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You can use screenshots of a web page for a variety of reasons. There is an inbuilt screen-capture feature in most modern operating systems press Print Screen to capture the whole screen or Shift + S to capture a portion of the screen, but some programs do not provide this functionality.

You can take screenshots in various ways on Windows. You can take screenshots in Windows 10 with several built-in tools, or you can make use of several awesome free alternatives if you prefer a more robust option. A list of screen capturing utilities is provided below.

You can also fine-tune your screenshot by selecting a specific section of your screen or an entire website using third-party programs and plugin tools.

There is no denying that many screen capture applications are fairly capable. What you choose is determined by what features you require and the interface you like.

We’ve compiled a list of free screenshot software that works with Windows for those seeking a powerful and feature-rich program.

List of Best Screenshot Software

Windows Screencapture Tool

The focus of this post is primarily on third-party screenshot tools; however, we also need to cover Windows’ snapshot functionality. 

If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8, you can take a screenshot of your entire screen in PNG format and save it to your Pictures folder by pressing Windows+PrintScn on your keyboard.

As an optional feature, you may also copy the screen to your clipboard by pressing PrtScn on any version of Windows (or Alt+PrtScn if you want only to copy the active window). 

You can then paste it into your application of choice. Windows 10 also lets you copy and save a portion of the screen by pressing Windows+Shift+S.

Windows 7, 8, and 10 all come with the Snipping Tool installed automatically. You can check it out if you need something a little more robust. It allows you to take screenshots of your whole screen, of a single window, or a specific area of your screen. 

You can specify a delay of up to five seconds after hitting the button if you require additional time to set up a snapshot.

Several other screenshot utilities are more feature-rich, but even Windows offers some surprisingly capable tools that work on any machine without requiring any installation.

It’s also important to note that many online storage tools provide their screenshot combinations. 


ShareX is an application that allows you to upload files to the Internet using screen capturing. You can upload an unlimited amount of stuff to it. 

Taking screenshots with the capture mode maintains the default view of the screen, which we particularly appreciate. 

Screenshot Software

It also allows the user to record unlimited video with all the available options for standard image capture.

A key feature is the ability to capture with annotations, automate the process, take screenshots, edit and convert them to PNG, make transparent images, save to Google Drive, create images in all sizes, and upload thumbnails.


ScreenRec is a low-latency screen recorder and snapshot application with an intuitive user interface. 

The feature alone makes it one of the best screenshot apps on the market, surpassing many other programs in one area – instant private sharing.

Screenrec is a simple application. It is not crammed with useless features, and it does not come with a 100-page manual. It doesn’t even require a one-page manual!

You can take a screenshot by pressing Alt + S or the Photo Camera button. ScreenRec also includes video capture features, turning it into a screencasting tool and a streaming video recorder. 

This link can be used in an email, a private message, or on your website. The ScreenRec application captures screen images with ease. 

A basic user interface and a small feature set distinguish it from other similar products. In this way, it’s not too demanding on your computer’s performance so that it can be used on older devices as well.

Screenrec’s feature is unmatched by other screenshot applications: unlimited cloud storage. Each ScreenRec installation includes 2GB of storage, which is sufficient for storing hundreds of screenshots.


Greenshot is a widely used screenshot utility for Windows. It’s a small application that runs in the system tray. 

You can start collecting screenshots by pressing one of its user-configurable keyboard shortcuts or right-clicking the system tray icon and selecting an option.

Capture your desktop, a window, a region, or the most recently captured region using this program. 

Screenshot Software

The Preferences panel contains several options, including a snapshot delay for when you require additional time to set up screenshots after they are initiated. 

This is critical if, for example, you wish to show a photo of an open menu that might be closed by pressing the Alt or Ctrl key. 

You can add applications to this list using the supplied External Command Plugin. Greenshot lacks built-in annotation capabilities, but it is a strong application that runs in the system tray and performs admirably.

Greenshot is a completely free application that is built on an open-source platform.

Awesome Screenshot

With Awesome Screenshots, you can capture any part of the screen on a website, or the entire page in one go, whether it’s just part of the website or the entire browser window. 

You can insert shapes, pointers, and annotations to the visuals, along with a blur effect, by using the software’s integrated editor.

Screenshot Software

Additionally, it includes user-customizable keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, it enables you to save photographs in the JPG or PNG formats to a specified directory or the application’s own free cloud storage space.


