively.

E-mail service providers (ESPs) are organizations that provide a simple approach for individuals to acquire email addresses and send messages to other individuals. Email advertising is much more popular than other mediums; hence, ESPs have started offering different types of administration.

Some ESPs provide essential features, such as storing email addresses and sending messages. If you are using advanced email service providers, then you have the choice to make your messages more useful. It includes email and advertising computerization, lead capture structures, site following, etc. 

If you think of email service providers, you might think about Gmail, Yahoo Outlook, etc.

Best Free Email Account Providers

A free email account gives you all the benefits of a full email service, but you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen. You can sign up with these free email service providers.

1. Gmail

The Gmail service is owned by Google, one of the most popular free email providers. You can store and manage many emails and other files with it.

Choosing Google Mail for your first email account might seem obvious, but it’s simply too versatile not to consider. A study by Litmus Labs found that Gmail held the second-highest market share behind Apple’s native iOS email app.

Many people use Gmail because of the many other things you can do in your inbox that do not involve email.

Free Email Account Providers

Google Mail is a general-purpose email service that anyone can use, provided they have a Google account. It comes bundled with Google apps that allow you to chat and video chat with other Gmail users and share documents and files with other Gmail users.

Gmail is used by around 1.5 billion people every day. It is extremely convenient to use Gmail. It works with almost any web browser and via the smartphone Gmail app.

You can access your emails using Gmail through different email clients, even if you don’t use your browser.

You get 15 GB of free storage when you sign up for Gmail, and you can easily add new apps to your Gmail accounts, such as Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and more.

It is easy to stay organized with Gmail because you can easily organize your emails according to tags and categories. This is useful if you plan to store a lot of emails in Gmail.

When you use your Gmail account, you can access, manage, and even share documents and spreadsheets from your Gmail account.

Gmail includes helpful features such as email folders, which organize emails automatically as they arrive. It also offers free email storage, a generous 15 GB of space, and advanced email filters that automatically organize emails as they arrive in your inbox. It is inexpensive and does all of this without costing you anything.

Features of Gmail

  • You will find tips to help you follow up and respond to your emails in this article.
  • Viewing and opening attachments in an email is possible without opening another email.
  • You can join online meetings, video calls, or other video calls right from your inbox.
  • Gmail automatically blocks phishing emails.
  • It allows you to quickly organize important messages by sorting them into starred categories.
  • You can use your email address to conduct business.
  • Allows you to store 15 GB of your email, photos, and other files.
  • It offers a snooze feature that allows you to set a timer for a specific email to go away until you get a response.
  • Business-oriented migration tools allow you to import emails from Lotus Notes, Outlook, and Exchange.
  • You can also set up two-factor authentication to protect your account (FAT).
  • The program includes a powerful search feature that lets you quickly locate emails.

2. ProtonMail

MIT scientists and CERN developed the ProtonMail service. It is open source and secure. A Zero Access Security System protects the privacy of this email service under Swiss privacy laws. 

ProtonMail is a safe and secure email service that uses client-side encryption technology to protect all emails and information you send.

ProtonMail does not access your emails, ensuring that your data is safe. You do not need to provide personal information to sign up for a free email account.

ProtonMail is a free email service that protects your data with strong encryption.

ProtonMail is very simple to use, and it also allows you to integrate your calendar and drives so that you can remain productive even when you are not working from your email address.

ProtonMail is a secure email application with a modern, sleek email interface incorporating minimalist features. It takes just a few minutes to use ProtonMail, and no learning curve is associated with it.

You can save your emails in your account and keep them anonymous as they are stored on multiple servers.

You can only send 150 messages/emails daily using free email accounts with 500 MB of storage space.

Features of ProtonMail

  • You can send and receive encrypted emails that no one can read.
  • You can import contacts from a CSV or VCF file into Proton Contacts.
  • Use a shareable, secure URL to share files and folders from your Proton Drive effortlessly.
  • You can quickly switch between multiple Proton accounts, and it supports synchronizing data between accounts.
  • ProtonMail detects and filters spam emails using Allow Lists and Block Lists. Its paid plans include email filters, multiuser support, and an autoresponder.
  • Paying customers can set up email filters, multiuser support, and send emails via an autoresponder.
  • You may receive notifications from your desktop or set up alerts on your mobile.
  • ProtonMail is available with every paid plan with free storage, currently up to 1GB/year.

