12 Free Voice Changer App For Discord

When it comes to online gaming, Discord is an excellent tool for talking to other players. You can find many great voice changers for Discord on Android and iOS devices. 

People can communicate with Discord using a voice changer, among other options. People sometimes change their voices to make them sound more natural. There are also times when it is just for fun. 

Voice changers are useful when talking with others on Discord, for both private reasons or simply because people like to sound strange while talking with others on Discord. 

You might be able to make Discord speakers sound completely different by using voice changer software. Many voice-changing apps are available for different types of communication.

We have compiled a list of 10 of the best voice changer apps for Discord if there is a way to change users’ voices while they are talking.

What Is Discord?

Discord app allows people to talk virtually by offering the ability to send voice messages to others in the group. Discord is a voice-based chat platform that helps gamers communicate with other gamers. 

Discord allows users to completely control when it comes to communicating with others in a group. Discord provides various servers to its users for their conversations. Some people even use their servers for gaming, mainly because their friends play games.

It is common for people to use voice changers with their gaming gear if it interests them. Why is that so? It has become increasingly common for gamers to make calls on Discord.

Best Free Voice Changer App for Discord

1. Voicemod

Voicemod is a Voice Changer for Discord useful for reversing a voice’s gender or other characteristics. Voicemod is a great voice changer that works perfectly for all the popular game systems on the internet.

Voicemod has some nice filters built into it. Voicemod is the ideal tool for those who wish to change their voices into robotic or strange-sounding ones.

Free Voice Changer App For Discord

Voicemod is easy to use, will change the voice of anyone with just a few mouse clicks, works in real-time, and has a variety of sounds to choose from.

Voicemod is available for thousands of popular messaging apps such as Discord, Skype, Twitch, OBS, etc. You can install it on any device that supports Voice Mod.

Voicemod is free, which is why so many people enjoy it. With it, you can play the most recent games, including Fortnite, League of Legends, and more.

The Voicemod Virtual Audio Device, which acts as an external audio device when Voicemod is installed, will be created when Voicemod is installed. VoiceMod will change the words people say as soon as it’s configured.

2. Clownfish

Clownfish Voice Changer makes it possible to change the sound of any software that uses a microphone to make it sound better. 

Clownfish Voice Changer can easily be set up on all computers to change the sound of any application that uses a microphone to change the voice in any chat application, like Skype, Google Talk, or even Viber.

Free Voice Changer App For Discord

Clownfish Voice Changer is amazingly useful for voice-over-IP chat applications like Discord or streaming video. 

Clownfish is a sound modification program that works across all operating systems. It can run in the background, changing audio emitted from the microphone or any other device.

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It is very easy to set it all up, very quick to operate, and very simple. Clownfish Voice Changer is well-suited for all versions of Windows. 

Clownfish is a program that can change any audio sent to a microphone or any other device in real-time. Despite its minimalist design, it is still a useful tool despite not having any sound features.

3. AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software is a powerful tool that enables users to easily change their voices in real-time to use on services like Twitch or Discord. 

It automatically re-formats the audio people hear in the software to sound more authentic. It allows users to easily change their voice by simply changing their personal preferences.

Free Voice Changer App For Discord

With AV Voice Changer Software, you can amplify, clean, clarify, and make your voice more dynamic, intelligent, or robotic.

The price of AV Voice Changer Software may vary depending on the model of the software used. It has been specially designed to work with most VoIP programs, role-playing games, chat applications, etc.

AV Voice Changer lets users easily change the sound of their voices so that it will be unreadable to others. It allows all kinds of people to change their voices a man, a woman, a child, or even a robot. 

AV Voice Changer offers a variety of voice options so users can have an entirely different voice sound every time they use it.

AV Voice Changer is a voice changer software that lets people easily change how their voices sound. It is compatible with various VoIP applications, role-playing games, chat applications, etc. 

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You can easily change the sound of any part of the voice with AV Voice Changer. It works on all major streaming services like Twitch, Discord, Skype, etc.

AV Voice Changer Software comes in three versions – Basic, Gold, and Diamond- so it can easily suit whatever audio tools are available to the user.

4. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a program that lets you easily change the pitch of your voice while also letting you create different sounds.