PicPick‘s interface is opposed to Greenshot’s. Whereas Greenshot is hidden in the system tray and has a simple interface, PicPick has a modern Windows interface replete with a ribbon bar. PicPick’s editor organizes your screenshots into tabs when you take many of them.

Though PicPick has an attractive design, its editing interface is what makes it different from Greenshot. 

PicPick lets you resize and crop screenshots, add text, and add stamps, such as numbers, before sharing them. 

PicPick allows you to upload directly to an FTP site or with services like Twitter or Facebook.

It depends entirely on your needs for a screenshot application whether or not you will be interested in this. 

PicPick is 100% free for personal use but $25 for commercial use. However, we like PicPick’s easier interface. 

If you’re seeking a free screenshot application with similar image editing capabilities, you may also check Screenpresso.

Skitch was another popular screenshot application with minimal annotation functionality. However, Evernote stopped support for Skitch for Windows. PicPick is a somewhat good substitute for Skitch.

Markup Hero

What makes Markup Hero so awesome is that it works across all platforms. Alternatively, you can use Chrome if you’re a Chrome extension lover (or own a Chromebook). 

Markup Hero also offers an online version that does not require any downloads. It allows you to annotate photographs or PDFs already saved on your hard drive, but it does not allow you to take screenshots.

Markup Hero keeps things simple with a black background and unobtrusive grey icons. All of the tools you require are conveniently located in the feature bar at the top.

The web-based editor includes many intriguing features. You can annotate, including arrows, lines, rectangles, and ovals in various colors. Additionally, you can use a highlighter and a pen, and you can adjust the line thickness.

Markup Hero allows you to share a link or download a screenshot. Additionally, you can copy the image to your clipboard and paste it immediately into an email or chat message.

All features operate quickly and are easily accessible. Markup Hero is a fantastic free screenshot application!

Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot is another excellent browser-based solution that works with all main browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Windows desktop applications. 

It enables you to capture the entire browser window and a specific piece of a web page or the entire web page. 

Additionally, it enables users to modify and annotate screenshots through the use of integrated tools.

For individuals interested in recording video snippets, the desktop application has screencasting capabilities. 

Additionally, you may print photographs, store them to the system drive or clipboard, transfer them to cloud storage, and quickly share them.


SnapCrab is a convenient screen capture program for Windows that enables you to take screenshots from any location on your desktop. 

You can save your photographs in many different formats, such as JPEG, PNG, or even GIF. Best of all, it enables you to capture either a specific portion of the screen or the entire screen.

By connecting via Sleipnir, the software enables you to record translucent windows and web pages from your browser. 

Additionally, it includes a self-timer function that assists you in keeping track of each moment. Additionally, its built-in social features enable you to share your screen across many social media networks.

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is a visually appealing screen capture application that is not only free but also feature-rich. It has a plethora of screen capture capabilities and a built-in editing tool. 

It enables users to capture screenshots of the entire screen, the active window, a specified part, or even photos extracted from a scanner.

The photographs can then be enhanced with various special effects, cropped, rotated, blurred, or even annotated. 

The best thing is that the tool is also available for free in a portable format. However, you must register on DonationCoder’s forum and request a free license key to gain access to the software.


LightShot is another free screen capturing program that performs admirably on your PC. 

You can capture screenshots with just two clicks using its dynamic and user-friendly interface. 

You can either select a piece of your screen or the entire screen for a screenshot.

This one includes an editing tool for adding text annotations and other adjustments to other screen capture tools. 

Additionally, you can register a free account, which will enable you to construct your online gallery for simple reference, link sharing, and online backup.


You can use the snipaste to take a screenshot of an entire window or a selection on the screen. 

It enables you to use, edit, annotate it just like a traditional screenshot or paste it back into your desktop as a floating image window.

This screen capture application has a magnifier and a color picker, while the image editor includes basic annotation tools such as shapes, text, blur effects, and markers. 

Additionally, snippets of images can be pasted to the desktop in the form of image windows, transparent or click-through windows for easy reference.


Snapdraw is a PC snapshot application with an abundance of editing and annotation features that can quickly overwhelm the user. However, there is one significant caveat. It is a slow process.

The UI is well-organized and appears to perfectly fit its various editing choices along the window’s perimeter. This provides sufficient room for viewing and editing your photographs.

Snapdraw’s picture editor may be far more advanced than the average user. Three-dimensional rotation effects, reflections, watermarks, background pictures, and color are all available. 

If you truly require advanced screenshot editing, you should give this screenshot software a try.

Snapdraw enables you to save photos to an FTP site directly or distribute them via email.