3. Outlook

Outlook is a browser-based email service that works with Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365, so you can easily access your emails anytime. Outlook integrates well with Exchange Server, Exchange Online, and Office 365. It aids you in working at home and on the go. 

Outlook.com allows you to remain productive and keep in touch with others even when you are away or out on business. Its security features protect your email messages from hackers and are important. The support comes from Microsoft’s security features. You can be sure that your emails are protected.

Free Email Account Providers

Whenever you install new versions of Windows on your computer, you need to create an Outlook account. Outlook is an email service created by Microsoft to help people keep in touch, organize, and get things done.

Outlook.com offers free email with a calendar, contacts, and a search bar so you can do all the important things from one place.

The key characteristic of Outlook is that its technology allows you to guarantee the protection of your emails.

If you sign up for an account with Outlook, you will have free access to various Microsoft Office tools. You can install them from your browser.

Outlook.com, unlike Gmail and several other free email providers, Outlook.com does not scan emails to place ads in them. If you are chatting with a friend about a family vacation, Gmail might pop up text ads for things like Rocky Mountain vacations, hiking boots, and protein bars. 

Outlook.com does a lot more than just send emails. That’s good enough to encourage you to give it a try.

Focused Inbox is one of the most popular features that Outlook.com advertises. It determines the important emails and displays them on the user’s personal computer. 

When you enable this feature, Outlook.com uses technology that learns from analyzing all the email messages you send. It will prioritize the important messages by deciding which ones you should show first. 

Outlook.com will focus on the most important messages in your inbox and hides the less important messages. You can switch between the two tabs by using a single button.

Features of Outlook

  • Business users can provide secure and reliable email access through Outlook email.
  • The built-in calendar feature lets you set up and manage meetings or other events.
  • You can view more information about a contact when you hover over its name.
  • It lets you quickly find people, messages, and documents in your emails.
  • Allows you to integrate with multiple applications easily.
  • It allows users to send and receive messages with professional, well-formatted messages.
  • Easy to use interface. Allows a wide range of integration options.
  • The program supports many add-ins.
  • It offers features that enable people with disabilities to access their inboxes easily, like voice-controlled navigation and support for several assistive devices.
  • Offers real-time document coauthoring and synchronization.

4. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is a web-based email service that the parent company of Yahoo provides. You can create a Yahoo Mail account for yourself or your business. Yahoo Mail, one of the top email services, offers a massive amount of free storage. 

You can easily integrate your Yahoo account with other popular email services like Facebook or POP3. You can even send text messages from Yahoo Mail accounts.

Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest email services, launched in 1997. This software provides over 1TB of email storage space for free. Yahoo Mail has a nice web interface with minimal features, keyboard shortcuts, and many other great features that make it a great free email service provider.

With Yahoo Mail, you get one TB of free email storage, which is more than any other free email provider on this list.

Yahoo can afford to give away so much free email storage space because it has many customers and business partners. 

Yahoo can afford to provide users massive storage space for free because they know that most users will never use even a small portion of their email storage. 

Yahoo advertises its products to appear in your inbox and generates more revenue when you retarget your customers.

You can stop viewing those annoying advertisements by purchasing a Yahoo Mail Pro subscription. You can enjoy ad-free email, improved performance, and unlimited archiving of your emails for only $3.49 per month.

Yahoo’s business plan is another option you might want to consider if you own a business because it allows you to create a branded email address that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Features of Yahoo Mail

  • Yahoo Mail allows you to customize the look of your inbox by choosing various themes.
  • You can search for emails based on keywords, dates, or contact types.
  • It is a free email service that allows you to send animated gifs.
  • While traveling, it is easy to manage emails from the Yahoo Mail mobile app.
  • It allows you to easily delete unwanted email addresses to help you keep your privacy.
  • It also offers features for those who want to unsubscribe from email newsletters.
  • You can import your contacts to most email services like Google, Outlook, and others.
  • You will have access to tools such as a notepad, can upload and download files from Dropbox or Google Drive, and can connect to other email accounts.
  • Yahoo Mail sends instant notifications when new emails are received.