Adobe Audition allows you to make changes to your voice easily. You can even add some very subtle voices. It is a voice-changing application that enables you to quickly modify your voice or change the pitch of a sound. 

Adobe Audition is an application that learns how you talk and allows you to easily change your voice to match another person. 

Adobe Audition allows you to edit the sound of audio files to make them sound better or even imitate another voice. You need it to create audio files ideal for various applications such as voice-overs, games, and even podcasts.

You may add more personality to any video by adding an audio effect or a voice that sounds more realistic. It shows you all the different effects you can apply to your audio file. 

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If you want to add many voices to your audio file, you can use the layers option to add them. You can add up to 16 different voices to a simple audio file to make it sound fantastic.

5. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer is another cool free voice changer app for Discord that you can use to communicate with friends.

Voxal Voice Changer works well with popular applications, like Steam and Skype, so you will not have to worry about installing any other software if you need it for other applications.

Free Voice Changer App For Discord

Voxal is well known as software that allows you to change or disguise the voice that you use while playing games and communicating with others. It does this very well. 

Voxal Voice Changer is a powerful voice changer that enables you to change the sound of any of your communication devices. It works great for almost any online game or chat platform. 

Voxal Voice Changer allows users to quickly change their voices and use cool sounds like a train or train rolling by. Voxal lets you instantly become a man, a woman, a child, or a devil in just a few seconds.

Voxal Voice Changer allows you to apply some pretty cool effects to your voice, like making it sound like a robot or a devil, just by changing your browser’s settings. You can create custom voices in no time if you do not find the right one.

Voxal Voice Changer is also great for use with other applications, like video games, or even for making sound effects on your website.

Voxal Voice Changer is so amazing that it helps users to sound still mysterious and anonymous when they appear on the radio or on any podcast.

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Voxal Voice Changer is great because it is completely independent of every application it uses. It works seamlessly with virtually any application that uses the same voice effects that it provides.

Due to Voxal Voice Changer’s universal settings, you get great results no matter what application you use it for.

You can also play some cool sounds you can hear when you play Voxal Voice Changer, like a busy office, a train, a forest, and more.

6. iMyFone MagicMic

iMyFone MagicMic lets you change voice and sound effects for voice chat, gaming, and live streaming. 

IMyFone MagicMic lets you easily add your voice by dragging and dropping MP3 or WAV files into the app. It lets you make voice changes by adding different voices to your audio files.

Free Voice Changer App For Discord

The MagicMic by iMyFone is a voice changer that lets you change your voice quickly and easily. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can try many different voices and sound effects. 

It has separate icons on the software to show which voices you can use and what sound effects you can activate. That way, you can easily choose the right one for you. If something particular sounds nice, you can bind it to a specific key, which makes it easy to find it again.

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You can change your voice to sound like a robot or a minion. If you like what you hear, you can upgrade to the premium version.

It also features a ton of different sounds that you can try out, like singing birds and creating an almost dreamlike environment.

The premium version of this software is available if you want to include more voices and sound effects. You can subscribe for a specific month or year or pay a fee of $39.95 for the lifetime subscription.

7. MorphVox

MorphVOX allows you to create sounds distinctly different from your voice to add to your online gaming experience. 

MorphVOX lets you modify the sound you are giving by changing your voice’s volume, frequency, and quality. It will change the sound of your voice to that of a real person talking with a real person.

Free Voice Changer App For Discord

MorphVox is the best audio editing tool that you will find on the internet. It can produce sound effects much better than any other tool you will find on this list. MorphVox can even mimic your voice to provide better sound effects.

MorphVox has hundreds of amazing sounds that you can use to enhance your online gaming experience.

The MorphVox editor is not only capable of editing sound but can also rip files to iPods, view videos, add plug-ins, and rip music.

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It is also fun to use. You can easily change the voice of online people and the speed of the sound effects. You will have the option to play background music while you are playing with your friends online to enhance your gaming experience. You could add many different sounds to the game to add extra enjoyment.

8. Voice Changer

Voice Changer offers you the simplest way to make your voice sound like it does. You can either import an audio file and edit it or copy and paste a text to make it sound more realistic.