As discussed previously, Snapdraw suffers from unpleasant lag and frequently struggles to generate graphics and effects rapidly. 

If all you want to do is snap a screenshot and email it, you may wonder if the effort is worth it.


Screenpresso is a fully free and open-source screen capture application that includes all functions. 

The best feature of this program is its built-in image editor, which enables you to add arrows, balloons, and numbered stages, among other things.

It’s small software with capture settings and a decent captured screen editor. M, it is capable of creating video in the MP4 format.

Price: There is a free version available; an upgrade costs €28.89 per user.


If you’re seeking the simplest Windows screenshot program, you might want to give Gadwin a try. 

The lack of editing tools makes Gadwin a “barebones” screenshot software compared to Windows Snipping Tool. Gadwin, on the other hand, is sufficient if you only need to print screens.

A snapshot button resides in the center of multiple circular buttons, similar to remote control.

Unfortunately, Gadwin’s free edition is limited to free screen capture. There are no options for editing. 

In addition to that, you can purchase Gadwin Professional, which allows you to add annotations to your screenshots.

None. Screenshots are stored in your computer’s My Pictures folder, which you may have difficulty discovering at first. To access the actual image file, navigate to “Capture History” and right-click a screenshot.

Given that Gadwin is a straightforward screenshot program that captures your screen images, there is little that can slow down your computer. As a result, it performs admirably.


ScreenTake allows you to upload your screen captures to the cloud, share them, and create animated GIF images.

The software can also feature annotations, smart sensing (automatic selection of screenshots), resizing and moving of the drawings, and easy sharing capabilities.


Steam is a platform for purchasing and playing online games. However, it’s an excellent method for taking screenshots of video games.

Steam’s user interface is incredibly straightforward. The dark theme is appealing, and the left sidebar’s tabs with options are properly organized.

Steam provides some basic editing capabilities for your screenshots. Quick annotations, rotating, brightness and pencil tools are just a few of the features available.

A screen capture can be posted to your gaming profile once it has been taken (and it can be altered if needed).

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Steam’s popularity has been steadily increasing, implying that it is user-friendly. However, there are a few shortcomings that must be mentioned.

After capturing a photo, it is saved to a random folder on your computer. If you want to edit it, you’ll need to know where to find it. (The location of the save file can be modified in the settings).

Another issue is that you must restart the application for your screenshot adjustments to take effect. This is not a significant issue, but it can be a little frustrating.

Icecream Screen Recorder

The Icecream Screen Recorder enables you to highlight certain parts or segments of an image captured. 

A professional and cutting-edge software program that allows you to record screen action on Windows computers. 

Screenshot Software

It’s an excellent alternative to the market’s standard screen capture solutions. This program is ideal for those who use multiple browsers daily to access the internet.

Among its best features is the ability to record online videos and capture videos in multiple formats from sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion, capture videos with a single click, and add annotations to videos.

Price: A free version is accessible; a pro version costs $29.95.


Snagit is neither a free nor a cheap tool, but its features more than justify its price. 

It’s one of the greatest screen capture programs available and has significantly improved with the release of version 11, which now supports Windows 10. 

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It includes a Smart Window Detection feature that intelligently trims photographs to capture a whole window or just a section of it.

Additionally, this tool includes a unique feature known as the OneClick tool, which may be pinned to the top of all windows. 

This enables you to capture screenshots and use a variety of annotating tools. Additionally, it includes a slew of functions that aid with organizing, labeling, and screen sharing.

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture is yet another screen capturing software that enables you to capture the entire screen or just a portion of it.

It’s a lightweight and intuitive application with a fully functional scrolling window, built-in image joining, scanner compatibility, a beneficial enlarged preview. 

At the same time, you select limits and video capturing and editing capabilities.

It is unique because it is always accessible via hotkey and does not interfere with other programs or tasks. It has on-board editing and the ability to output to external programs.

Price: Free 30-day trial; $19.95 upgrade available.


OBS is a free and open-source screen capturing software that lets you produce video and audio like a professional studio. 

It gives comprehensive support for many scenes, simple and effective overlays suited for a new product with an easy learning curve but demanding to master, chroma keys, and built-in animation.

The best part is that it works anywhere and on any Mac, Linux, or Windows device.

Final Words on Best Free Screenshot Software

Selecting the best screen capture application for Windows can be a challenge because there are many options available.

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You can try the above selection if you are confident of your requirements and wish to obtain the most features at the lowest possible price or for free.

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