5. AOL Email

AOL Email is a free email service offered by Verizon Communications’ AOL. It has a simple and easy-to-use mobile app. Setting up your free email account with AOL Mail is easy because it has a simple user interface. 

You can easily access your emails from anywhere worldwide using the AOL email mobile application. AOL Mail is a web-based free email service provided by AOL. It is often known as AIM.

AOL is not as well known as other free email services, but it is a web-based email service where you can create an email address free of charge. With that email address, you will receive your own AOL username that you can use to access other free AOL tools.

You can get a free email address and a free AOL username by signing up for free email accounts.

AOL email is protected by AOL security services, allowing you to keep your emails private and protect yourself against spam, popups, and unknown viruses.

You can use free AOL tools like AOL Video and AOL Search from within your AOL email account.

You can be charged for email even if you have a free account with AOL. This is important to remember because it can cause you to have problems when you are using your email account for free.

Features of AOL Email

  • It can manage all of your important dates and events on AOL.
  • You can organize your emails with this email provider. 
  • You can customize the look of your email using the list view.
  • AOL Mail allows you to use the list view of emails much better.
  • It has a nice interface to focus on your work instead of email correspondence.
  • Block unwanted email messages by blocking their senders.
  • It allows you to import contacts from LDIF, CSV, or TXT files.
  • Allows you to act upon an email that someone sent to you.
  • Provides antivirus protection.

6. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a free email service that enables you to host all your emails on a safe and secure platform.

Zoho Mail is one of the most secure and free email hosting services and can protect your sensitive information from being stolen. The user-friendly interface and enhanced collaboration features make it one of the most reliable email providers. 

Free Email Account Providers

It allows you to connect with other apps that use Zoho, which further protects your data. A wide range of advanced security measures helps protect your emails and other important data, including the EAR, 2FA, TLS, and GDPR compliance.

Zoho Mail offers a reliable email service that is available 99.9% of the time. It’s a great alternative to the email services provided by major email providers.

Any email received is encrypted two times, beginning with the end. Hence, there is no chance that anybody can obtain your email.

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The benefits of using Zoho Mail include a calendar, notes, tasks, contacts, and bookmarks within your emails.

The simple interface allows you to create categories and labels for your email. This service is identical to any other email provider.

The Zoho Mail app for smartphones works quickly and smoothly, so you can take your emails while traveling.

Zoho Mail gives you five gigabytes per email account, which is sufficient if you choose only to use a few emails for personal use. You can also use Zoho Mail to host your emails for business purposes.

Features of Zoho Mail

  • Administrators can modify settings and modify the settings in their control panel.
  • It helps you quickly search for emails using discovery, which allows you to locate emails easily.
  • You can write comments to email threads, share files, and tag your team members.
  • You can also use Zoho CRM to manage your customers.
  • The Zoho migration tool allows seamless migration from Office 365 and G Suite to Zoho mail.
  • It lets you keep track of your expenses.
  • You can customize up to 25 email addresses.
  • They provide a host of built-in filters for different email types that you can customize to suit your needs.
  • The Zoho Calendar app lets you share calendars with other users. You can easily create events for groups of people and invite them to events.

7. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is a free email service operated by Apple Inc. It is accessible on any Apple product by opening the Mail app on your computer or iOS device.

iCloud Mail works well with the Mail app that comes with your Mac or iOS device or Microsoft Outlook on a Windows computer. 

When a new account is created, the service automatically opens several applications, including iCloud Drive, Photos, and iCloud Backup.

There is no better email service provider for Mac users than iCloud. It has good storage and file sharing capability. It was launched in 2011 and provided email on most smartphones and tablets. 

It offers users great storage space and file-sharing capabilities. Setting up your accounts and unsubscribing from other email provider services is easy.

A new Apple user must create an Apple ID to access their iCloud email if they just purchased an Apple device.

iCloud Mail is the email service that Apple users use most frequently, but non-Apple users can use it if they have an Apple ID. Apple users benefit from iCloud Mail since every Apple device includes an integrated Mail app.

