How to View Instagram Private Accounts?

Instagram is a popular platform for uploading and sharing images with friends and family. From family photos to holiday snaps, upload everything on the social network to keep followers updated on your newest exploits and to solicit feedback as you go.

Create stunning Instagram stories or tag your family, friends, and colleagues to maximize their exposure. 

The image-sharing application enables users to demonstrate their photographic abilities and discover new prospects effortlessly. 

On the other hand, certain profile owners may experience difficulties with public or ordinary Instagram profiles. Are you aware of how?

Certain individuals have a propensity for eavesdropping on the lives and activities of others. 

That is why a large number of social media users choose to make their accounts private. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram allows users to create private profiles. 

A private Instagram account will conceal all of its photographs and videos from anyone who does not follow it.

I’m sure it will go like this.

You can View Instagram Private Accounts profile picture and biography of a private account holder. There is nothing else. There are no photographs. There are no videos. 

What if you’re wondering about someone’s private Instagram account?

Ways To View Instagram Private Accounts

Today, we will discuss unique methods for viewing Instagram’s private account photographs and videos without completing any surveys.

Go Follow Them

This is the first and only acceptable method of spying on a private Instagram account. Send the owner a follow request. 

To alert him/her of your interest in establishing a connection, click the following option.

Following the submission of your request, the Follow button will change to Requested mode. Attend to the owner of the profile’s decision. 

If the reaction is affirmative, you can continue seeing their Instagram photographs and videos as usual. Otherwise, proceed to the subsequent step.

Create a Fake Instagram Account

What if the owner rejects your follow request submitted from your primary Instagram profile? 

Probably, he/she is uninterested in your shared connection and will continue to share posts with you. 

Thus, you can build a bogus Instagram profile to impersonate someone else and deceive the private Instagram user.

Ascertain that the bogus profile is created in the name of a female and includes a legitimate profile photo (not an actress). 

Around 80% of social media false accounts are female-named, as people respond to female-named accounts more quickly and more positively than male-named accounts. 

As a result, there is a good possibility that your Instagram follow request will be authorized. Are you aware of why?

Don’t forget to make your bogus account private, which encourages the owner of the target profile to monitor your posts. 

Additionally, provide some images to give the impression that this is a legitimate profile. Send a follow request to the private Instagram account and observe his response.

Using an Instagram Private Viewer App

There are several online tools available for viewing private Instagram accounts.


PrivateInsta is a quite popular platform that allows you to access private profiles of Instagram without creating an account. 

It is compatible with Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android operating systems and enables anonymous browsing of photographs on any private Instagram account.

View Instagram

PrivateInsta will provide a text box where you may input the username of a private Instagram account. Do so and then click Submit. Allow a few seconds. 

PrivateInsta will instantly access the target account and download photographs. However, you must complete a survey to view them.


mSpy is a popular iPhone and Android smartphone monitoring application. It enables you to view any mobile user’s text messages, call histories, and social media activity.

Simply install it on the target device, and it will immediately begin monitoring user activity in stealth mode. As a result, no one is aware of the app’s existence. 

View Instagram

Sign in with your Instagram username and password from any device to access direct messages, shared links, and more.

It monitors all major social networks and instant messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Private Instagram Viewer

Another effective tool for hacking private Instagram accounts is Private Instagram Viewer. It is completely free and enables you to browse Instagram private photographs without having to complete surveys.

Visit the website and enter the username of the Instagram account you wish to hack. It will look for relevant users, stories, and tags on Instagram. 

View Instagram

To view the user account, click on it. On the following screen, click the Unlock & View photo button and wait a few seconds for the connection to take effect. 

Once the page is unlocked, you will see the account holder’s private images in the same way a permitted user would.


Istaprivate is another option for viewing someone’s Instagram without having to complete a survey. 

View Instagram

Simply input the username of a private Instagram user and click on view profile. It will establish a connection to the server and retrieve data in a matter of seconds.


InstaLooker is a popular Instagram spy software. To begin, click the ‘Spy now’ button and enter an Instagram username.

It will retrieve the appropriate feeds and allow you to see or even download photographs from any private Instagram account in a matter of minutes. 

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Regrettably, it will require you to complete surveys to advance to the next step. However, I am unsure how successful it is to retrieve data from a private Instagram profile.


InstaRipper is a desktop and mobile Instagram private account Viewer. Install it on your device and input the username of an Instagram private account you wish to hack.

View Instagram

You can unlock your private profile by clicking Unlock Private Profile to view your data on your default web browser.


SpyHuman is an authentic Instagram spy application. You may use it to monitor the Instagram actions of your friends, lovers, and children.

You’ll gain complete access to all Instagram discussions, images, and videos. It enables you to spy on a user anonymously without knowing who he or she is. 

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Additionally, it provides the cell phone numbers of persons with whom your friend frequently communicates.

SpyHuman is ideal for tracking anything from phone conversations to user locations, social media activities to instant messaging. 

It supports viewing messages, photographs, and videos on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Kik.


LikeCreeper is one of the best tools for viewing private Instagram profiles. It can be used to get access to any account to examine images and activity. 

View Instagram

This program also allows you to download photographs. There is no registration or software download necessary to use their services.


InstaGramies enables you to view someone’s private Instagram images without having an Instagram account. 

Open InstaGramies in your browser and enter the Instagram username of the account you wish to hack.

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It will establish a connection to Instagram and download photographs from your specified account. 

By default, the photographs are concealed and accompanied by a download arrow. To browse private Instagram photographs one by one, click the arrow symbol.


InstaDPS is another functional free private Instagram profile picture viewer. It is quite simple and easy to use. In the text box, type any Instagram username and click the Get Profile Photo option. 

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Within a few moments, the program will scan your target account and display its profile image. To download the image, right-click on it and select Save image as an option.


InstaHacker is a straightforward application for viewing private Instagram profiles and photographs. Simply provide the username of the target account.

It will establish a connection to Instagram’s servers and collect account information. 

Once you’ve completed one of the offers to reclaim your identity, you’ll be able to view photographs and videos uploaded on the private Instagram page.


Gwaa Viewer is a new Instagram app that allows you to view private Instagram photographs and videos.

To begin, click the ‘Click to view private Instagram’ option. On the following screen, you’ll notice an option to input the username of the private Instagram account you’re looking for. After that, click Continue to continue.

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In less than a minute, it will connect to Instagram servers and get account information. 

Confirm that this is your intended account. In a matter of seconds, Gwaa will collect and show private Instagram photographs from the associated profile.

Private Insta Viewer

Private Insta Viewer is a well-known Instagram spying application. It enables you to safely hack into another person’s Instagram account to access their photographs, videos, and comments.

All that is required is that you input the target username. Choose a profile to hack from the ones displayed. 

View Instagram

Private Insta Viewer establishes a connection to the Instagram server and leaks important account information deftly.

To access private information, you must first pass the human verification process. Following that, you’ll be able to view all of their activity, including posts, shares, and comments.

Final Words

Numerous websites offer free downloads of the latest movies and albums and premium WordPress themes and plugins. 

Private Instagram Viewer Apps will function similarly. They could include spyware and compromise your internet security. Because of this, it is advisable to avoid using cracking tools.

If you’re serious about viewing a private Instagram profile, use one of the first two methods outlined in this article. 

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Attempt to follow the account and write the owner a private message informing them of your identity.

If they are happy with your details, they will approve your request. This implies you can safely browse the user’s postings.

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