You have three options with the Voice Changer app. You either use an existing audio file and tweak it, or you recite words that people have already written.

Free Voice Changer App For Discord

The Voice Changer App can easily change your voice using sound effects on audio files. It works well on Android phones and tablets. Voice changer is easy to use and can create very humorous sound effects.

Voice Change will greet you with different voice effects when you open its app. These voice effects will also help you to look funny when you go to different websites or chat with your friends. 

It lets us choose from various voices, ranging from a normal baby voice to a funny voice adapted from a famous movie or cartoon. This allows you to change your voice while you play games or interact with your friends over the Internet.

A voice changer lets you make an image with a sound similar to a particular song, and you can even make a sound out of a text for a more exciting experience. 

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You can use it to import any audio file you have downloaded, or you can easily edit the sound you have recorded. You can also play some funny sound effects by tapping on an animated image or clicking on a text to make a sound.

Once you record what you want, you can upload it to your photo album, or you can send it to your friends on Facebook. Voice changer is one of the top voice changers for discord.

9. Discord Voice Changer

Discord Voice Changer is marketed as a “social media-friendly” app that lets users sound as if they are talking to an alien. You will see why if you look through its huge gallery of voice effects. 

Discord Voice Changer lets users create amazing sound effects that can be used to quickly and easily change the sound of any chat.

It can change your voice to sound like a weird or exo-terrestrial being or like a popular movie character like Yoda or Robocop. 

It has a simple but incredibly sophisticated interface that allows users to find the sound effect they are searching for easily.

10. VoiceMeeter

VoiceMeeter is a Discord Voice changer specialized for advanced users. It can be used by users who are good at mixing audio effects. Users who have good sense when it comes to mixing different kinds of sounds. 

You may not like the sound effects of software such as Clownfish, but with VoiceMeeter, you can create an effect tailored specifically to what you want.

Free Voice Changer App For Discord

You can change the sound of your voice in a group chat using VoiceMeeter if that is the case. You can easily create customized effects that suit your needs. 

You can create your audio effects and adjust them according to your needs. That is cool. You can create your audio effects with this app. 

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Using VoiceMeeter for Windows is not easy. It requires that you have enough experience with specialized audio mixing tools to make good decisions. 

VoiceMeeter is one of those apps you would not use if you did not have the necessary technical knowledge to make your sounds. However, the fact that it is very intuitive in generating custom effects is its most valuable feature.

11. RoboVox Voice Changer

RoboVox Voice Changer allows you to chat with various characters using your voice or a robot. It can change the sound of up to 32 voices. 

You can also select louder or softer sounds with RoboVox Voice Changer. It allows you to record voice messages and save them, so your friends know you listened to them.

Free Voice Changer App For Discord

If so, do not overlook RoboVox Voice Changer Pro. It allows you to make great voice changes on your Discord mobile phone. What makes it different is the extensive set of different voice styles it has available.

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So, whatever you want to show off, you can choose the best sound that fits your personality. It makes a male voice sound exactly like a female or a girl, which I am very pleased about. It’s a great way to surprise your friends.

12. Super Voice Editor

Super Voice Editor is a Discord Voice Change app that allows you to easily record and edit the voice of any character in your mp3 audio file to make it sound incredibly beautiful. 

Free Voice Changer App For Discord

You can easily edit your voice and make it sound like a baby, a demon, or a superhero if that is what you want it to sound like.

Super Voice Editor allows you to easily cut mp3 files and edit audio files. It enables you to edit any audio file by adding voice effects. It can easily change your voice, making you sound more realistic and beautiful.

Best Free Voice Changer App for Discord

Many voice changer programs can do what they promise: they can alter your voice and make it sound funny and strange for calls with friends. 

Some people like to prank their friends and pretend that they are you so that these tools will do the trick for you. Voice changer tools are great, but they can also be useful. 

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They can be useful for back-office call centers to look cool when contacting clients. These tools can also be useful to gamers, especially on chat applications like Skype and Discord.

These tools can still be fun even if you don’t need them; they can pass the time and surprise your friends. 

VoiceMod is our best option if it is a Voice Changer that works across all popular chat rooms and gaming platforms. We recommend Voxal Voice Changer if you want sound effects and voice acting software.