However, iCloud Mail gives users only five GB of storage, which is way below the storage capacity of other free email accounts.

Features of iCloud Mail

  • The IMAP protocol, which allows Apple devices to access your email, makes it one of the best email providers.
  • You will automatically receive all new messages in your inbox when they are detected.
  • Your HTML images will be loaded automatically by ICloud Mail based on the message you have sent.
  • You can view photos and videos from the internet thanks to iCloud Photos, which lets you view photos and videos from the web.
  • You can easily store and share files and folders with others using iCloud Drive.
  • It offers up to five GB of storage for free.
  • You can create Keynote presentations.

8. GMX

GMX, a global mail exchange, has an excellent product that allows ads to appear in emails. You can access your GMX Mail via the webmail, POP3, and IMAP4 protocols. In European data centers, it stores all your files, such as photos, videos, and contacts.

GMX is similar to Mail as a free email provider, but it has some important features that make it stand out from the rest. GMX allows you to advertise using your email. It has powerful email filters allow you to stay organized, avoid spam, and keep your emails private.

Free Email Account Providers

GMX is a free email provider that provides all the features you would expect from a major email provider, such as a great browser that allows you to view web pages. It is a very useful tool for both personal and business use. 

Additionally, this feature allows you to share big files with others, which is useful for business purposes. You can decide how long you want to store your messages with GMX.

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Although this provider is less well-known than others, it offers advanced features such as the ability to drag and drop emails and schedule emails.

GMX allows you to store any file you send as an attachment (up to 50MB) and has a very useful address book feature, which will help you store your important contacts and emails.

You will receive 65 GB of storage space regardless of choosing a well-known or lesser-known email provider.

Features of GMX

  • GMX allows you to send attachments that are up to 50MB.
  • The program allows you to schedule meetings easily by drag and drop.
  • GMX has an integrated online contact list that lets you keep track of your contacts.
  • Provides GMX antivirus that automatically scans all of your emails to detect viruses.
  • You can share your calendar with friends, colleagues, and family members.
  • You can sync your contacts and send messages from the web to your mobile devices.
  • You do not need to install anything.
  • It has a lot of filters that keep your email inbox clean.

9. Yandex Mail

Yandex offers a secure and smart email service. It offers very customizable options, like changing icons depending on your thinking. The Yandex email service is one of the best because it allows you to change the look of your account based on your mood. 

Yandex is a well-known Russian company that offers many useful tools to users. You can schedule your messages to write them before you send them to other people and send them at the right time.

Yandex is one of the most popular search engines in Russia. You can change the appearance of your email account to suit your mood. Yandex is a popular email application launched in 2001. 

You may choose from many different look options that suit your mood and preferences. It offers good security features. It allows you to set different email accounts for different occasions. This tool includes a timer, a customizable interface, and access to other Yandex services.

Yandex is a lesser-known email provider with great competition from some of the most known free email service providers.

Yandex is an intelligent email provider. It can sort and filter your emails faster and more efficiently. Yandex email provides a feature that automatically sorts your emails based on what you have previously sent them. It also flags messages that are not from real people.

This way, you will not waste time writing emails, even if you receive hundreds of emails daily. All emails that you send or enter are secured. They are protected against being scammed or being scammed.

You only get 10 GB of free storage on a Yandex email account, but you get the chance to design your email interface according to your tastes and preferences.

Features of Yandex

  • Emails are scanned for viruses, and suspicious messages are stored in the spam folder.
  • You can access all of the services on Yandex from one account.
  • This checkbox allows you to check if emails sent from flagged people are sent from real people or if they are spam emails from a bot.
  • Features include a customized interface, import, and export of contacts, hotkeys, and email filters.
  • Offers you translation support, which includes inbuilt text translation.
  • Allows you to lock your computer with your password or passcode. You can access your accounts only by entering your fingerprints or a PIN code.

10. Tutanota

Tutanota is an open-source, secure email service. It allows you to send secure emails to people you want to protect their privacy. You can view the Mail on any device using different email clients. The program allows you to set up personal, business, or anonymous email accounts.

Free Email Account Providers

Tutanota is a free email service that uses the popular open-source email client TinyPhone. It allows you to send an encrypted email while being extremely efficient securely.

Tutanota is extremely versatile and works with almost all devices, including smartphones.

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The application automatically adds things such as a calendar, contacts, emails, and even a search bar to the Tutanota interface so you can do and find everything you need.

Tutanota is nice. It reassembles the most common email clients we all know. Tutanota is very good at blocking advertisements and spam emails and encrypting everything you send.

Tutanota is the only email service provider you can trust for personal, business, and anonymous emails.

Features of Tutanota

  • Tutanota allows you to block emails that contain ads and spam.
  • The calendar feature sends you reminders whenever you need them. 
  • It has an encrypted calendar feature that makes it very secure for your important events.
  • It allows you to send secure emails to any person.

11. Mail

You can create an email address with Mail by choosing from 200 domain names. You can choose a name that suits your field of business, industry, personality, or location. 

You can choose a domain that fits your career, personality, location, or lifestyle. You can create email addresses that reflect your own identity. A person’s identification is unique.

Mail is one of the lesser-known but most interesting free email accounts. You can choose from a great selection of domain names that you can use for your email address. The service Mail is very interesting because you can choose from 200 different domain names.

Many free email account providers allow you to choose only the email account’s name. You can choose the name and domain from your Mail free email account. 

Mail also classes these domains according to their owners’ professions, countries, interests, and even their industry. You mustn’t enter much information to receive the free 65 GB storage space.

Features of Mail

  • It has a capacity of 65 GB for all of your emails.
  • The program offers an antivirus feature, so you do not get virus-infected emails.
  • From your smartphone, you can browse your email accounts.
  • It contains features that aid you in creating documents that are easy to read and edit.
  • Set reminders using the organization feature.
  • You can set up custom rules to help manage your email.
  • It provides an online storage facility for your data.
  • This email imports and exports files to CVS and ICS formats.
  • To protect your information, it supports 2FA authentication.

12. Mail2World

Mail2World promises users the best email experience that is as unique as the service user. Mail2world is a simple and powerful email provider that offers you all your email, a contact list, a calendar, and even a hard drive with separate storage space.

Free Email Account Providers

It is free to register an account at Mail2World, which includes 25 GB of storage. It is easy to register a domain for all your email needs. You can select from the 2000 domain names available.

System Software and Application Software

It provides a modern-looking interface, clean navigation, smart search, fast response, and unified folders so that you can access all of your emails conveniently.

You can also access your emails from anywhere with Mail2World’s mobile applications for computers, smartphones, and even smartwatches.

13. StartMail

The free email service StartMail, claims that you’re just as good as a paid service if you don’t pay for it.

You can send private emails to anyone using StartMail’s email accounts that are trusted, reliable, and have unlimited aliases.

You can be assured that StartMail complies with the EU GDPR Privacy laws, meaning your emails will not be read or shared with third parties.

14. One

One allows you to have a unique email for your company or to represent your brand. You can create a mail address for your domain name and type it into the email address provided. 

If you do not have a domain name, you can get one from the website where you create your email address.

Your One email plan includes email hosting, a free website builder, free Google Ads credit, a free SSL certificate, and 24/7 support. The first provides the tools you need to create your blog, website, or business landing page.

15. Juno.com

Juno is an excellent choice if you want a minimal amount of information to begin using their email service. Juno allows you to sign up in one step, which is convenient. You are not required to provide any additional information.

Juno offers you the security and protection of an email account because all messages are sent to it, and spam is blocked. You can download any email you receive through Juno for free. You can access your free Juno email account even through your phone using a secure connection.

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Juno email account provider does not charge a fee but requires more information than free email accounts.

Final Words on Best Free Email Account Providers

There is no doubt that Gmail is one of the most popular, fastest, and most reliable email providers on the Internet. Gmail is a free service that is available to everyone. It also offers decent storage space. You can access its online tools for free.

Gmail is a great service whether you are looking for a personal or business email account or want an email account for your family.

Choosing a paid email provider is a good decision if you are concerned about protecting your email addresses and other important information.